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BFFs Ring Guide

Why You Should Gift Your Best Friend a Ring

Trying to find the perfect gift to celebrate the relationship you have with your best friend is never simple or straightforward.

Sure, we all might have a literal endless amount of options to pick and choose from these days. Companies make all kinds of products designed specifically for best friends, and thanks to the internet finding these gift ideas is easier than ever before.

At the same time, the last thing you want to do is give your best friend a gift that feels generic, feels bland, or feels like it was plucked straight from the pages of some catalog or from a “you have to buy your best friend THIS” blog post.

When you get right down to it, the kind of gift you give to your best friend is going to say a lot about how you value them, value your friendship, and value the relationship that the two of you have been building.

This isn’t the kind of thing that you can take lightly but at the same time it isn’t some thing that you should have to agonize over for days and days on end.

That’s where best friend rings come into play.

Endless Options to Play With

The coolest thing about a best friend ring for your best friend is that there is an endless amount of options out there, ranging from the goofiest and funniest for those kinds of relationships, to those that are a little bit more serious, a little bit more significant, and a little bit more “weighty” if you have that kind of relationship.

You’ll also find that there are so many different options to pick and choose from to fit any budget imaginable. You don’t necessarily have to spend a mountain of money on this ring to get some thing special, but if you want to really get your hands on something significant to memorialize the kind of relationship you have when you give this best friend their ring, you’ll have the opportunity to do that as well.

A Daily Reminder of Your Friendship

Another big bonus of getting best friend rings is that your best friend is going to be constantly reminded about the special relationship the two of you have every single time they look down at their hand and notice the ring that you gave them.

Plenty of options out there are sold in pairs, letting both of you have the same ring on the same finger, feeling the kind of special connection you’ve built up whenever you put that piece of jewelry on. You’ll always know that the odds are pretty good they’re wearing the same ring that you are, and the odds are even better that they are remembering that you were the one to purchase that special ring for them – with the flood of positive memories washing over them whenever they notice this cool little piece of jewelry.

Hard to Misinterpret

One of the biggest challenges of purchasing a gift for your best friend is the very nature of the relationship itself.

Trying to purchase gifts for people is difficult in and of itself, but when you have to figure out the kind of relationship that you actually share with someone – and how a particular gift will celebrate that relationship – things can get even trickier.

By choosing to go with a special ring you’re able to come through a lot of that clutter and miscommunication, avoiding the kind of misinterpretation that can really throw a monkey wrench into the friendship you have built. It’s almost impossible for these kinds of rings to be misinterpreted in any way whatsoever, which means you’re going to be able to communicate exactly how special someone is to you without sending any mixed signals along the way.

That’s a huge bonus for anyone that doesn’t want to deal with the sometimes awkward exchange of gifts that are unevenly matched on one side or the other, gifts that either seemed too generous or not generous enough for the kind of relationship that both of you feel you have.

This takes the guesswork out of giving someone close to you a gift for sure!

Best Friend Rings Last a Lifetime

One of the coolest things about best friend rings as opposed to some of the other gifts you might be considering is the knowledge that these pieces of jewelry will almost always last a lifetime, really enduring symbols of the friendship that the two of you have built.

It’s hard to find any gift that’s going to last even just a handful of years these days, let alone a decade or more. But jewelry is always going to last (and last, and last) just the same way that your relationship with this person is going to be able to.

Best of all, the right piece of jewelry – a really special best friend ring – becomes almost in heirloom piece of jewelry that you will be able to pass down to your loved ones, alongside all of the stories of what that ring came to mean and who it came from.

It isn’t at all unreasonable to think about the children of your best friend wearing this jewelry and then becoming friends with your children – Your kids wearing the matching best friend ring you and your best friend have is the pinnacle of friendship.

Wouldn’t that be something really special?

At the end of the day, it’s all about trying to find something simple, something meaningful, and something significant to give to someone that means so much in your life.

While there is a lot of options out there to pick and choose from, it’s tough to go wrong with a piece of jewelry that was carefully considered and selected for your best friend – the kind of gift that they aren’t ever going to forget, and the kind of gift that they are always going to appreciate you going out of your way and getting for them.

The right ring is going to perfectly symbolize the past, present, and future of your friendship.

Why a Ring with Significance Shows Care, Love and Makes the Perfect Gift for Your Best Friend.

In today’s ultra digital modern world, it’s becoming harder and harder for folks to find a way to convey exactly how much their friends mean to them.

