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Penelope's Long Lasting Love Custom Promise Ring


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Penelope's Genuine Love Promise Ring


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Birthstone Rings Guide

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Birthstone Rings.

A birthstone is a gemstone which can represent someone’s birth day of the week, their birth month, or their zodiac sign. They are usually worn as jewelry and what better way to wear them than as a birthstone ring. Birthstone rings are the perfect gift for any and absolutely everyone; and birthstone rings can also be a great engagement ring when that awesome time comes. A beautiful birthstone ring or many birthstone rings made for mom(s) is also a great gift for your motherly figure(s).

People who get birthstone rings feel appreciated and valued for what they are and their gift has an even deeper meaning if it’s a specially customized birthstone ring.

A Brief History of Birthstones

The custom of wearing only one birthstone based on your birthday is, in fact, only a few centuries old. There was a different custom earlier and it involved wearing a different birthstone each month, based on what month it is; which is another great idea of what you can do with your birthstone rings - or advice mom to do with the birthstone rings you get for her.

Eastern cultures, for example, recognize a similar range of gemstones which are associated with birth, but, they are calculated based on celestial bodies and astrology; which are employed to calculate the most beneficial stone for that individual.

A popular belief is that birthstones and the tradition around them originated from the Breastplate of Aaron; which is a ceremonial garment with twelve gemstones - which represent the tribes of Israel. They are first described in the Book of Exodus. While the names of gemstones in the Book of Exodus are different and there is a debate on what is what, they are similar to what we know today.

In fact, birthstones are far older in comparison to the zodiac signs and twelve months of the year which harness the power of the different gemstones. The stones probably originated as a forgotten tradition of blessing a baby upon birth from various deities.

The lists across the globe vary because of the price and availability. This has changed over the centuries several times and is still changing frequently. Consumers also affect the popularity of a particular birthstone , and that's why there are several choices for each month of the year - it's not always just one.

According to that, you could own several birthstone rings or mix different birthstones into one birthstone ring. If you are buying a birthstone for mom, you could mix her birthstones or mix yours and your siblings birthstones into one birthstone ring geared towards mothers.

There are many legends and myths connected to birthstone rings and the healing powers of birthstone rings, as well as the positive therapeutic influence of the birthstone ring. Birthstone rings for mothers can make for great gifts for your mom because a birthstone ring can look good while also bringing some healing and spiritual benefits.

According to the legends, birthstone rings can also be worn according to the month you are in. So, you can harness all of that power by wearing a different birthstone ring each month. Your mom could love it too; to have a whole set of birthstone rings for mothers for her to enjoy each month.

Birthstone Rings for each Month

So, each month comes with its own birthstone ring gemstone. This means you have plenty of choices and you can enjoy a different birthstone ring every month, or carry one for the entire year. You can also see birthstones in rings for moms and decide which one of the birthstones in our collection for mom rings is closely associated with her month in order to ensure you get the perfect ring to truly excite her.

January - Garnet

The birthstone gem (in the birthstone rings in our collection) for the month of January is Garnet. Garnet is the worldwide accepted gem ring of the January month. It’s also the best ring to buy if you are celebrating the second year of marriage with your partner, and it’s also a perfect birthstone ring for mothers born in January.

Most people think of garnet and see this deep, dark red and bohemian stone in a birthstone ring; they see a colored stone which was popular in the Victorian times. But garnets don’t just come in that deep, dark red you already know of; they come in a wide variety of colors - all except blue. So, if you want to get a birthstone ring for mom because she was born in January and she likes blue, this might not be the best choice. However, there is a wide variety of colors you can choose from for your ring or set of birthstone rings - from pink garnet in the shade of the raspberry to the green garnet stone which is really brilliant and pairs well with many dresses, to the orange malaya garnet which is also amazing in its own way. There is the red anthill garnet which is really bright and it comes from Arizona; and there is the rarest, green garnet which was worn by the Tsars of Russia. Choices are endless color wise.

