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Penelope's Stainless Steel Celtic Knot Ring


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Advantages of Celtic Engagement Rings

Benefits of Celtic Engagement Rings

There are lots of reasons why Celtic engagement rings are common. After you have heard about them, you are certainly going to decide that a Celtic engagement ring is the one you want.

Celtic engagement rings combine classic heritage with modern sophistication. There are a number of different options, each revealing the powerful Celtic history. As the Celtic Knot is a sign of love, union, and infinity, it's the perfect symbol of your commitment to your marriage and life together. Often known as the Lovers' Knot, this is one of the most popular designs for engagement rings. Although this design is a favorite in itself, it could be even more meaningful when it's the subject of a custom-made ring. You can choose from amongst the many Celtic Knot rings currently available, or have ring thatch is uniquely your own. Whichever you prefer, the rich symbolism of the Celtic Knot is a beautiful way to express your eternal love and devotion.

The Claddagh is also a popular design for Celtic rings. Although lots of individuals wear the Claddagh simply because it's a lovely design for jewelry, it has its own history as being an engagement symbol. The Claddagh consists of hands, heart, and a crown; these represent friendship, love, and loyalty. The simple but elegant beauty of the Claddagh makes it a favourite fashion in engagement rings. It is as popular now as it has been throughout generations in the past.

Many people like to integrate the Celtic Cross in their engagement rings. Regardless of one's particular religious beliefs, an engagemenring thatch symbolizes God's love is a suitable way for a couple to begin their new life together.

Among the nicest aspects of Celtic engagement rings is that there's such a wide variety available, the one you choose will be very special even if you purchase one that's ready-made. All of these popular designs can be found individually in an range of styles, in addition to rings that have a mix of these symbols. You might also have the type of metal you would like, as they can be found in sterling silver, platinum, and the many karats of gold. If you feel that an engagement ring should have a stone, many Celtic engagement rings have diamonds, emeralds, and other gemstones.

For a really unique expression of your love and commitment, you might have a Celtic ring custom-made only for you. You'll have the best workmanship and the best quality materials in thring thatch you design. You're individuals, and your connection is exceptional; a one-of-a-kind ring is the most lovely way to show it. When you select the metal, stone, and design you want, it will be your very own creation.

Amongst the many styles of Celtic engagement rings currently available, or if you would like to design your own, the rich tradition combined with a modern sense of elegance will make it easy for you to select the 1 ring that's perfect for you.

Celtic Knot Wedding Rings Incorporating Knotwork Into Your Special Day

Celtic Knot Wedding Rings - Incorporating Knotwork Into Your Special Day

Irish Claddagh rings are unique, beautiful and diverse. They may all have the identical fundamental design of the hands clasping the heart bearing a crown, however you'll find a Claddagh Ring in a variety of metals, featuring a wide variety of birthstones or with other Celtic knotwork detailing on different areas of the ring. Claddagh rings are suitable and thoughtful for a variety of occasions and parties, you can be certain you'll find something perfectly suited to the circumstance.

Engagements and Weddings - The Claddagh symbol is well known for its representation of love, and it has morphed, for many, as a sign of eternal commitment. Claddagh engagement rings continue to increase in popularity, and can be a special option whether the bride-to-be is of Irish descent or not. If the bride prefers silver, then you should have no problem locating a silver Claddagh ring. Silver is a really resilient metal, and the ring that you purchase will be adorning her finger for years to come.

Birthdays - Whether it is a new baby coming into the world or celebrating many years of a loved one, a birthstone Claddagh ring is a thoughtful and appropriate gift. If you know a mother to be or someone who recently had a baby, you can search for a Claddagh ring with the suitable birthstone for their new bundle of joy. If you want to provide a birthstone Claddagh ring to a friend or relative, look up the month they were born and the associated birthstone. You can even make the gift more personalized by studying a little bit about the birthstone and its own history and possessions, and you can share that story with the individual receiving the gift.

