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Ankle Bracelets Buying Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Anklets

Ankle bracelets have grown in popularity over recent years, they have become a common fashion accessory that women of all cultures love and adore. As with all types of jewellery, it is important that they are worn the right way, or they will look a bit odd. However, before we go into how to wear an anklet, lets take a look at its interesting history and the ascent of the ankle bracelet.

The History of the Anklet

There is more to the anklet than a fashion statement, you will see models sporting them on runways, in magazines and TV advertisements. They come in a range of different styles, designs, and materials. They look good, we love to wear them, but they also have an interesting history.

The West was only introduced to the anklet in the 20th century; however, Eastern cultures have been wearing them (ankle bracelets) for centuries. The earliest discoveries of anklets or ankle bracelets were found when Sumerian tombs were excavated. These were a group of people from Mesopotamia who lived around 4500 years ago. Archaeologists found several ankle bracelets made from different stones and metals.

Ancient Egyptian women wore anklets and ankle bracelets, they provided insight into her social status. A woman wearing a silver or gold anklet adorned in precious stones indicated that she was the wife of a wealthy husband. While the plebeians or slaves typically wore metallic, leather or anklets made out of shells. These anklets were seen as talismans or amulets.

Anklets were most popular in ancient India, they were either worn for decorative purposes or they indicated the marital status of a woman. Dancers were renowned for wearing ankle chains known as 'Paayal'. They were made of metal and adorned with charms or trinkets so that they tinkled and jingled while they were dancing. These anklets are still worn today in the Indian culture, Arabian belly dancers are also known to wear them.

Anklets are an important part of Indian bridal wear - as well as the traditional saree and other types of symbolic jewellery. In South East Asia and the Middle East, it was considered very sensual and feminine for women to walk with a short step, and so they would wear ankle bracelets on both feet connected by a chain to shorten their steps and create the graceful movement that was so admired.

In the 1970’s anklets started to become popular in America, they became heavily associated with the bohemian style because they were so common amongst women searching for a free-spirited lifestyle.

How to Wear Anklets

Historically, anklets were worn in a certain way for various reasons, in this day and age, the meaning behind wearing anklets are no longer important. So basically, whether you wear an anklet on your left or your right foot is irrelevant. However, there are some people who still have a preference. In the same way that the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the left finger to express that a person is married, the anklet was once given to the bride by her husband to be a beautiful token of love and to signal his desire to become her husband. Women who wore anklets on their right ankles were referred to as call girls.

On the other hand, in Christianity, anything worn on the left side is considered as evil and related to the devil. It is also believed that wearing an anklet on the right ankle is a sign that the woman doesn’t believe in sex before marriage.

Type of Anklets

Jewellery stores are now full of anklets made from a variety of materials and in different designs. The prices differ depending on the design and possibly the brand. Here is a list of some of the anklets you should expect to find when you go shopping.

Silver Anklets: These are more of a casual anklet, they are kind of bohemian in spirit, and young ladies usually adore them. They look great with a pair of high or flat sandals during the summer months.

Golden Anklets: Golden ankle bracelets decorated in precious stones such as rubies or diamonds are adorable to look at. You can find them either in a thin one or two chain design. These anklets are more for the older woman - and suit special occasions rather than casual outings.

Beaded Anklets: Again, beaded anklets give off a very bohemian vibe, they are very playful looking and also go well with ethnic attire - especially African apparel. They work well with beach sandals such as flip flops.

Charmed Anklets: This type of ankle bracelet became popular when jewelry charms hit the scene. Charms can come in the form of initials, stars, hearts, whatever you prefer really. The charm that you wear on your anklet all depends on your individual taste and style.

Barefoot Anklets: Indian women love barefoot anklets; they are ankle bracelets that have a chain that connects to the bridge of the foot and a toe ring. They are called barefoot anklets because they resemble a sandal without a sole.

Chain Anklet: Chain anklets are more of a casual look, and they work really well with sneakers. You will find that one of the latest trends is to wear sneakers with rigid chain anklets; they are either worn tightly around the ankle, or loosely hanging down and touching the foot.

Double it Up: If you really want to create an impact, double up your anklet. In this way, you can mix and match and really give both of your legs a bit of attention. You can either wear two anklets of the same style, or you can wear two different anklets like a silver and gold one.

Over the Boot Anklets: Now this might sound a bit weird, but it actually looks really good. If in doubt, google it to see if you would like to rock this style or not. When you love wearing anklets, but the weather won’t allow you to wear sandals or flowing dresses, the solution is to wear them over your boots! Just make sure the ankle bracelet matches your boots, and is eye catching enough to stand out. A great combination is a pair of black boots with a studded rhinestone chain anklet.

