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All About Claddagh Rings

Let's begin with a little background about these mysterious Celtic rings and how they came to be called Claddagh rings.

The name Claddagh comes from one of Ireland's oldest fishing villages just outside Galway City, in the Western part of Ireland.  A fisherman by the name of Richard Joyce was seized while fishing near his village by pirates and brought to Tunisia.  Sold into slavery, he learned the craft of jewelry making from his master that was a skilled goldsmith.  While as a servant, he cried one back.  He was later released from slavery in 1670 when King William III ascended to the throne.

Now a free man, Richard decided to return back to the fishing village, Claddagh, where his love lived.  Upon reaching home, he discovered his true love was unmarried and patiently  l awaiting him.  He used them to his one true love for the wedding and made the first set.

The artwork behind those rings is well-documented.  It is a design that's centuries old with each symbol in the ring with great meaning.  There are three parts that comprise the design of a Claddagh ring.  First, both hands in the design represent friendship.  Second, love is represented by the heart in the layout.  Third, loyalty is symbolized by the crown in the design.  When these symbols are combined together, they make perfect engagement rings as well as wedding rings among couples.  It serves the purpose as an outward symbol of an individual's marital status.  It has grown so popular that you can now find non-Irish couples using such as Celtic wedding rings and Celtic engagement rings.

While used between couples these rings make great gifts between friends.  In such as case, it is gifted along with the expression "Let love and friendship reign".

Be sure to wear it the way, as soon as you own one of these earrings.  Doing otherwise is considered a sign of disrespect for the long-held tradition.  It further diminishes the true meaning.  This is because the way a Claddagh ring is worn carries significance.  It may be used to signify that a persons availability for a relationship.  It reveals the person is married and unavailable after the ring is worn on the hand with the heart turned inward.  However, it demonstrates that the ring wearer is unattached, after the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward.  It reveals the person is already attached and in a relationship if the heart is turned inward.

They're made out of precious metals that were different.  For those on a budget, a good choice is made by mass market silver rings as a friendship gift such as a promise ring.  If you don't would like to offend your life partner by gifting them  though, do not a good choice for engagement rings and wedding rings.  Platinum is found in certain Claddagh rings and this metal will be more expensive because of the rarity.  White gold and yellow gold make excellent choices for a excellent jewelry buy.  You will want to personalize these rings because they are not resized due to their inherent design

Beautiful Claddagh Rings

We search for a ring which will describe our personality, that would symbolize message and our emotions that we would like to send to someone we love. There are various sorts of rings to consider like gemstones also called metal bands, as birthstones to hold the stone or stones, ring settings and styles. Have you contemplated claddagh rings to represent your love?

Did you know that claddagh rings gets the jewelry pieces ever recorded in history? The word claddagh was originated from a small fishing village in Ireland where it was first created. This sort of ring has significance and considered as rings that are mythical. It is describe as two hands clasping a heart in the center and a crown above the heart. That is how it looks like. The meaning is dependent upon the way it's worn as a ring in the hand.

It means that the wearer is engaged if claddagh rings are word at the left hand with the crown pointing away from the wearer's heart. When the rings facing the body that is and is worn on the left hand it means because his or her heart has been captured, that the wearer is already married. It means the wearer or the individual is willing to think about love if it's worn on the right hand with the crown pointing out from the heart. When it is worn on the right hand with the crown wearer or the individual isn't interested in starting a friendship or love relationship.

This sort of rings are popular for engagement or wedding rings for men and women. It comes in a variety of selections and styles. Any gemstones is desired to be the center heart stone for a claddagh rings such as turquoise, agate, ruby, emerald, topaz, diamonds. Onyx gemstones, celtic, yellow and white gold, silver, platinum and titanium for men. For claddagh rings, it should be more more heavy than the claddagh ring. The stones should be less careful as women and more larger for men are known for working hard labors. It should be durable and sturdy. A titanium and platinum are choices as metal bands for mens claddagh rings . There is A birthstone rings desirable for claddagh for it best reflects the wearer's identity and personality.

Claddagh rings can be personalized like carving or engraving designs like the knot which is called as Celtic rings, a date that was memorable, phrase, any material, titles, items, animals like butterfly and flowers. Claddagh rings are popular as presents for men and women who is still currently searching for someone to love, for friendship, as engagement rings or wedding rings and for people who want to remain single for life. This can be one ring with meaning and can be worn in any places of ring designs.

Claddagh rings are indeed perfect choice for jewelry lovers who seeks for rings with deeper meanings and significance.