Garnets in birthstone rings come in a wide variety of styles and appearances to suit every taste, and there is a wide price range which can suit any pocketbook; which is great if you want to get birthstone rings for your mother in a full set of 2 or more rings.

The legend behind the birthstone in birthstone rings with a garnet stone is that Noah used one in his ark as a way of illumination - and it can also give guidance in the night. Moreover, it offers protection from all sorts of nightmares; and it can be a good antidote for any kind of snake bites or food poisonings. It also may have a special connection with the blood, according to legends and myths. This is a great meaning if you want to get some garnet stone birthstone rings for mom (and other mother figures) or if you want to get a couple garnet birthstone rings for yourself (and some friends).

Garnet stone birthstone rings are durable and really amazing; which means that it will give you years of pleasure and good looks on your hands - or your mothers' hands if you get from our collection of birthstone rings for mothers.

You do need to take care to prevent any scratches, sharp blows or temperature changes which are extreme. Take good care of your precious gemstone and its ring, and you’ll have it for years and years to come.

There are plenty of different shapes and styles in which they can fit into many different types of birthstone rings, so you can take a look at some of the designs and see for yourself what can be done with this amazing birthstone if you want it on your birthstone ring or a birthstone ring for mom.

February - Amethyst

Amethyst is the birthstone of the people born in the month of February according to many lists made for birthstones worldwide. It’s also the best birthstone ring to get for your sixth year of marriage. As such, it presents a great gift in the form of a cool birthstone ring or set of birthstone rings for people born in February, or people who simply love February (maybe because their child was born in this month ;)).

Amethyst is a type of quartz, and it also comes in a wide variety of shades of purple - from rich and deep purple to pale lilac. People love it because of this great color and the meaning behind it. Ideally, this stone is best illuminated in the deep medium purple tones with rose flashes which create the fire so many people love about amethyst.

Amethyst is very available because there is a lot of it to be found and you can also enjoy it in many different shapes and sizes. It fits very nicely in birthstone rings. Amethyst is very strong and durable, which means that it can be worn every day. There is also a great Greek legend behind it that it can prevent intoxication when you wear it. It can also have a sobering effect both from aggresive alcohol comsumption and love/passion. It also has a well-known symbolism of bringing and signaling peace, tranquility, and protection. All of these great meanings make it one of the best gifts for any person in the form of a set of birthstone rings or assortment of birthstone rings for mothers.

Some people even say that an amethyst birthstone ring can prevent baldness, improve your skin condition, and protect the person wearing it from deceit and treason. Royalty has always worn it as a birthstone ring or in any other form; both because of this symbolic meaning and because it had that great purple color royals have always loved. There are plenty of amethyst stones in ancient Greek and Egyptian empires, just like in the British Crown Jewels.

You should take care to protect it as much as you can from any scratches or sharp blows because those are the ways it can be damaged.

An amethyst birthstone ring is a great gift for anyone, especially as a birthstone ring for mom - the color is beautiful, the meaning is brilliant, and this birthstone ring can bring real beauty and value to anyone's life.

March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone ring of the month of March, and it's also the best birthstone ring to get for the nineteenth anniversary of marriage with your partner. Aquamarine birthstone rings are always beautiful, and they represent a great gift both as a birthstone ring for mom and birthstone ring for anyone who was born in the month of March.

The best color for aquamarine is that refreshing pastel blue which reminds you of the clear sea and open waters - and it’s probably the color you think of when you think about an aquamarine birthstone on a ring. The best and most valued stones have a clear blue color without any green or grey. This is generally accepted as a high-quality aquamarine gemstone.

This is a big and durable gemstone which pairs well in birthstone rings, and with any other birthstone on any other type of jewelry as well. It’s available in both tiny, understated sizes, and larger sizes when it’s really dramatic and in your face - big and cut in rectangular or oval shapes. Aquamarine is also very important in the beryl family, which is the same birthstone or gem family emerald comes from.