Layered Anklets: Whether you want to wear a layered anklet with heels, sandals, or flip flops, it will still look great. You can either buy a bunch of anklets and stack them together, or you can purchase anklets that are specifically made in a layered style. Either way, you will have all the heads that see you turning with this eye-catching trend.

Things to Consider When Buying an Anklet

Before you buy an ankle chain, there are a range of things you will need to consider. Although anklets are lovely to look at, they are not exactly office attire. So, unless, you are privileged enough to work from the comfort of your own home or your place of employment does not require professional dress attire, it's best to keep certain anklets out of the corporate arena. If you insist on wearing an anklet to work or you want to wear one to a formal occasion, make sure it's a dainty silver or gold anklet that doesn't attract too much attention.

Another point to consider is wearing anklets to quiet places like churches or library's; in such environments, avoid wearing ankle bracelets that jingle when you walk, the last thing you want to do is annoy people because of the loud noises your anklet is making every time you move.

Here are some locations where you can wear any type of ankle bracelet without thinking about whether or not it’s appropriate:

  • On vacation
  • At the beach
  • At a laid-back party
  • At a festival

Top tip: Since ankle bracelets attract attention to the feet, if you are going to wear one, make sure you treat yourself to a nice pedicure. You also want to make sure that your legs are well oiled and free from any blemishes or scratches. If you are unfortunate enough to have issues with your legs, you can easily cover the problem up with makeup. You should also wear a nice pair of sandals such as flip flops, sliders, or backless loafers to finish off the look.

You should never wear anklets with pantyhose, because in most cases, the anklet will just create a hole in them - which won't look very nice.

You want to be comfortable when you are wearing your anklet, so make sure that it is loose enough around your foot so that your leg has room to breathe and so that it isn't digging into your skin. There are also adjustable length ankle bracelets you can purchase for a comfortable fit.

What to Wear With Ankle Bracelets

If you are not sure what outfit you should wear with your ankle bracelet, here are a few suggestions you might want to consider.

  • Leggings
  • Three quarter length jeans
  • Miniskirt
  • A casual summer dress
  • A bikini if going to the beach

It is also important to mention that you should opt for thin anklets, they are noticeable but not too attention grabbing that your entire outfit is about the anklet. You should also avoid wearing clothes with a bold pattern when you are wearing an anklet because this can be a bit too much.

Be sure to wear your anklet with a pair of killer shoes; the idea here is to make sure that your ankle bracelet compliments and doesn’t clash with your shoes.

Ankle Bracelet Positioning

You can wear your anklet hanging loosely so that it is resting on your foot, or you can wear it so that it fits snugly above the ankle bone. Once you have decided on an anklet that you like, the next step is to make sure that it is going to fit you properly. If you want to get the correct measurement for your anklet, measure your ankle with a measuring tape around the part of your ankle where you want to wear your bracelet. Add half an inch to this measurement and this should fit just right. You can either measure your ankle at home, or if you are going to a specialized boutique, they will measure your ankle for you. In general, a nine-inch ankle bracelet fits a skinnier ankle, while a ten-inch ankle bracelet fits a regular sized ankle.

Your Personal Style

How you dress is up to you; therefore, when you wear an anklet, make sure it is one that you are comfortable wearing. It is also important to think about your age, if you are over the age of 30, you wouldn't want to walk around wearing an anklet dripping with youthful beads. Instead, choose something that's a bit more suited to your age, such as a thin sophisticated ankle bracelet that isn't going to attract too much attention. Also, if you are not a fan of the bohemian look, you might want to stay away from ankle bracelets that are covered in gems and tassels.

Fun Facts About Anklets

  • In Indian culture anklets are seen as a sign of respect. In the house, they wear ankle bracelets with bells; when the sound of the bells was made, it would indicate that there was a woman in the house and family members are to show respect.
  • The number of bells on an anklet are an indication of whether a woman is single or not. Single women typically wear less bells on their anklets, the more noise the abundance of bells made when the woman was walking indicated whether a woman was in a relationship or not.
  • Anklets are deemed as valuable wedding gifts in India, they are adorned with precious stones and carved with meenakari.
  • In Indian culture, when a toe ring is connected to the ankle bracelet, it indicates that she is married.

Wrap Up

When worn the right way, in the right environment, in the correct position, and with the right outfit, ankle bracelets have definitely got the wow factor. When it comes to wearing this treasured piece of jewellery, just make sure it matches the occasion and your personal style. Shop our collection of anklets today.