Claddagh Engagement Rings

Engagement rings originated from a small fishing village in Galway, Ireland. Known at the finger ring! In history Ireland was dominated by clans or septs that became known as the "Tribes of Galway". Among the most famous was the Joyce Sept.. According to legend, Richard Joyce was traveling to the West Indies when he was captured into slavery by Algerians. He was taught the craft of gold-smithing by his Moorish master. He was apparently released from slavery in 1689 at the behest of King William III of England. Thereafter he returned to his lover at Claddagh, Galway and has since been called the creater of the Claddagh Ring. The motto of this type of ring is 'Let love and friendship reign'. These rings have royal approval and Queen Victoria wore one. This ring should be worn to and by another. It is one of the pieces of jewelry which has been crafted.

A Claddagh engagement ring is designed with two hands, representing friendship on either side of a heart. The center is crowned meaning devotion, and as such the Claddagh has been the traditional Irish wedding ring. It's also popular as an valentines and engagement ring. When wearing the Claddagh Engagement ring, you have to understand that there is meaning in the wearing. For instance wearing the Claddagh on the right hand, with the heart facing inwards to your wrist, indicates friendship prior to the marriage. Wearing the Claddagh on the left hand with the heart facing the wrist is the way it's worn prior and during a wedding ceremony. This symbolizes that true love has maintained your heart and the relationship has grown to the commitment of marriage.

Wearing a Claddagh engagement ring which has your birthstone is much more special, particularly because of the deep significance of Claddagh rings. They are produced from all precious metals and mounted with many types of gemstones. A Silver Claddagh engagement ring in no way diminishes its value, since the value for a Claddagh ring lies in its significance and not its value. There are very expensive varieties of Claddagh rings which are set with top quality stone, but unlike engagement rings the gemstone is not the design. The ring's main characteristic is the design and what it symbolizes.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Celtic engagement ring the Claddagh is the ideal option. Where it remains afterwards it's worn on the hand throughout the engagement and then moved to the left to the marriage ceremony. Claddagh rings are worn by both sexes and they symbolize more than just a link to Irish Culture. They also stand for all of the qualities that are necessary for love, devotion, fidelity, friendship and a great marriage.

Claddagh Rings Understanding the Symbolism

Traditionally, claddagh rings are designed to symbolize marriage love or friendship. The actual meaning of the ring depends on the intention(s) of the person giving the gift, in addition to the person who receives it. These rings' beauty comes from the design of a heart, that topped with a crown and is embraced by two hands. In this article, we will explore the meaning of each symbol, along with many ways to wear this choice in jewellery.

Love. The centerpiece of the claddagh is the center, which is a symbol of love. Whether you're giving a friend whom you love or someone that you're in a relationship together this type of ring, the existence of the heart speaks volumes for the receiver.

Friendship. Embracing the heart are two hands, one on each side, that are created to symbolize friendship. This single word is a favorite expression in jewellery design, and can signify mutual feelings of affection and trust between two people.
Loyalty. The crown, which sits atop of the center in the design, symbolizes loyalty. The term, which is frequently utilized to specify one's devotion to another, is vital in love and in both friendship.

Now that we are familiar with the symbolism of rings, it is important to examine the variety of ways what exactly each ring position means and to wear this tradition that is gorgeous. Whether worn as a friendship, wedding or engagement ring, it's easy to see why this traditional design has so much versatility and significance.

The Wearer's Heart Is Taken. The wearer is in love should you wear the claddagh in your right-hand ring finger with the heart pointing away from the tip of the finger.

The Wearer Is Single. If worn with the heart pointing toward the tip of the finger in your right-hand ring finger, the wearer is solitary.

Engaged or Married. Claddagh rings worn on the ring finger symbolize the ring is being used as a wedding ring and may be married the wearer is either engaged to be married or, sometimes.

As you can see, claddagh rings will provide a gorgeous piece of jewelry and terrific symbolism to the wearer and have meanings. Whether used as a friendship, engagement, wedding or just a promise ring, the traditional Irish design is popular for all cultures. With this type of ring, you might wish to pick a setting that is both strong and durable to provide you with years of wear. Sterling silver, the most affordable of all metals, is the ideal choice. Its strength is great enough to withstand daily wear and its easy-care, no fuss maintenance is ideal for anybody who wants.

In closing, claddagh rings are symbols of expression and beauty. If you want to find the best selection and best pricing available, the internet is a terrific place. You will find various sizes, prices and styles. While only one size may be carried by your neighborhood jeweler, your favorite online retailer stocks an assortment of ring sizes to make sure customers can find the perfect fit. For the customer shopping is the way.

