Bar Necklaces Ring Guide

Everything you need to know about Bar Necklaces

When you are developing your own sense of style, you want it to be subtle to a point, but at the same time you aim to create an air of mystery to stand out. This is particularly true with your jewelry. The new fashion trend about town are the classy bar necklaces that are simple, yet unique. Whether you opt for the horizontal or vertical, the silver, gold or rose gold, these necklaces are increasingly popular accessory options for any outfit. The bar necklace can remain simple, sophisticated, and plain; or you can have it engraved, bejeweled or add a pop of color to it. You can wear the bar necklaces you buy with any of your casual clothes or dress it up with your favorite outfit to go out in when out and about, or running around town.

The horizontal bar necklaces had their fifteen minutes of fame and moment in the spotlight; but for some reason the horizontal bar necklaces didn’t experience a prolonged time in the spotlight, or garner nearly as much love as the vertical bar necklaces that have been receiving unprecedented love in the necklace/accessory world. Folks have been taking to the vertical version of the bar necklace(s) in bigger droves. The reason for this it seems to lean towards the fact that engraving options the vertical bars have far outnumbers options of the horizontal.

The horizontal bar necklaces are often seen with engravings now, but that wasn’t always the case, particularly when they first came out. They were generally just worn plain. The difference is that the vertical bar necklaces are commonly seen engraved, and with inscriptions generally with meaningful coordinates as the underlying theme. The public at large found these bar necklaces to be much more endearing because of the personability. The popularity is not just in the fact that they are vertical bar necklaces, but that you have personalized coordinates that mean something to you on the pieces. It’s symbolic. You can immortalize where your child was born, where you were married, where you landed your first acting job, or where you had your first kiss.

The horizontal bar necklaces are more awkward to wear with certain clothing - and with other jewelry as well. The vertical bar necklaces are much more simplistic, and ‘flows” with each outfit. They allow the capability/”deployability” of wearing more than one necklace at a time; no matter how many you choose, what various types of lengths you opt for, the styles you want, or what they are made of. The bar necklaces on our collection list (no matter the style) have become staples for the modern woman’s wardrobe.

If the celebrities say it, it must be true. Virtually every celebrity you see is wearing bar necklaces; whether it be in one of the paparazzi shots or on the red carpet. They have both the horizontal bar necklaces and the vertical bar necklaces, with the vertical bar necklaces usually winning out on most red carpet outings. The thing/reasoning that makes these bar necklaces so incredibly popular is almost entirely derived out of their minimalist appeal. The bar necklace allows for such versatility, no matter what other options you put on. The bar necklaces are just classily understated and elegant. The fact that you can have your bar necklace(s) engraved allows for it/them to hold meaning for you; which will make it/them endure the test of time in your collection as well.


These vertical bar necklaces can’t help but lend the memory to ‘dog tags’. That may seem like a huge stretch of the imagination. However, folks don’t tend to realize that dog tags were and are given to those who mean something to the military partners who wear them; e.g. military men would give them to their girlfriends. These bar necklaces are similar in the sense, particularly the vertical bar necklaces which bear a striking physical resemblance, not to mention the physical trait of having coordinates placed on them. Although, dog tags probably aren't that detailed in engravings/inscriptions.

It seems all glitz and glamour in the world of fashion as to why we wear the things that we wear, and how we get caught up in the celebrity status to see if they're wearing them too is a huge facade. But what if these bar necklaces were to hold much more significant meaning than just ‘the new trend’? What if they came to be held in (a much smaller, but of course) similar accord as dog tags are to those we love and care about. We could hold these as a much more important memento of our personal history and something that we could pass on to those that mean something to us. That very well may be why the celebrities and everyday folks are clinging to the vertical bar necklaces with the coordinates on them. They may have the same general idea in sentimental power.

Bar necklaces could be used in the same vein as letterman's jackets were used in high school, or name bracelets were used in middle schools, or class rings throughout formal education. Instead of this cold, technologically dependent, digital world of dating, we could actually go back to ‘courting’. Passing the bar necklaces on to the girls/boys that you may have an interest in. Even husbands and wives could share in the magic of making and/or exchanging 'bar necklaces' with each other; so they always feel as though they’re together, even when they need to be apart. The bar necklaces allow for so much sentimentality; more so than just about any other fashion trend out there.

The same could be true if it served as just a friendship-type bar necklace. Friends are so vitally important in the world as it is today with our horribly hectic work schedules, and straying from the families that we used to know. We hold on to the few friends that we make as the only real ‘family’ that we have when we’ve moved far from what we consider to be home. Engraving bar necklaces to pass on to a friend just to let them know how special they are to you is the perfect gift when you aren’t quite sure just how to verbalize it. It would be almost the same idea as a friendship ring in a sense.