Friendship Milestones - Friends are crucial things to have in your life. Did you know friendships can help lower blood pressure, weight reduction and contribute to general positive emotional health? In case you have friends in your life that you turn to for just about everything, a ring could be an ideal way to celebrate them. Perhaps you have a friend who you have grown up with, somebody who's been there since you first met in elementary school. Are you approaching 20 years of friendship? You could give your friend a ring together with a framed copy of the Claddagh story and its representation of love and friendship. Even if you have only been friends with someone for a few years or even months, a Claddagh ring may still be a really thoughtful and inimitable way of demonstrating your love for their presence in your life.

Mother's Day - There is not any one in the world who embodies love more than a mother. Having a birthstone Claddagh ring, you can spoil her and thank her for all her years of support and love. You could purchase a ring featuring her own birthstone or the birthstone of the gift giver. If she has raised more than one child, you can compliment the birthstone Claddagh ring with a beautiful Claddagh Mother's pendent. Thesfeaturesre birthstones as well, and you can add up to as many as 6 charms to an individual necklace.

Celtic Tungsten Rings Make Great Valentines Day Gifts

Celtic Tungsten Rings Make Great Valentine's Day Gifts

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching it is important to shop early to be able to meet shipping requirements and delays due to personalizing merchandise. A gift idea that has both sentimental and symbolic references is Celtic Tungsten Carbide Rings. Celtic tungsten rings come in many design opportunities thaaccommodatees both men and women. Tungsten is also an ideal metal due to its durability, strength and low price many want to see in this poor financial time. Tungsten rings come in many different price points that are affordable to most people looking to make a purchase. Shopping online for that special gift can be smart as many retailers will price-match and offer free shipping or inner diameter engraving to provide the ring a personalized touch. To provide a few ideas of Celtic tungsten ring ideas, a few different options are listed below.

Mo Anam Cara Ring: The symbolic Mo Anam Cara ring is a beautiful and sentimental term that means "My Soul Mate. " The Mo Anam Cara term is popular to have carved or laser engraved onto tungsten carbide rings and jewelry to symbolize an everlasting bond between two people. Mo Anam Cara rings make great wedding rings and promise rings to both men and women. Promise rings are also a great Valentine's Day gift idea to show admiration for another person.

Celtic Claddagh Tungsten Ring: The Celtic Claddagh Ring has a symbol that references a person's standing in the way the ring is worn. A ring worn on the left hand with the crown pointing out of the heart the person wearing the ring is wed. Also, a ring worn on the left hand with the crown pointing towards the heart references the person wearing the ring is engaged to be married. If a ring is worn on the right hand with the crown facing away from the center the person wearing the ring is seeking a relationship with another person. Last, if the ring is worn on the right hand with the crown facing the center references the person wearing the ring is not interested in a relationship.

Irish Knot Rings: Irish Knot Rings come in patterns that signify things. Celtic Knot rings represent loyalty, love, family and life. A Celtic knot pattern can be unique to the individual wearing the ring due to the ring referencing something private.

The Trinity Symbol: The Irish symbol for Trinity can reference many things making the symbol very unique. The three most common meanings are:

Mother, Father and Child

Spirit, Mind and Body

Father, Son and Holy Ghost

With so many different references the Trinity symbol can be quite personal for the person deciding to purchase the ring.

Whichever style is purchased it will be the ideal choice for a Valentine's Day present. Giving gifts filled with love and loyalty on a Holiday representing the exact same will make the choice a right one.

Celtic Wedding Jewelry Celtic Knots and Their Meanings

Celtic Wedding Jewelry - Celtic Knots and Their Meanings

Deciding to tie the knot is an important and monumental step in a couple's lives together. Promising to encourage and appreciate someone can bring a lifetime of happiness and security for two people.

The phrase "tying the knot" comes from a Celtic ritual where the bride and groom's hands would be tied together with rope or the priest'stolenle as a public statement of a trial marriage. Today, in western civilization, fidelity and love are proclaimed by the wearing of engagement rings and wedding bands.

To highlight the power and fortitude of the love, many brides and grooms select Celtic jewelry. Renowned for its tradition of elaborate and magnificent designs, Celtic jewelry is the perfect choice for couples who wish to give a significant and special meaning to their wedding bands. From the Claddagh Ring to the variety of knotwork, Celtic jewelry designs are a gorgeous addition to any wedding ceremony.