Claddagh Rings Unique Engagement Jewelry

Cultural jewelry has become a very popular choice for wedding and engagement jewelry. People are looking for something that may combine style with heritage, and cultural jewellery does this splendidly. Engagement rings are a beautiful example of this in that they combine style, grace, and beauty with a long line of tradition.

Originating in Ireland, Claddagh rings feature a crowned heart framed by two hands which make the band up. There are many stories related to the Claddagh, but the most accepted one involves a young man who had been kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery. While enslaved, he learned how to smith gold and crafted a ring to present to his fan upon his escape to Ireland.

After a long time, he discovered that his lover had remained loyal to him and was able to return. He presented her with the Claddagh ring, and the two remained for the rest of their lives. The Claddagh ring is steeped in a rich and colorful history, and unites customs and superstitions. First, it is said that the wearer must not purchases the ring. It must be presented as a gift. What's more, when giving the ring as a romantic gesture, an individual must recite a line similar to one of these:"With my two hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my devotion." "You hold my heart in your hands, and I crown it with my love." It's also important you wear the Claddagh ring. When on a finger, wearing the ring with the heart facing out tells the world that you are single, while wearing it facing into towards you screens that you are taken. However, when wearing the ring on the ring finger, facing the heart out means you are engaged, while confronting the heart in means you are married.It is these traditions which make Claddagh engagement rings so meaningful. What's more, they can be customized to match the wearer's flavor and style. The ring design can be raised as in the traditional style, or can be etched in metal to lie flat with the ring. Adding an engraving, such as a quote, initials, or a date on the inside of the ring with also add a touch of character to the ring. A diamond Claddagh ring is a beautiful engagement piece that may complement future Celtic wedding bands. A diamond that is solitary acts as a showpiece. Diamonds can embellish the crown to add sparkle. When purchasing Celtic engagement rings, be sure to pick a reputable breeder that specializes in Celtic jewelry. In reference to Claddagh rings, picking a jeweler that resides in Ireland will add additional authenticity to your Irish jewelery. Engagement rings are available to match all budgets. From silver to gold, birthstones to diamonds, Claddagh rings have a simplicity of their own which can be embellished in ways.

Claddagh Rings

Many individuals have seen Claddagh rings before and not known the meaning behind the design. There's a memorable and distinctdesign of a heart between two hands with a crown on top. As with a great deal of ancient Irish culture, this ring's history has been debated. Is all about Richard Joyce, who was a fisherman from the village of Claddagh in County Galway. The tale goes that Algerian pirates captured Joyce and his shipmates and sold them in Africa as slaves. A goldsmith bought Joyce and taught him the craft. The slaves were released in 1689, when Joyce went back to Ireland and crafted the first Claddagh ring introduced it. After they married, Joyce continued in the goldsmithing trade in Ireland.

Another legend gives credit to Margaret Joyce, who after the death of her wealthy Spanish husband, gave the rest of her life. The legend goes on to mention that Margaret was rewarded by an Eagle for her charity work by dropping a ring in her lap, which became the first Claddagh ring. A number of other legends tie the ring to Christianity and ancient Celtic history, which both reveal symbolism and meaning to the ring. Whichever legend you like best, the meaning of the ring are the same - Loyalty, Friendship and Love. The palms around the heart symbolize friendship, the heart at the center symbolizes the crown and love setting on top symbolizes devotion.

The Claddagh ring is the embodiment of the phrase: "Let love and friendship reign forever." This is the reason it is the perfect gift. Besides the symbolism of the hands, heart and crown, how the ring is worn also has much meaning: For those not in a relationship, the ring should be worn on the right hand with the base of the heart facing the fingertips, meaning you're open to love. The ring should be worn on the hand with the crown facing the fingertips, meaning you are committed. For those people who are married, the ring is worn on the left hand with the crown facing the fingertips, meaning that the heart is taken. The position of the rings each couple wills alter .

Individuals who you can give this ring to besides yourself is your very best friend family or your love. It is important that you receive a ring of high quality while shopping for a Claddagh ring. Authentic Claddagh rings are stamped with the Irish Hallmark inside showing they are made in Ireland. You can get them in silver and in designs for men and women they can be set with distinct gems despite the fact that gold is traditional. Because diamonds are associated with love, commitment and romance, a diamond Claddagh ring are the symbol of love. Because Claddagh rings are associated with love, they're a perfect choice for an engagement ring or matching wedding bands. The giving and purchase of a Claddagh ring brings one into an age old tradition of devotion, love, Irish identity and kinship.

Irish Jewelry and the Famous Claddagh Ring for Love Friendship and Loyalty

The world can relate to the beauty of Irish Jewelry. Irish Jewelry designs are so stunning and has so much tradition, it holds a special place in the owners heart that they'll keep as they show the world their love.

