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Personalized Jewelry Buying Guide

Everything you need to know about Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is the perfect item to help our children continue to pass on our amazing legacy from generation to generation. Each celebration we have for every special occasion, we should find a way to add on another birthstone or charm to the piece of personalized jewelry that we have presented to them in years prior, or give them a new piece of personalized jewelry if we can. It’s also equally important to make sure that grandparents have personalized jewelry to treasure with names and birthstones that belong to their grandchildren.

There are so many reasons to give personalized jewelry to someone, e.g. for memorialization as already mentioned or to commemorate special moments that you don’t want to forget, or for special holidays such as Mother's Day, or just because you want to give someone a gift of personalized jewelry as a surprise after having a bad day/week. The intimacy of personalized jewelry makes the present stand out from anything else you could give to someone. Seeing a birthstone or a personal sentiment, or their name on a piece of personalized jewelry just brings something special to the meaning behind the gift.

The significance of the occasion doesn’t have to be that huge or great for you to give someone personalized jewelry either to be completely honest. You can make any incident important by giving someone a piece of personalized jewelry, it also doesn't even have to be a large item of personalized jewelry. It can be personalized jewelry with a simple monogram or tiny inscription. You can have personalized jewelry made for your newborn to be put away until they’re grown. The occasions are endless. What are some other instances where you can celebrate with personalized jewelry?

Celebrate with Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry can be used to mark the anniversary of any important date, signify the beginning or the end of a life event - when celebrating a milestone, and more. Basically, anything that you want to use the personalized jewelry for, big or teeny tiny as some of these instances may seem, giving personalized jewelry will genuinely show your level of gratitude.

- Loss of a tooth. If and when your little one loses a tooth. This is big cause for a celebration. They have become a big/girl or boy and need a piece of personalized jewelry to mark the occasion. Perhaps, personalized jewelry with the date and a picture of a tooth. An occasion like this shows personalized jewelry can be fun for everyone.

- First Haircut. Personalized jewelry in the form of a locket with a small clip of hair from the first haircut would be perfect for a personalized jewelry piece for any daughter, or maybe a little pocket watch with the hair clippings for a little boy and the date of the cut on the outside. They would cherish this personalized jewelry once they are grown. Of course, this personalized jewelry may need to be kept in a safe place until they are grown so the contents don’t disappear from the personalized jewelry item.

- Bucket list. Say mom or even grandma decides to start a bucket list, and they accomplish everything they set out to do on that list, a great way to mark their achievement is with a cool piece of ‘personalized jewelry made for her’. Some of those things could take a lot of courage and determination, a piece of personalized jewelry for her should be significant, e.g. a charm bracelet with the first charm being a ‘bucket’ denoting the date of her accomplishment and an inscription declaring your pride. This would be a cherished piece of personalized jewelry for her.

- Pet. Personalized jewelry for a new pet who joins the family. If your children have been wanting a pet, you’ll need to get a piece of personalized jewelry with all of its credentials so the neighborhood will know where to return it if it gets lost. Of course, collars can be lavishly decorated pieces of personalized jewelry as well (if you want to keep things simple).

- Stepparent. Accepting a step-mom or dad into the family by presenting them with personalized jewelry is vital in the new family integration process. It's rough coming into an established family and kids can be tough on stepparents. It is really special to let them know you accept them by gifting them personalized jewelry with a special inscription.

- Secret Admirer. If you have a crush on someone, present a piece of personalized jewelry for her to her secretly without giving yourself away. It doesn’t have to be significant but engrave it with a tiny clue. This kind of personalized jewelry for her will make her smile and keep her guessing until you move on to maybe a little bit bigger piece of personalized jewelry for her (with another clue perhaps ;)). Nothing expensive, just cute and fun.

- Drivers License. If your child gets their permit or drivers license you will definitely want to get a piece of personalized jewelry for your daughter/son. Something such as a key chain that shows the date with a special message would make her/him happy. If ever there was a time for a personalized jewelry piece for your daughter and/orson, this is most definitely it. She/he will be over the moon, and she/he will need a piece of personalized jewelry made specifically for daughters and/or sons to celebrate her/his achievement (or even two personalized jewelry pieces for daughters or sons in case she/he loses one because you know how teenage girls/boys are). This is off course also so she/he doesn't lose his/her keys. This will be one of the proudest pieces of personalized jewelry for your son/daughter to wear that you will ever buy.

These are kind of quirky occasions to buy personalized jewelry for, but they are special reasons to buy personalized jewelry for a celebrant that some folks might not think of. We do, of course have our typical holidays and special occasions where gifts of personalized jewelry would be more traditionally appropriate and especially appreciated.

Holidays/special Occasions

- Mothers Day. On Mother's Day, you will definitely want to think about giving mom a piece of personalized jewelry made specifically for her - on a day celebrating her. It is kind of a tradition on this holiday that personalized jewelry pieces made for moms with birthstones representing either their children or, if appropriate, grandchildren, as well as pieces engraved with names or inscriptions of some sort on the personalized jewelry are given. Grandmothers personalized jewelry and pieces made for her can hold quite a lot of birthstones depending on the number of grandchildren and children she has. Personalized jewelry for mom can be quite simplistic and elegant, particularly if she has just one child. If there are twins in the picture, personalized jewelry for mom can get kind of complicated. You would need to get a bit clever in detailing the personalized jewelry piece for mom in some way in that instance. The best way to solve that is to perhaps use just one stone and engrave the information you need around the stone of choice for the piece, or just have special messaging engraved on the minimalist personalized jewelry piece you're having made for the mom of two.

