Cross Necklace Buying Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Women's Cross Necklaces

A cross necklace for a woman is a type of jewellery that is worn around the neck for adornment purposes. It is typically made in the form of a chain as a string of some material such as gemstones, pearls or beads - and centred with a pendant (like a cross). Necklaces come in different lengths from long to short collars that fit snugly around the neck. Some necklaces are so long that they hang down past the waist.

Necklaces and Symbolic Meanings

As with all jewellery, necklaces can be an important piece of decoration for the body, and the person wearing it might be attempting to communicate a message. A necklace can be a symbol of power, wealth, prestige, skill, position or identity. The way necklaces are made also show the cultural practices and aesthetics of a plethora cultures during different time periods.

Necklaces in the Beginning

The majority of cultures around the world have embraced necklaces, early on, they were often made from organic materials such as bone beads, teeth or shells. Mediterranean red coral beads were also a valued type of necklace making material and were used in Neolithic burials in the Alps. The ancient Celtic neckpiece was referred to as the torc, it was made from twisted metal and the lunula - which is a crescent shaped, flat engraved version of the torc, it was found in the Bronze ages of Scotland and Ireland.

Trends and Styles

Every period of history has used necklaces as a form of decorative design for peoples bodies. Jewellery became a more important part of the dress code during the Middle Ages, in the early Renaissance and early Gothic periods - necklaces replaced brooches as the main form of jewellery. Heavy gold pendants and chain necklaces set with gemstones became a symbol of social status and wealth during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. This continued throughout the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.

For the most part, necklace (even women's cross necklace) trends have followed the American and European fashion styles and more elaborate necklaces (including women's cross necklaces) became common place. As necklines were lowered, it became more common to wear necklaces ( women's cross necklaces too) in this way. However, necklaces (even women's cross necklaces) were still worn when there were high necklines. For instance, a carcanet is a bejewelled, wide, or enamelled gold link necklace that looks like a collar. Men wore it as a status symbol during the fifteenth through to the seventeenth centuries. It went around the base of a man's neck and over his doublet and then his lace ruff would sit underneath it. It was also worn wrapped around the neck with gold chains or draped over the shoulders hanging down the front of the doublets or bodices.

Matching Jewellery

During the eighteenth century, the necklace became an important part of matching jewellery sets for a woman. This included earrings, a brooch, a pendant, bracelets or a tiara. The necklace was worn as a part of evening attire with a bodice décolletage that was lowered, During the daytime, higher necklines were worn, and this included the pendant or the brooch instead the more elegant necklace piece. The idea of wearing matching sets lasted until the early twentieth century when people began to dress in a more casual style, and affordable costume style jewellery became available. New technologies and materials led to the development of different types of necklaces (including women's cross necklaces) that were accessible to more people - people other than those in the upper echelons of society. During the later twentieth century, necklaces (including women's cross necklaces) were styled to follow both popular culture and fashion trends - but they also met the needs of the way women dressed, their personal preferences, tastes, what they found to be fashionable and what they could afford.


Certain materials have always been popular when it comes to necklaces (including women's cross necklaces) in the history of Western dressing and culture. These include pearls, gold and diamonds. The diamond cross necklace for women is a symbol of prestige, glamor, and wealth. Roman women loved to wear pearls; they were also popular during the Renaissance, women during this period were known to wear strings of pearls. Elizabeth the first had a love for pearls during the sixteenth century, she initiated the trend for women wearing long peal necklaces fixed to their stomachers. The mid-twentieth century saw short strands of pearls become popular as a birthday gift for young British and American women. To this day it still remains a popular choice when women wear business, professional and bridal attire. Historically, you only had access to pearls if you were wealthy; however, today, things have changed, and imitation pearls are available to all regardless of your social status.

YES! Women Didn't Wear Necklaces (Including Cross Necklaces)

It is well known that women wear necklaces (including women's cross necklaces) today; however, this hasn't always been the case. Prior to the eighteenth century, it was the norm for men to wear necklaces; however, this changed during the eighteenth century when it became a predominantly female inclusion and form of dressing. Popular culture in America during the 1960's and 1970's reintroduced the trend for men to wear necklaces (including cross necklaces) when items such as "love beads" became fashionable. During this time, they began to wear gold chains decorated with charms or amulets such as gold crosses or Italian horns. In the late twentieth century, the trend became even more popular with the emergence of hip-hop culture when gold and platinum chains with diamond encrusted pendants hung around the necks of rappers as a sign of wealth. Necklaces for men in certain professions have never gone out of style, since the Renaissance, Anglican and Roman Catholic Bishops and cardinals have always worn expensive and elaborate neck chains with large crucifixes or pectoral crosses.

Why do Women Wear Cross Necklaces?