The family that you left back home could benefit from some of the bar necklaces you purchase from us as well. It would be special to send one to maybe a mother with the coordinates of your birth (on top or on the bottom), and then the gemstones for you (and possibly your siblings) birth months anywhere on the piece. This would give her something to hold onto when she misses you so terribly, and she could send a custom made bar necklace back - one that will carry information that you hold dear.

We hold the people in our lives in our hearts, but rarely do we get to see or speak to many of them because our lives are so jam packed with things to do. These bar necklaces are a super simplistic way of taking a moment and reaching out to let them know we’re still here and we still care. It’s not often that a really cool product comes out that lends itself to presenting such an authentic emotional opportunity to the masses. Sure, there’s greeting cards and gifts, but the bar necklace is one of the coolest and prettiest/incredible gifts for showing you care that we offer.


There are a number of different shapes the horizontal bar necklaces can come in. The vertical bar necklaces are pretty standard though to be honest. You can opt for the silver bar necklaces, the gold bar necklaces, or the rose gold bar necklaces depending on your preference. The silver bar necklace would be a good option to wear with colors in the cooler family, e.g. blacks, whites, grays, blues. The gold bar necklace would go with warmer tones. It doesn't matter whether you wear the silver bar necklaces or the gold bar necklaces, you can mix and match all of your other necklaces as you wish with either of the choices. There are also infinity bar necklaces which come in either the silver bar necklace metal or the gold bar necklace metal.

You can honestly get the vertical bar necklaces or horizontal bar necklaces in either color, that means that you can have as many of the silver bar necklaces or the gold bar necklaces as you heart desires.

Where to Buy

When you are shopping for bar necklaces, you can do so in a number of ways. You can go by way of the internet, department stores, or by way of your local jewelry store.

- Online. By going online to search for bar necklaces, you will likely save money. It’s not saying that the silver bar necklaces and the gold bar necklaces will be of extremely high quality with each site that you search on. You just need to be careful and make sure that you are using a secure and reputable site like ours.

- Retail. Going into the retail stores you frequent in your area, you will be given many options for bar necklaces, including the silver bar necklaces and the gold bar necklaces you are looking for. They generally offer fairly reasonable prices as well as good discounts through retail.

- Jewelry stores. This will be the most expensive option for you. If money is no matter, you know that you will be getting quality with your bar necklaces, particularly with the silver bar necklaces and the gold bar necklaces on your mind. You will also have a beautiful selection to go through.


Prices are going to vary for the bar necklaces depending on where you decide to go for your bar necklaces, and the quality of the silver bar necklaces and the gold bar necklaces that you choose. It is possible to buy bar necklaces for a reasonable amount of money, but they can also be quite expensive. You just need to be prepared for exactly what you want to spend so that when you go into the store (or online), the rep/system can show you the particular bar necklaces that are available within your specific price range. This way you don’t fall in love with bar necklaces that you simply cannot afford. Sometimes there is a charge for the engraving process as well; so you need to take that into consideration when you are figuring out the process and try to conjure up a number for your budget.


The infinity bar necklace is one of the different types of bar necklaces that is quite beautiful. You can buy the infinity bar necklace in either a silver bar necklace or gold bar necklace; whichever you choose is going to be of utmost elegance. The meaning behind the infinity bar necklace is very impactful. It symbolizes empowerment, eternity, as well as everlasting love. With roots embedded in all that is endless as well as eternal, therefore rendering it unbreakable; it is understandable many businesses/people have adapted the infinity symbol for its depiction of an ever enduring and unbreakable force. Many people have adapted their own variations of what the infinity symbol means to them and will carry that when they wear the infinity bar necklace; but it is really quite simplistic and lovely. The infinity bar necklace can be personalized and the infinity bar necklace can also be engraved. The infinity bar necklace may be a tiny bit awkward to wear with other necklaces in the same way that the horizontal bar necklaces are, but the infinity bar necklace makes quite a statement when wearing it just on its own. The infinity bar necklace does come in vertical versions as well. The infinity bar necklace has quite an elegance and class that makes it stand out among the plethora of options of bar necklaces.


If you want to be part of the fashion scene today, you need to pick up some bar necklaces. It is especially the rage to have one of the vertical bar necklaces in our collection. These bar necklaces are particularly interesting because folks are using them to put a variety of different coordinates pertaining to their life out there. It's actually a very special kind of keepsake to be passed down from generation to generation. The concept for the vertical bar necklace is quite unique, and the possibilities for the engraving process are endless. The likelihood of having to buy multiple bar necklaces in order to have enough bar necklaces to mark all of the various milestones that you hold valuable to you seems inevitable, particularly if you have several children or a large family.

Whoever came up with the idea to use vertical bar necklaces to mark coordinates was super smart. There is just nothing (of this kind on the market at all) to allow people to have such a genuine memento of something that they hold sacred to them. The person who opted to use the vertical bar necklaces in this way really needs to be thanked for giving us the gift of being able to preserve a little piece of our personal history in such a solemn way. Regardless of trends, and fashion, and celebrity; the bar necklaces in our collection are really special pieces of jewelry.