Appearing in 450 AD, Celtic knots are an range of artistic and decorative knots that are traditionally endless, meaning that the lines interlace one another and do not have a definite beginning or end. The most typical Celtic knots found in artwork and jewelry now can be traced to illuminated Christian manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells. Fifteen hundred years later, interlacing knotwork is now the essential trait of Celtic artwork. Today, many people regard Celtic knots athe premier symbolol of "the permanent continuum of life, love, and spiritual growth. "

When there are no written documents defining Celtic knotwork, now, many knots are universally known to portray specific meanings. In Case You and youfiance (c(e) are considering Irish wedding rings for your marriage vows, here are explanations of some very popular Celtic knots and Neolithic symbols for your own reference:

Eternity Knot - While this does not define a particular knot, an eternity knot is any knotsot that has a closed course, with no beginning or end [and] may be symbolic of eternity or continuum. "

Lover's Knot - Similarly to the eternity knot, this name does not depict a singular knot, but is rather a definition for any knot that connects what would otherwise be separate channels. Common lover's knots used in Celtic jewelry would be the Josephine Knot and Granny's Knot.

Triquetra - Also known as the Celtic Trinity Knot, this knot contains an individual line that wraps into and on itself to make a three-lobed outline. Based on the faculty of thought, this meaning can vary from the Christian principle of the Holy Trinity, the Pagan depiction of the three female powers, and the transcendental union of mind, body, and spirit. All of these are uniquely powerful meanings that can add particular significance to your wedding jewelry.

Spirals - Spirals are some of the oldest representations in Neolithic art. The depiction of clockwise moving spirals signifies joyful blessings and good luck. This association with the motion of the sun across the sky represents harmony with the earth.

Triskele - This Neolithic design involves a triple spiral that often stands for "personal growth, human development, and spiritual expansion. " It is found on several prominent ancient structures, such as Newgrange in County Meath, Ireland.

Heart Knots - A stylish and modern addition to the range of Celtic knots, heart knots are a further and vivid depiction of eternal love, as they form the traditional heart shape with intertwining eternal knots.

Celtic jewelry is uniquely beautiful and holds great significance in declaring eternal love and commitment. Selecting Celtic wedding rings will add a unique and cultural meaning to your ceremony. Have fun picking which traditional knots speak the most volume to your joyous union!

Celtic Wedding Rings Love and Celtic Culture

Celtic Wedding Rings - Love and Celtic Culture

Getting engaged and then married is one of the high points of a person's life. You have met the person that you wish to spend the rest of your life with, and you want jewelry to wear that will last as long as your love does. In the event you and your beloved have an affinity for Celtic culture or simply appreciate superior craftsmanship and elegant designs, you should think about saying you ""I do's" with Celtic wedding rings. Love is a prevalent theme throughout Celtic history and culture, and integrating their ideals to your wedding and life together is a fresh, meaningful way to start your forever after.

Love and Celtic culturdoesdo go hand in hand, and there are many little Celtic traditions that may be woven into a modern day wedding. Obviously, the first step to a lifetime together is a proposal, and what better way to do that than with Claddagh engagement rings? If you don't know much about this Celtic story, legend has it that an Irish young man, Richard Joyce, bound for the West Indian slave plantations was kidnapped himself in rough seas by a group of Mediterranean pirates and sold to a Moorish goldsmith who over the many long years of his exile, helped him perfect the skills of a master craftsman. In 1689 King William III negotiated the return of the slaves, and Joyce returned to Galway. Back in Ireland a young woman had never stopped faithfully waiting for her beloved Joyce to return. Upon his return home, he presented his love with the now famous Claddagh ring - a symbol of their enduring love. Two hands to represent their friendship, the crown to signify their loyalty and lasting fidelity, and the sign of the heart to symbolize their eternal love for one another. Claddagh wedding rings are an ideal choice for something special, beautiful and historically meaningful.

Once you get to your actual wedding day, there are various ways to integrate some Celtic culture. Long ago a bride could be veiled to hide her away from evil spirits and from fairies who would steal her for her fine dress. A veil was also believed to symbolize purity and chastity. Attire-wise it was considered bad luck to get married in a pair of new shoes for they would entice the Irish fairies to steal the bridal couple and take them into the magical land of Tir na n'Og. In lieu of the contemporary bridal bouquet, the bride tossed a decorated wedding ball "waddin' ba" filled with wrapped candies and coins to the children gathered outside her home or in the reception for good luck. The Irish Five Pence was given to the bridal on her wedding day to wear in her shoe as a symbol of good luck and many blessings.