Irish jewelry offers an exquisite and handsome fashion that can represents anything you would like. From Celtic Trinity knots that represent a variety of beliefs, to Celtic crosses representing a Christian religion.

The Claddagh ring is the most famous of Irish jewelry with its rich and long history. The signs of the Claddagh ring date back as early 1700s and are part of the fishing village of Claddagh, which is just beyond the walls of the City of Galway, Ireland.

Within the community of Claddagh it had been used as a wedding ring for over 400 years. There are many stories and tales of how this ring was born. But it's believed that the gentleman Richard Joyce, a native Galway man, travelled to the West Indies. Throughout his travels he had been captured for slavery, then sold to a wealthy Moorish gold smith. During this period he learned his trade and also designed the Claddagh with which he returned to Galway.

The basis of the Irish Claddagh rings consists of two hands holding a heart. Every one of these symbols has significance.

While the heart represents love both hands represent friendship and devotion represents the crown. The Claddagh ring is being used by couples for wedding rings rather than the ones, which is mostly due to the inherent nature of the Claddagh ring. These days they are increasingly being used as Celtic engagement rings and Celtic wedding rings by non-Irish couples.

The Irish Claddagh is available as bracelets, bracelets, earrings and chains.

You see in the shops today, then think again if you've been on the lookout for something special for your loved one that means more than the standard. Take thought of what you have read and the magical Irish Claddagh rings. The Claddagh ring signifies the love between your partner and you, together with the love and relationship you have with your loved ones.

With Irish Jewelry, it represents more than just a piece of metal and stone. These rings reflect the identity of someone and the character. A relationship's love strengthens as part of the of jewelry to symbolise this.

The heritage and history of the Claddagh Ring represents love, loyalty and friendship.

Today many American citizens tracing their origins all the way back to their state of origin and in many cases, this leads them back to Ireland.

Rich in Celtic culture and customs, Ireland keeps Celtic history while moving these days.

Lots of people choose to wear a piece of Celtic jewelry to keep their connection with Ireland. The Claddagh ring provides that connection back to their origins.

Irish Wedding Ring The Claddagh

There are lots of symbolic meanings that are associated via a wedding ceremony with the exchanging of wedding rings. Some select to express vow and their love concerning the ring being curved. As having no start and no end, they express their love.

Others, during the wedding ceremony, decide to concentrate on fortitude and the preciousness of the metal used to construct the ring. During the wedding vows they draw on that preciousness and connect the metal of the wedding rings and partner and their union and that their love will go on through time.

There are numerous traditions and meanings which could be embraced when the rings are exchanged. Such traditions which may be reflected are those symbolic meanings which are conveyed from other countries. One such country is Ireland and the significance held via the exchange of Claddagh Irish wedding rings.


The romantic tradition of the Claddagh Irish wedding ring dates back to the turn of the 17th century. Legend has it that a goldsmith by the name of Richard Joyce worked in a village by the name of Galway in Ireland and was in love with a young lady in the village. They had been engaged to be married. This young goldsmith's profession and business required traveling to far off lands and away from his beloved.

Apparently, while traveling to the West Indies, Joyce was taken into captivity by the Moors. He was sold to an Algerian goldsmith where he had been able to practice his goldsmith trade. Finally Joyce's release from captivity was obtained. However, the Algerian goldsmith realized the goldsmith talents that Joyce offered his daughter in a dowry and marriage if he would stay and work with his former owner and demonstrated.

True to the energy of love and devotion, Richard Joyce declined the offer and sailed back to Galway to his betrothed. To finish the happy ending Joyce and his fianc who, during this time, had been awaiting his return married.

The ring which he had crafted, while separated from his love, was part of the wedding ceremony. That ring was the original Claddagh Irish wedding ring. Claddagh was a small fishing village which was situated just beyond the parameters of Galway.


The Claddagh Irish wedding ring is full of symbolism. A Claddagh Irish wedding ring is a band of precious metal which comprises. Over the heart lies a crown. In addition the Claddagh Irish wedding ring includes interwoven strands which touch the ends of the hand and encircle the entire band.

The symbolism of the interwoven strands represents the interconnected lives of the couple. The palms which are joined together represent their relationship. The heart that's the center of the Claddagh Irish wedding ring reflects the love that's shared by two and timelessness is symbolized by the crown.

The Legend of Claddagh Rings

The Claddagh ring is known as a traditional symbol of friendship and love. Claddagh rings are given as gifts of friendship, love, or worn as wedding rings. These rings are also passed from parent to child as family heirlooms.