Personal contact (and even phone calls) have fallen off a cliff in recent years, replaced by Direct Messages on social media, text messages, and quick blasts with gifs or memes taking over for good old-fashioned communication.

This has left a lot of people feeling a little bit left out, little bit uneasy, and a little bit unsure of the kind of relationship they have with who they think are their best friends – which is why getting someone special a best friend ring is so impactful, and why choosing the right one can strengthen the friendship you have more than maybe anything else.

It’s really easy to take friends for granted these days, even those (and maybe especially those) that have been around for our entire lives. But we just kind of count on them more and more without realizing it, assuming that they know how important they are to us without ever realizing that they might be unsure of how we feel – even if they know that we are their best friend.

Best friend rings bring a lot of concrete and tangible moments into a friendship, letting that friend in your life know just how important they are to you but also constantly reminding them of just how important you are in their lives and how dearly they think of you.

This is the kind of gift that isn’t just going to make someone happy when they first open it up and try it on, but is instead the kind of gift that’s going to continue to make your best friend feel great every time they glance down at their hand and think of you and the piece of jewelry that you’ve given them.

Rings Carry Meaning All on Their Own

Best friend rings carry a lot of significance and a lot of meaning all on their own, the same way that some of the other incredibly important rings have become symbols in our world.

Nobody thinks of wedding rings or engagement rings or promise rings as just another piece of jewelry, but instead recognize them as the powerful symbols for a special relationship. These pieces of tangible jewelry have become something so much more than just a precious metal and a gemstone, but are instead deeply woven into the fabric of our world in a way that few other symbols have been able to be.

Now obviously a best friend ring isn’t going to have the same kind of magnitudinal weight that a diamond engagement ring will, but it isn’t going to be accepted as nothing, either. Your best friend is going to be overjoyed at this kind of gift, recognizing the significance immediately, and appreciating that you take this relationship as seriously as they do in that you appreciate them enough to give them this kind of gift in this gesture.

Rings Can Be Completely Customized

Another reason that these gifts are so impactful is that they can be completely customized from top to bottom in a way that few other gifts can be.

You can take elements of the best friend rings you are looking at and change them completely to better match the kind of relationship you have with your friend, their personality, or even inside jokes that the two of you share with no one else.

There’s a level of real customization here that is tough to pull off with almost any other kind of gift, and that level of customization is always going to result in a more personal and more impactful kind of gift.

Best of all, it doesn’t take a whole lot to find best friend rings that can be customized and yet still perfectly match – giving each of you a bookend to the other ring so that you both have something personal but also something shared, a lot like your friendship.

Rings Can Last Forever

Whenever you give someone special in your life a gift you want to be sure that they are going to be able to make the most of it, and it’s tough to imagine any other best friend gift out there having the longevity that a ring will.

Rings by their very nature are designed to last and last and last. When you give a piece of jewelry like this you’re giving a gift that will likely last the rest of your lives, and a gift that has the potential to go even further beyond that.

There’s something about the significance of the durability of these best friend rings that adds a bit of emotional weight to this gift that isn’t there with something more casual or something more disposable. When you know that you can tell stories of one another to your children or your grandchildren when they ask about your jewelry, and have all of those memories come flooding back to you, you know you’ve picked out something really spectacular.

Rings Tell the Story of Your Friendship

At the end of the day, our best friends are the family members that we were able to pick for ourselves – just the same as we are the family members that they picked for themselves.

These are some of the most important relationships we are ever going to have come into our lives, the fact that you want to memorialize just how special this relationship is with a gift of this magnitude shows just how deeply you care about that important friend in your life.

Finding the right best friend ring is going to take a little bit of time for sure. But once you know that you’ve found the perfect one, the one that best tells the story of your friendship, you’re going to feel it right in your bones.

This is the kind of gift that rises above almost anything else you could give a friend like this, and it’s the kind of gift that isn’t ever going to be forgotten.

Everything you need to know about Friendship Rings

On Friendship Day, which is the first day in August each year, people with close bonds exchange friendship rings as a symbol of their tight relationships. These are generally very simplistic friendship rings consisting of bands that are engraved with a symbol or text familiar to the friends. The exchanging of friendship rings is a tradition that goes back centuries with the first rings denoting any type of similar symbolism being given by Irishman, Richard Joyce, in 17th century Ireland at the time of Mary II’s reign. The friendship rings were known as Claddagh rings. The features of the rings include two hands which represent friendship encircling a heart symbolizing love; moreover, the symbol is wearing a crown representing loyalty. Mr. Joyce had crafted his friendship ring for his female companion at the time while he was in exile and proudly presented his friendship ring to her upon his return to Ireland. It is said, depending on how the heart faces, the meaning for the friendship rings will surface; in one direction means friend and the other means love.