- Sweet 16. This is a special birthday for girls. Personalized jewelry for a daughter on this day needs to be very special with her birthstone in probably earrings or a necklace. Either of these will be great as a present at the biggest birthday party of her life. Most daughters will want to open this personalized jewelry in front of all of their friends so they too can see the personalized jewelry that was made specifically for her that her parents bought her for this big day. Kids always like to show off what their parents give them, especially special gifts like a piece of personalized jewelry -made just for daughters.

- Birth. The birth of a child. If your daughter has a daughter, that marks a very special occasion. You want to buy your granddaughter a special piece of personalized jewelry that would be kept for her until she is grown. Of course, you would also buy a beautiful piece of personalized jewelry for your daughter to mark the birth of her child. It will feel awesome to buy a piece of personalized jewelry for your daughter for becoming a mom - and you would be the happiest grandmother on earth in that instance. You'll also need to put your daughter and new granddaughter's birthstones close together on your mom's piece of personalized jewelry. If you don't already have a grandmom piece, then someone would need to buy a piece of personalized jewelry for you to commemorate your becoming a grandma. It would be appropriate for your daughter to buy a piece of personalized jewelry for grandmoms with her daughters’ birthstone for you as you bought a piece of personalized jewelry for her and her daughter.

- Memoriam. When someone very close to you passes, it is appropriate if you inherit a piece from them to make it into a piece of personalized jewelry. Put their birthstone or have it engraved in some way to commemorate them. If it’s your mom or your grandma or anyone who you are extremely close with, having personalized jewelry that was made for her will bring comfort to you and remain special forever. Personalized jewelry that was originally made for mom is something that you will wear consistently and probably never remove because of its sentimentality.

Celebrating and commemorating kicks in those feel-good stimulants in our brains; and it just makes us happy mentally and physically, gives us confidence, a pleasant and positive attitude - and who doesn't love to get presents, especially presents that are pieces of personalized jewelry. Knowing that someone took the time to go and buy something so intimate and as special as personalized jewelry boosts your body image and ego dramatically.

- Retirement. If you retire after many years of service and the company takes time to purchase for you a piece of personalized jewelry, that should mean something. Sometimes folks feel like they worked at a specific place for so many years and that's all they got, but personalized jewelry is as close to a perfect gift for a person as you can get. You've known someone for all of that time, this is a time to give the most special gift you can physically get; which would be personalized jewelry. Also, during each incremental year, you most likely received a piece of personalized jewelry in the form of a medallion as commemoration of the years of service you achieved.

- Promotion. A lot of times if you get promoted in a company, they will give you a gift/piece of personalized jewelry to mark the promotion along with a party. This is something you have worked hard for and you want to hold on tight to this personalized jewelry piece because it will motivate you so you may receive many more pieces of personalized jewelry in your future to commemorate many more milestones as you progress in your career. You want to have a special place to keep all of your pieces of personalized jewelry as there will be different versions for different milestones, e.g. promotions, years of service, accomplishments and other cool work additions.

Personalized jewelry doesn’t have to be about your name. There doesn’t need to be a name on the personalized jewelry at all. There can be just a monogram on the personalized jewelry, or a number, or maybe even a charm; or some type of engraving or an inscription. The personalized jewelry can be customized to be whatever you would like for it to be. That’s what is so fantastic about the personalized jewelry piece as a gifting option and what makes it so uniquely yours; it’s one of a kind. Personalized jewelry allows you to express who you are as an individual and share it creatively with those that matter most to you. It doesn't matter if the personalized jewelry is the finest quality, high-end, extravagant or fits the budget conscious shopper. It’s not so much about what the cost of the material is. It’s what the piece of personalized jewelry says and what the personalized jewelry means to the person receiving it.

It’s almost as if folks are using personalized jewelry as a means to tell their stories these days. From the vertical necklaces with the coordinates, wedding bands with favorite phrases, to a locket with a clip of hair. Each piece of personalized jewelry immortalizes a memory, and this transforms the personalized jewelry into a modern-day heirloom of sorts that each generation can pass on to the next. Children may not appreciate the personalized jewelry now, of course, as is the case with a lot of things. They will need to have it put up in a safe place for safe keeping - Perhaps, until they are older. Personalized jewelry still remains something that they should receive from special people in their lives; especially grandparents, or favorite aunts and uncles, just as these people need to receive commemorative personalized jewelry with birthstones of their family members from their children (and extended family) too.

It’s pretty amazing that centuries from now our ancestors will be able to tell our tales just from the pieces of personalized jewelry that we leave behind with our families. They will be able to find out and tell just about anything they want to know with our personalized jewelry; birthdates, careers, various milestones we achieved, all depending on what we celebrated with our personalized jewelry and how we depict it on the personalized jewelry. We don't need to worry about ever being forgotten as long as we leave our personalized jewelry to be passed down among our family members. Our stories will go on forever. Isn't that amazing.

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