Many brides today will do the same by putting a five pence in the bride's blossoms. If you want something that has both historic significance with a contemporary design, look for a few Celtic knot wedding bands. Celtic knot work can vary from the very simple to the richlcomplexx, but one Celtic knot is found in most knots-the Trinity knot. This easy, three pointed knot is in the bottom of several larger, more intricate knots, and this simplicity makes the knot incredibly special. Finding Celtic knot wedding rings featuring the Trinity knot can help remind you to keep things simple, and to always remember to look back into the roots of things. Celtic wedding rings are the form of rings that will always draw admiration from others, as they do have traditional aspects like diamonds and metals like gold and silver, but the knot work, symbols and engravings make them one of a kind.

Knot Symbolism in Celtic Engagement Rings

Knot Symbolism in Celtic Engagement Rings

The Celts were the main inhabitants of Britain up until the Roman invasion, until they had been marginalized and actively hunted by the invaders. The culture survived, despite the Rome's greatest efforts, and really enjoyed a resurgence when the empire collapsed. Celtic engagement rings and jewelry in general build on this history, inferring it into their designs.

One of the signatures of the Celtic tradition is it's jewelry. As far as we know, the Celtic civilization had no writing until after the 2nd century, so not much written record of them exist. The hardiness of their work with metal has allowed it to survive almost in isolation, giving us a glimpse into their world. The designs are bold, and emblematic of how the Celts viewed the world around them.

The knot is probably the most famous design feature of Celtic jewelry. The earliest examples of knotwork appear around the 7th century and is thought to originate from Irish missionaries who traveled to Britain around that time. The missionaries brought their goods to trade and the knot was soon integrated into local culture and artwork.

Modern study of Celtic knots show a startling similarity between it and Egyptian work. Coptic and Celtic show many similarities in language andesignn, and a theory suggests a frequent foundation that split as every culture took its own way.

Many modern Celtic engagement ring designs reflect their Pagan roots. The knot signaled the arrival of Christianity, which came with the later Romans. Britain was slow to embrace the new religion and it was long after Rome fell that the island could be considered truly Christian.

The knot, used on Celtic engagement rings is thought to be the Celtic version of the cross. In many conventional knot designs, the cross was inserted somewhere within it. Either ispacee, or inside the strands of the knot. The Triquetera knot, also referred to as the Trinity knot, is the most well known. It's commonly featured in Celtic jewelry, and in Christian works this knot has been used as a reference to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Historians have rejected claims that knots also signify love, eternity, strength, courage and other positive notions due to lack of evidence. But, given the Celtic culture's habit of using art to express such things, iwassn't beyond the realms of possibility. There simply isn't the evidence available to confirm or deny anything.

Although we've mentioned Celtic engagement rings throughout this guide, the Celts had no such thing. Their rings had many uses, and many meanings. As far as history tells us, engagement rings are very recent innovations. What we use as Celtic engagement rings were initially designed as gifts or symbols of courage, respect and love.

In the end, Celtic engagement rings can mean whatever you want them to mean. Which makes them unique in that you could take or leave the history of the culture as you see fit.

Popular Celtic Wedding Rings

Popular Celtic Wedding Rings

You don't have to have Irish roots to love Celtic culture. The art has endured over the centuries since it's not only beautiful, but it's history and meaning that no other fashion can compete with. That's why it's lasted so long, and why Celtic wedding rings are so popular even today.

From a purely visual level, the designs are complicated and convey a seriousness difficult to replicate. On a spiritual level, Celtic wedding rings mean that the joining of two people who love each other. Couple that with the rich spiritual history of the Celts and it takes on an even deeper meaning. The sensual lines that ring the rings, intertwining and flowing around each other touches many men and women. It is these qualities which make them perfect for weddings.

Popular Celtic wedding rings designs are plain bands with or without Gaelic inscription, ornamental bands, the Claddagh, Celtic knots, love knot and others like the cross anad pentacle.