In the ancient times, this stone was given to the people who sailed the sea, and it's an excellent gift for people who still live on open waters - or like to sail the sea. It has a great connection with the water both in the color and in the name. It signifies making new friends, which is a great meaning if you want to give birthstone rings to mothers. It also means and brings love and affection; which makes it a great symbol of youth, health, and hope. Which is ultimately another great meaning if you want to buy an aquamarine birthstone ring for mom.

To make the aquamarine really brilliant and beautiful, the stone is heated to remove the yellow, and it can be immersed in your jewelry cleaner (of choice) or soapy water to maintain it’s brilliance and good looks. You can also use a small boar bristle brush to keep it pristine. You shouldn't use a home ultrasonic machine for cleaning aquamarine. You should, however, do your best to protect it from any scratches or blows.

An aquamarine birthstone ring is a great gift for anyone, especially as a birthstone ring for mother because of its beautiful color, great meaning, and all-around good looks.

An alternative stone to aquamarine for people born in March is the bloodstone, which looks great on a ring - though, it's usually used in men's rings. However, if your mom really likes that look and that color, this stone can also be a great choice for a birthstone ring for mom.

It’s a variety, one of many, of the jasper or the chalcedony; which is known as a Heliotrope as well. This stone has a deep, dark green color and red spots which makes for a really great look on any birthstone ring. It's not very conventional in rings, and it has that opaque look - but that's exactly why some moms would love this stone on a unique birthstone ring.

Early legends say that the red spots are the blood of Jesus that fell on the floor which was made of jasper beneath the cross; which can also be meaningful for any Christian, or overall religious person. It's also the gem for the astrological sign of Aries, which is another reason you would get it for your mom, that is if Aries is her astrological sign.

Bloodstone may not be the conventional choice for birthstone rings, but it's still a great one, and it would amaze any mom not looking for a sparkly, traditional birthstone ring geared towards most moms.

April - Diamond

Diamond is a widely accepted birthstone for the month of April. In addition to that, it’s one of the most popular choices for engagement rings because of its durability and value; and it’s also the best birthstone ring to get for your partner on your tenth or sixtieth anniversary of marriage.

The very name of diamond has a beautiful meaning in the Greek language, and it means the unconquerable eternity of love - which may be one of the reasons why diamonds are often the stone of choice in engagement rings. However, this is precisely the reason why it would be a great stone for that birthstone ring for mom.

It was first discovered 2500 years ago in India where the ancient people believed that the diamonds were actually splinters which came from the stars, or that they were crystalized lightning, or even hardened dew drops, depending on the area.

The diamond is often seen as a colorless stone, but they can also be found in the strong, very bright color of green or red, pink, blue or even canary yellow - or in the timeless amber color most love. However, these types of diamonds are extremely expensive and highly valuable, and often found in the great museums of the world.

Diamonds are also occasionally laser drilled to help the shine of the stone look even better, and a foreign substance that is known to be like glass is often used to fill in any fractures or cavities. They can be easily irradiated or heated to induce those fancy colors of the more expensive diamonds, although they are not as valuable as those naturally colored gemstones.

It's one of the most durable of gemstones, and as such, it's the perfect solution for your birthstone ring; or other people’s rings if you are looking for birthstone rings for the mothers you know. You should make sure not to damage it with any blows, chemicals which can discolor it and even damage the mounting or its placement in the ring. You can clean it with a jewelry cleaner, soapy water, and small brush.

Diamonds really do last forever, and they truly can be a girl's best friend - so why not make your mom's or your own day better by getting a diamond birthstone ring or a cute/unique birthstone ring for mom.

May - Emerald

Emerald is officially the birthstone ring of the month of May, and the perfect birthstone ring to give on the 20th or 35th anniversary of marriage. Emeralds are truly beautiful and meaningful, which makes them the perfect birthstone in a birthstone ring gift for your mom (or for you). You can get them if you were born in May, your mother was born in May, or simply because you love the color and meaning.

Emerald is one of the most valuable gems in the world, and the very name comes from the Greek word which means the green stone. The most valuable one, when it comes to color is the one with the pure grass green color.