The Claddagh ring originated from the Irish fishing village of Claddagh. The Claddagh ring was made during the reign of Queen Mary II in the 17th century, although the three symbols have a deeper history. The tradition of the Claddagh ring spread globally when the Irish fled their country due to the Irish Potato Famine.

The design of the Claddagh ring is two hands. The heart is usually adorned with a crown made out of precious gems value diamonds, or EGL loose diamonds. The heart represents love, the hands symbolize friendship, and the crown represents loyalty.

In the times of the Ancient Romans, two hands clasped together represented union. The term usually associated with Claddagh rings is "With my hands, I give you my heart, and crown it with my love." The Claddagh ring belongs in a category of rings called "Fede Rings" that are molded or cut to mimic the shape of clasped hands.

The location of the Claddagh ring in addition to the position that it is facing is also used to display information about the wearer's romantic availability. When the ring is placed with the heart pointing towards the fingertips, the wearer is single or their relationship is not serious. Their heart has not yet been won over, but they continue to be open to love.

If the Claddagh ring is worn on the right hand with the heart pointing out from the fingertips, the wearer isn't available to be in a relationship. Their heart has been caught by someone, or they're simply not interested in romance, even if it included jewelry or gems such as a non conflict diamond engagement ring.

When the Claddagh ring is located on the left hand ring finger, with the heart pointing towards the fingertips, the wearer is engaged. When they become married, the ring is turned around to face towards the wearer's body. A superstitious legend about the ring states while the person that they're currently with is their true love and soul mate that if it breaks.

A few myths are related to the origin of the Claddagh ring. One of them features an Irish girl named Margaret Joyce. The legend states that she married a wealthy Spanish merchant and traveled to Spain with him. He left her a fortune when he died.

Upon returning to her homeland, Joyce married a mayor and charitably funded the building of bridges using her wealth. An eagle flew by and dropped a Claddagh ring which any IGI appraisals diamond experts would find to be perfect.

The legend bears more resemblance to a traditional fairy tale. A prince fell in love with a maid that was common-as-dirt. Her father didn't believe that his intentions were pure, so the prince made a ring with hand the heart, and crown symbols and presented it. He gave his blessing to the couple and agreed when the father learned the meaning of the symbols.

The realistic story is about a guy named Richard Joyce who left his sweetheart to work in the West Indies. When he returned home he planned to marry her, but he had been captured and sold into slavery to a Moorish goldsmith. He soon became very proficient at the craft, and was a quick learner. His master valued and respected him.

Richard Joyce was emancipated when William III became king and declared the release of all British prisoners. Joyce's master asked him not to return to Ireland and offered his daughter and half of his wealth in return for Joyce's partnership. Joyce declined, and returned home to present the Claddagh ring that he has crafted during his servitude to his loved one.

What is a Claddagh Ring

Although there are lots of Celtic designs among the most interesting and popular is the Claddagh. This layout used for rings is named after a small fishing which was located to the west of Galway, Ireland just beyond the city walls. What makes the this ring unique is the fact that this village has exclusively used this traditional design for over 400 years.

How exactly this design came into being since there are several stories which are told is still greatly debated there is such fascination the world over. The most commonly accepted yet is the story of Richard Joyce of Galway. While Richard was on his way to the West Indies that he had been seized by an Algerian corsair who went on to sell him. From the Algiers he became the property of a wealthy Moorish goldsmith, who he ended up working with and learning from. Fourteen years later when William III of England became king he demanded the release of all British subjects who were arrested in captivity in the Algiers which led to the launch of Richard Joyce. In an effort to prevent Richard Joyce from departing the goldsmith offered his daughters to him of his property and hand. To his disappointed Richard Joyce headed home. When he returned to Galway he immediately proposed to his love who had been waiting for his return. He is said to have made his proposal with a ring while he waited to return that he made. This of course is the original Claddagh ring.

Another interesting element of this ring is that it is used to symbolize not just friendship and loyalty but also love. The design itself is unmistakable because it features two hands clasping (or forming) a heart, which is then surmounted by a crown. The hands represent friendship, the heart represent love and the crown represents loyalty. A version is not quite as popular as it does not have the symbolism.

There are phrases or two expressions which are often related to the ring. The first is "With my hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my love." The next is "Let love and friendship reign." There is no doubting the symbolism attached to the ring.

How this ring has a specific design lends itself. Should you wear the ring on your right hand with the crown turned inwards you looking for love and are letting others know that you're very single. If the crown turns so that it is turned out than you are already considering a love. If the ring is worn on the left hand with the crown turned inwards after you're married and you are engaged the crown is then turned outwards. The rule is that cupboard is gone by the heart to the body when there is a commitment made.