The bands are most likely the most popular ring layout at the moment. They can be the plain band, the same as a typical man's wedding ring often thicker set, and with decorated or plain edging. Gaelic inscriptions are very popular, such as "Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas," which means love, friendship and loyalty ""Gra Go Deo," meaning love eternally and "Mo Anam Ca,a," which means soul mate. All three inscriptions lend themselves well to union, hence their popularity.

Decorative bands are the signature Celtic design. These are often sturdier built than other wedding rings and will contain either a single line layout flowing arounitt, or a set of intertwining lines. These are taken to represent both the spirits in thmarriagee, and strike a particular chord with the spiritually minded.

The Claddagh is the most famous Celtic ring, even though the design we know today is only a few hundred years old. Legend has it that it used a much older style as inspiration and took it from there. The palms of the Claddagh signify trust and faith. The heart maintains not only love but also charity. The crown represents devotion along with honor, or the expectation of future glory.

Celtic knots are made with a knot with no beginning or end. Some folks find this meaningful, as it reflects how they feel about their union. It makes a popular Celtic wedding ring for this reason. The lovers knot is just thsamee, but is of purely Scots origin.

Most Celtic designs come from Britain as a whole, but each region had a different way of doing things. The lovers knot is Scotland's style of Celtic knot. Celtic wedding rings with this knot symbolize eternity.

The Celtic cross and pentacle are lesser known jewelry designs. They are found mostly on other objects like architecture and ornaments. The Celtic cross predates the Christian one by a long way and symbolizes the four elements. Despite current use of the pentacle, it has nothing to do with the dark side. It too reflects the four elements, with the fifth of soul.

What Are Celtic Knot Rings

What Are Celtic Knot Rings?

If you look around, you will find them anywhere like t-shirts, posters, jewelry, and bumper stickers; it may be said that they are somewhat of an omnipresence. Many people find the traditional and intricate designs very attractive. But, just what is the Celtic knot, what meaning does it have and what is a excellent Celtic knot ring you need to look for? Most historians still do not know whether the Celtic knots really mean anything or are supposed to signify something or not. Alas, the Celts weren't much for keeping a diary, so the information about these knots is small to none. Some people feel that the Celtic religion resembles Islam in that it forbids pictures of living things, so instead the Celtics invented a system of knots to use as adornment. What we do know is that there are four main categories the knots fall beneath.

1 - Triangular or triskele designs. These have more pointed edges.

2 - Animal interlace. These are thought to represent what the connection is between man and woman, man and animal, hunter and prey.

3 - Circular knots. These were thought to stand for life cycles, unity, or eternity.

4 - Squares, or shield knots. These were supposed to protect those individuals from evil spirits. Square knots can often be seen decorating the fronts of shields, and they were often placed near ailing people.

We will likely never know if these contemporary associations are ideas which were shared by the ancient Celts. Frequently, Celtic knots were considered as spiritual symbols, as as Christianity came to Ireland, the knots were integrated in their religious symbols. However, members of the Wiccan group also use Celtic knots in their vision. It's also not known for sure if the knots are really from Ireland, or if another group such as the Norse brought them into the country. No matter the scenario, all throughout Irish history the knots appear in crosses, buildings, pottery, jewelry, and decorating.

Obviously you can take them with a grain of salt or think in their symbolic meanings, either way, these meanings are good to know as you are in the market for a Celtic ring. By way of example, if you are looking for a ring to get a loved one, a good idea may be to choose among those round knot rings, which represents both dedication and unity. These make excellent choices for engagement or wedding rings which will represent forever love. You may also consider choosing an animal interlace ring, which signifies the connection between a woman and a man.

Another excellent choice is the square knot either for a relative or a significant other who might be going through a challenging time like an illness or a lengthy travel. It'll remind them that you are praying for a safe trip and your thoughts are with them. No doubt, out of the many designs which are out there, you will most likely find one that best suits your desired message and aesthetic preferences. No matter if you are choosing a Celtic knot ring for spiritual or cultural reasons, or just because their intricate designs are attractive, just knowing that the ring will be unique, will make the recipient know you choose it specially for them.