They are often characterized by the garden of crystals within which they are trapped and this is known as the jardin; as you can see many different patterns and colors looking like foliage in a garden when looking at this gem. A flawless emerald which is clear is very rare and only found in very small sizes; which makes it really valuable. Small and medium sizes of emerald are achieved in the emerald cut. It’s perfectly lovely when put in the dome shape because of the amazing colors, and they can be carved elegantly to accentuate any ring.

According to the legends and myths, wearing emeralds can cure all kinds of illnesses and ailments - as well as issues regarding low intelligence, poor vision, and infertility. The emerald can also help the person wearing it predict the future, according to the story often told about the stone. Some of this can hold a really great meaning or symbolic representation to any mom as well as to any person. Birthstone rings or a special birthstone ring with emeralds look amazing, and they really make anyone shine.

The normal process of cutting the emerald consists of immersing them in oil so that the small voids are not noticeable. At the end of it all, you should most definitely make sure to protect it from any blows, chemicals, and temperature changes.

June - Pearl

Pearl is the perfect birthstone for all of the awesome June babies out there; and a widely accepted birthstone in a birthstone ring gift for the third and thirtieth anniversary of marriage. Pearls look beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated; and they come in many varieties. Many moms also love pearls; because of these convincing reasons that are so intrinsic and obvious, the pearl birthstone ring might be the perfect stone in a birthstone ring for mom.

Pearls are products of oysters and their defense mechanism; the stone forms when and where the oyster immediately surrounds it with layers of nacre. It is this beautiful process that creates a perfectly round gemstone called a pearl. Essentially, there are those pearls which are cultured and those which are natural. This means they come in a wide variety of colors and they are free of all extrinsic blemishes. The shape should be as perfectly round as possible. The higher the orient or the luster, the more rare and valuable the pearl is. Also, the bigger it is, the more value it is. Of course, a pearl on the birthstone ring doesn't need to be large, but just big enough to be the perfect fit on the birthstone ring base for thering you are gifting to mom.

The round shape is popular, but there are also those that are hemispherical, elongated in different shapes and colors, and large pearls which are really expensive. These all come from different locations too.

They are a symbol of modesty, purity, and chastity; and also a symbol of a happy marriage - which is a great meaning if you want this birthstone ring for yourself or for your mom.

On the pearl birthstone ring, you should avoid chemicals, cosmetics, and beauty products; as well as ultrasonic cleaners during daily use/cleaning. Just mild soap and water works best to protect the pearl.

Another traditionally June stone is Alexandrite; which is a beautiful and very rare stone that is notorious for being very difficult to find in the natural circumstances that create gemstones. Most of those that are on the market are either created or synthetic, but they are still very very beautiful. Alexandrite is one of the best gems to go with on birthstone rings because of its stunning looks and amazing meanings. The color in it changes from green to red or brown in the light; which is really a great thing to look at. This is why it can be a perfect stone on a fitting for a birthstone ring for mom.

It’s also very hard and durable. You should take special care to protect it from any damage and harsh chemicals, as well as extreme temperatures that can negatively impact it.

June has many birthstone ring options from which you can choose from, and one of them is the infamous moonstone. This translucent stone has a shimmery adularescence which means that it comes in many different tones from colorless to white, yellow or orange; but always with a white or blue sheen which makes it look extra magical. This is why it’s so popular amongst a lot of birthstone ring buyers. It’s used as an alternative stone for birthstone rings for people born in June as a result of the belief that it looks like a pearl in some respect.

July - Ruby

Ruby is the perfect birthstone ring for the month of July and all the people born during this month; as well as the 15th and 40th anniversary. It’s really rare and beautiful, and it represents a type of corundum. As such, it only exists in the true red color. The best quality has that vivid, fiery and pure red spectral with a very low undertone of blue. This type is the most valuable. They are said to protect the owner of the birthstone ring with the ruby stone from all misfortune, and it allows for a life in harmony with neighbours. It also protects the owner’s home, land, and it’s especially strong when worn in the form of a ring on the left hand, according to legend. This is why this stone is the perfect choice for any Penelope’s Promise purchase of birthstone rings.