Often, the more modern friendship rings are quite simplistic in appearance in the way of a simple band generally with some type of engraving that shows meaningful symbolism and words for the friends. There are other friendship rings that are interchangeable, almost like puzzle pieces, where one friend takes half and the other will take the other half. A lot of times this version of the friendship rings we know today will be worn on a chain around the friends' necks. Still, there are some friends who choose to craft their own friendship rings using homemade materials as this makes them even more special. They will use beads, yarn, whatever materials are available to them that will hold special meaning for them (and their friend) when putting together their friendship rings.

It is said that friendship rings are more for the younger generation, but that is simply not the case. As families become more distant due to working commitments and long-distances between relatives, friends are fast fulfilling the needs that are no longer being met. Giving the friendship rings to these people who have become so important in our lives signifies the bond between the two (or more) of you. You are not related nor are you involved in a romantic relationship, but you are the closest two people can get without a commitment, or beingtrue blood siblings. These friendship rings are given to show the purity of friendship in its simplest and elemental form.

In order to save from confusion, folks generally wear these simplistic friendship rings on their right hand and usually on their pinky - so as not to get them confused with an engagement or wedding band or any type of romantic gesture. It's also not exclusive that you provide friendship rings to only one person. It is feasible for you to have a need for friendship rings for 2 or friendship rings for 3 friends. If you belong to a tight knit group of people, it would not be unusual for you to have designs made for friendship rings for 2 or friendship rings for 3 or more individuals, depending on the size of group that you have and the bonds that you all share. Generally, for you and one other friend you would simply do a set of friendship rings for 2 so that the two of you can share, one for you and the other for that friend. If you have two special friends, this would be when you would require the friendship rings for 3.

Giving friendship rings to someone holds a really special meaning that can’t be easily articulated, so you won’t want to just pass them out to all of your ‘acquaintances’. These should be people who have been down in the trenches with you, saw you at your worst and brought you back to your best. Having one or two intimate, true friends who you are able to authentically further bond with by presenting them with the gesture of friendship rings for 2 or even a friendship rings for 3 is one of life’s greatest gifts.

Best Friends

Then we have our very best friend, and there is usually just one of those who we want to give a special friendship ring to. In every culture throughout the world, friendship is seen as one of the very finest of earthly goods that someone can hold onto. A strong, faithful friendship can give you the strength that you need in troubled times along with support in those bad times; and companionship in the good times. A best friend will keep you from loneliness and make you focus on being grounded. If a lot people in your life deserve friendship rings, your best friend deserves a best friendship ring.

The best friendship ring says thank you to this person for allowing you to be completely who you are - with no judgment or repercussions. You don't have to put on the mask that you wear when you're at work or out in the scrutinizing gaze of the public. This person has seen you in your absolute worst and most socially unacceptable. The best friendship rings will keep all of that between the two of you. You won’t ever share anything personal about yourself with anyone, but they know your deepest darkest secrets. You can’t share all things with family members or your significant other, only one person will most likely ever truly understand. This is why they have your best friendship ring. The best friendship rings are a small token to show how monumentally powerful their presence is and how momentously it affects your life.

Best friendship rings are more than your typical friendship rings. They are usually made of either gold or silver, but they come in titanium and stainless steel also. It is common for the best friendship rings to come in pairs, in order to ascertain that each friend can wear one. Best friendship rings can either be worn as a ring or on a chain around the neck. Usually, the best friendship rings have some type of a symbol along with a phrase or text of some sort engraved on the best friendship rings to signify the friendship.

Surprising your friend with best friendship rings will let them know the place that they carry/hold in your heart, and in your life. It lets them know that you will be there as they have been for you. Best friendship rings are a wonderful way to let the world in on the closeness that the two of you share.

Symbols of Friendship

Giving jewelry such as friendship rings is a symbol in and of itself of bringing people together, just like when we marry. Giving friendship rings bonds friends even closer together. A strong friendship has always been a good basis for any kind of relationship, e.g. romantic partnerships that have been grown from friendship are stronger than they would have been if strictly based on passion alone. A family who can also be our friends in tough times, as well as relatives who are also able to have tight friendships with us can be a solid presence in our lives. Some of the absolute best relationships we've ever had are with folks we call friends. These can be just as permanent as a relative and nearly as close. To honor the strength of the closest of our friendships, cultures around the globe have developed symbols, gemstones, and ideas that can be used in friendship rings or best friendship rings.