A cross on a necklace for a woman is typically a sign of religious beliefs. People who wear a cross on their necklace (as women's cross necklaces) are typically Christians, who believe in Jesus Christ. The cross represents the crucifix, Christians believe that Jesus was nailed to a cross where he died, he was then buried and rose again three days later. Today, He lives in heaven and they are waiting for the second coming where they believe everyone will be judged for how they have lived their lives on earth. There are some people who wear a cross ( on women's cross necklaces) on their chain as a fashion statement, they are not believers and it has no significant meaning to them. However, there are some people who are offended by the cross (even when on women's cross necklaces), they don't hold Christian values and are not interested in their religious belief system. Therefore, if you are buying women's cross necklaces as gifts, it is important that you know your recipients very well and know what they believe in (we want the women's cross necklaces to be worn with pride, not thrown out).

Choosing the Right Cross Necklace For a Woman

Whether you are purchasing women's cross necklaces for yourself, or you are buying one as a gift, it is important that the person wearing it looks good. The majority of women have an extensive collection of necklaces (including women's cross necklaces), and out of that collection of about five or six gold women's cross necklace they probably only wear one. Now it might be that they only like that one (cross) necklace, the other necklaces (including women's cross necklaces) they have in their collection now might have been part of a fashion trend that they have now grown out of, or they may have been gifts from ex-lovers and they don't want to be reminded of them anymore. However, the main reason why a gold women's cross necklace is left in the jewellery box (as stated by multiple women) is because it's not flattering, and it doesn't work well with anything in the womans' wardrobe. The good news is that you can avoid making the same mistake twice and find a gold women's cross necklace that will be the right fit.

Measure Your Neck Before Purchasing Women's Cross Necklaces

If you are buying a silver women's cross necklace for someone as a gift, you won't be able to measure their neck. However, if you pay attention to the necklace (if you're lucky its a cross necklace) they wear the most often, you can take that necklace and measure its extended length. Think about the whole body of the woman, from the shape of her face, her height to her general body type. However, starting with the neck is always a good place to begin, since any necklace (including a women's cross necklace) you buy is going to touch the neck, it's important that you pay attention to that area. Necks are measured in length and in width, depending on the age of the woman, the condition of the neck also has to be considered - some of them also have wrinkles around the neck. A long neck is in this case a great feature - because all necklaces (including women's cross necklaces) suit a long neck. However, short necks or wrinkly necks don't have the same privilege and not every cross necklace in our collection is going to work well on them. However, it is also important to remember that there is an exception to every rule, so if you are buying the gold or silver women's cross necklace for yourself, make sure you consider your skins condition before making your purchase.

Widths and Lengths

Chokers look great on thin long necks. However, a choker on a small neck won't have the same effect. It can make the neck look stubby and wide, a wide short neck can't wear a choker, it simply won't look right. An alternative option is to buy a gold or silver women's cross necklace that is about 20 to 24 inches in length, this will make the neck look longer. Chokers don't work well on wrinkled necks either because they draw attention to all the wrong places, which is the last thing some women with wrinkles want. A longer silver women's cross necklace will draw attention away from the wrinkles and cause the eyes to focus on the cross on the necklace instead.

Another important part of the body to think about when buying a cross necklace for a woman is the upper torso. Typically, a women's cross necklace 22 inches or shorter sits just above or it rests on the bust. When the cross necklace is slightly longer, it is important that it works with the bust and the torso, this is especially true if the person is full-figured or short.

Your Height Is Important When Purchasing A Cross Necklace

A lot of women make the mistake of not considering their height when purchasing a cross necklace. This makes sense because women who are average or just about average in height can wear a cross necklace of any length (although taller women are probably not suited to wear short cross necklaces). On the other hand, short women are going to be overwhelmed by long or chunky cross necklaces. Women who are 5 foot 4 inches or smaller should choose a cross necklace that sits just below or on the collarbone. If you are the wearer of a women's cross necklace and want to purchase multiple women's cross necklaces in the future, go to a store that sells one and try it on, look in the mirror and decide whether you like it or not, if so wear/buy it, if not, go for something else.

The Shape of Your Face

Face shape is another important aspect when it comes to choosing the right cross necklace. The majority of women either have a round, oval, heart-shaped or square face. Some finitely shaped faces can wear any length necklace, but others can't. The oval face can get away with wearing most cross necklace lengths; however, it is also important to pay attention to neck, height and body size. Women with a round face want to choose cross necklaces that are slightly longer because they create the illusion of a "V" shape that is slimming because it glides away from the face. Stay away from the round choker because it will make your face look even more round. Women with a heart shaped face can get away with wearing round chokers because the roundness levels out the heart shaped angles and planes. Rectangular and long faces also work well with round chokers.

Your Wardrobe

The clothes you wear on a daily basis are also an important element of the cross necklace decision buying process. If you are someone who wears turtlenecks a lot, long beads or rope chains look great with them; however, if you are short or full figured, this may not be a good idea. Once you have decided what you are going to wear often with the women's cross necklace you purchase, just make sure that the women's cross necklace will enhance the overall appearance of the outfit(s).

Wrap Up On Women's Cross Necklaces

I bet you didn't think there was so much to something as simple as a cross necklace purchase! The truth is that everything (including a womans' cross necklace) has a unique and interesting history, and there is nothing wrong with learning about the jewellery that you adorn your body with. If you are purchasing the cross necklace for a friend, a loved one or yourself, I hope this information will assist you in finding the perfect fit. Enjoy shopping our collection of women's cross necklaces today.