August - Peridot

Peridot is the accepted birthstone for the month of August, and it's the best stone to get for your 16th anniversary of marriage. It has that beautiful lime green color with a brownish olive cast which makes it one of the best gems for birthstone rings for moms.

It came from a volcanic action, and they can often be found in Hawaii - in the black sands. They have always been the favorite of pirates because they believed that peridot can protect them against all evil, especially when set in gold and worn on the hand, in the form of the finger ring - which is why it would make a great birthstone on a birthstone ring for mothers.

Peridot also had some medicinal uses, to intensify the effects of a medicine being used by its wearer.

September - Sapphire

Sapphire, one of the most beautiful birthstones in the world, is the birthstone of those lucky enough to be born in September. It’s also the best stone to symbolize your marital love and give to your partner for the 5th and 45th anniversary of marriage.

Sapphire is a type of corundum, and it comes in all of the colors available on the color spectrum, all except in red - red variety of corundum is known as ruby, and it’s also really valuable and popular. This stone is, however, best known in the beautiful, deep blue color, and widely recognized as such. Some of the more rare and fancy colors include pink, green, yellow, and orange; which all look amazing in and on rings.

Sapphires are also a popular engagement ring option, so much so that even Prince Charles gave a sapphire engagement ring to Princess Diana for their engagement. The sapphire is very durable and extremely beautiful in all shades, which makes it a perfect birthstone ring birthstone option for your mom (or for yourself).

People in ancient times appreciated it above all other gems as this stone enabled them to interpret various visions and see the future. There is also a belief that the Ten Commandments were written on Sapphire tablets. Many marriage partners also put a lot of faith in this stone, and it was said that if one of them would cheat, the stone would be dimmed. Sapphire is also not going to shine when worn by someone wicked or evil, according to the myths behind the beautiful stone.

This stone has amazing stories behind it, so this might be the perfect birthstone ring for your mom or anyone born in the month of September.

October - Opal

Opal is the beautiful birthstone of the month of October and is popularly accepted as a birthstone ring given to a partner on the 14th year of marriage.

Everyone is familiar with the beauty of opal and all of the colors it can produce - some naturalists and poets even said it contained the best shimmer of all gems in one convenient and beautiful gem.

It often has a white or light body, but it flashes with many different colors. There is also black opal, dark blue opal, dark green opal, or even gray opal. But they all have the same flashes of color, only in different patterns.

It was always a symbol of hope, of purity and innocence. Medieval poets would say that opal had the power to make the person wearing it invisible if there was ever need of that - and it can have a universally benign and elegant effect that proves pleasantly easy on the eyes as well. It can banish evil spirits; and it favors friendships, feelings, and children.

November - Topaz

Topaz is the birthstone of people born in November and people in love with blue hues; it's seen as the best birthstone ring for the fourth year of marriage, and imperial topaz is given for the 23rd year of marriage.

Most people see it as yellow and transparent; but it can also be colourless or orange, red, brown, green, blue, or pink. Orange and pink are the most valuable and rare. The Greeks felt that this gem gave them strength; it can cool bad temper, cure asthma, and many other things. This is off course according to many legends.

Because of all of these great meanings, topaz is a really great gift as a birthstone ring for your mom or birthstone ring for yourself.

December - Turquoise

Turquoise is the birthstone of December babies and a birthstone ring for 11th year of marriage. Birthstone rings with turquoise are really beautiful and present well as a perfect gift for anyone.

Turquoise can be blue, blue green or even apple green. This gem was seen to have abilities to bring happiness and good fortune to everyone.

Zircon is also a stone selected for people of December birth days/month, and in its natural state, it looks amazing in birthstone rings as a gift for yourself or any loved one.

Enjoy shopping our collection of birthstone rings today.