Best friendship relationships can be the most enduring of our relationships, so it is no wonder that a common symbol to honor this sacredly would be a couplet of gemstone best friendship rings. The gemstone that should be put into/on your best friendship rings is called ‘Lapis Lazuli’. It is a deep blue stone with a rich history representing truth and friendship. It has been mined in modern-day Afghanistan for well above 5000 years. It is appropriate that this stone be used for best friendship rings as the strongest and longest of friendships are also the most honest and true. We rely on our best friends to share the truth with us when there is no one else who will do so. This is the type of friend who is worthy of best friendship rings depicting such a symbol as ancient and as deep as ‘Lapis Lazuli’.

Where to Purchase Friendship Rings

- Internet. There are multiple places like Penelope’s Promise where you can shop to find the perfect friendship rings or best friendship rings. A great place to start would be the internets’ greatest search engine… Google. There are so many different sites that you can research to find the right friendship rings or best friendship rings. If you can’t find friendship rings or best friendship rings that light you up, you can attempt to find a site where you could possibly design friendship rings more to your liking for a reasonable amount of money. That’s the good thing about the internet and our store. It allows for such a diversity of possibilities and so many different options as far as price and quality for friendship rings and best friendship rings. You could actually get a much better deal even with designing a custom piece than you may get buying ‘off-the-shelf’ friendship rings or best friendship rings. Just be sure to measure and know your exact size (and your friends ring size) prior to attempting to shop for friendship rings.

- Department stores. Shopping at department stores for friendship rings or best friendship rings is the next least expensive option. You won’t get a choice as far as designing your own custom friendship rings or best friendship rings, but you will save a few dollars as compared to other places that you may run into for this purchase. They generally have clearance sales happening, and they offer a wide arrangement of jewelry - most of which could pass as friendship rings or best friendship rings.

- Jewelry stores. This is where you will pay some money for your friendship rings or best friendship rings. If money is no object, you will be set for your friendship rings. There may even be options for you to custom design friendship rings if there are no items carried within the store that you are drawn to or favorably leaning towards purchasing. They likely won't have the clearance items that department stores do, but their selections for friendship rings and best friendship rings may be greater.


There are really no set designated prices for friendship rings or best friendship rings - as there are no rings that necessarily qualify to fit solely in the friendship rings category. The price range is going to vary depending on what you and your friend(s) deem to be the type of friendship rings that you feel will adequately symbolize your friendship; as well as how much you agree that you want to spend on the friendship rings or best friendship rings.

It would be a good idea to go out shopping with a set budget in mind prior to your friendship rings purchase; as well as knowing if you are going to buy best friendship rings, friendship rings for 2 persons, or friendship rings for 3 people. This way, you will know just what you are looking for as far as friendship rings go and precisely how much you want to spend before you even get into the store.

A good go-to when trying to stay thrifty for friendship rings or best friendship rings is a simplistic silver ring or you can up the charm with a few semi precious stones. This will provide beautiful symbolism for your friendship rings, but allow you to keep some money in your pocket. If money is not a matter, go for the platinum options that come with gemstones. This is a one-time purchase and your chance to express to your friend(s) what they mean in your life. You may as well make it count with the ultimate in friendship rings or best friendship rings. Just leave enough money that everyone can go out to celebrate after.

Usually friendship rings or a set of best friendship rings are supposed to be a surprise from you to your friend, but if you are both going to be wearing the friendship rings or best friendship rings, it might be a good idea to let your friend in on picking out what they deem would be a good representation of your friendship with the friendship rings. Their participation could bring into consideration friendship rings or best friendship rings that you may not have even thought of buying. They may prefer to make homemade friendship rings or best friendship rings as opposed to simply just buying one for the symbolism. You can still get the surprise factor by ‘wrapping up’ the idea of buying friendship rings and letting them open that (ha ha) ;) - and work with the overall physical delivery of the ring (box, wrapping etc) instead to create an unforgettable experience. Allowing them to contribute in the 'picking out' process of the friendship rings or best friendship rings will probably mean the world to them. Sometimes generosity comes in a wide variety of different forms, especially when celebrating friendship.