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Name Bracelets Buying Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Name Bracelets

There are a few occasions where it may seem an appropriate scenario to wear a name bracelet, but none involve the person who owns the name wearing the bracelet with their beautiful name on it. Although in some ways it could be viewed as very retro in a sense, it does not have the same 'cool' factor for the grown up version of yourself as it did for younger YOU. This is something we would do as kids. We all had the name bracelets, and every body would exchange them, especially if you wanted to go out with a certain boy or girl. That would be your ‘we are going out and we're together' symbol, wearing each other's name bracelets. Ahhhh GOOD TIMES! That would off course have been years and years ago now.

Generally, speaking as an adult, there seem to be very few people that wear their names on jewelry pieces like bracelets. There may be an occasion where you may see letters or other words scrolled out on a bracelet or a necklace - or even a ring. It's rare for an actual full name to be publicized with an engraving on a piece of jewelry mostly because folks these days are extremely private.


In the world today, everyone is about privacy and solitude.  It used to be way back in the golden days, ladies would stand out over their fences and tell the day's tale to their neighbor, and vice versa - until everybody knew everyone's business throughout the whole neighborhood. No-one heard of strangers. If someone came into town that no-one knew, it was a major deal. Folks would gather around that person until they found out all of their details.

In those days men would ‘court' their ladies and give them gifts such as a gold name bracelet - which would send her over the moon, and he would be the talk of the town as a gold name bracelet was an elaborate gift item. In the girl's eyes, it would only be a matter of time until wedding bells were about to ring.

Fast forward about a jillion years to present-day Earth, and nothing is even close to that golden way anymore. No-one takes two seconds to even say hello to their neighbors. We have fences, but they're more like privacy ‘walls' meant to keep people out. We isolate ourselves.

Technology has helped us in keeping ourselves encompassed and living on our own little island. A majority of us are working from home, so there's no need to go out and interact with people for work. Meetings, marketing, and networking can get done via email, text, social media.  No need to actually speak to anyone.

‘Courting' or dating as we used to know it has been replaced by the internet. We now go onto websites to shop pictures and read ‘biographies' to determine if this person is someone we would be interested in texting.  From that point we text for months until we deem it ‘safe'  to speak live on the phone - at which point we decide if they're ok to finally see in real-time (up close in real-world HD).

This is so bad in so many different ways compared to how it was in the golden day. It's not even the fact that you don't get the gold name bracelet you want from your significant other anymore. At least back then everyone knew everybody.  There were no strangers and you knew that you were going to be safe with pretty much anyone you were with.

These days everybody is a stranger. You don't know anything about anyone you're meeting, and you can't deem anyone and everyone as safe. Even if you were to go out to mingle as opposed to using the internet to meet people, you probably wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a name bracelet because you would want to protect your privacy/life from people that you aren't entirely interested in attracting.


We've all become too closed in for this type of jewelry (a name bracelet). It's not especially appropriate for our particular times anymore. Even for our kids. You wouldn't necessarily want children to wear a name bracelet just anywhere, particularly if they're responsible for walking themselves home from school. This is an identifier that no-one that's potentially threatening needs access to. If it were just a monogram, that would be a better situation. The full name proves far too dangerous and risky on a name bracelet.

It's kind of sad that our world has gotten to the point where we really can't feel particularly safe advertising our personal information on a piece of jewelry like this (the name bracelet that is). Unfortunately, we have to all be very mindful of who knows what about us and protect ourselves accordingly. That's part of the reason most of us have decided to not get to know the neighbors and stay holed up in our homes - and put up these physical and symbolic walls around our places.

It's not a great way to raise kids, though. Technology is keeping them inside on their computers, tied to their phones, on social media, texting, and on video games.   They're not learning any real social skills. None of them actually talk on the telephone, or go out on dates, or even go shopping anymore (for cute name bracelets to wear). Everything for them is on the internet. Their only real interaction is school, and there's a lot more home schooling or online classes nowadays.


It would be great to go back to those times when you could put on your name bracelets (gold and/or silver), sit out on the front porch, have a glass of lemonade with the person from next door, and talk for hours about nothing important while kids are running up and down the sidewalk playing nothing in particular - but having a good time regardless.

How did this world change so drastically in not that long of a period of time. It seems it was just an instant and folks became so distant to one another.  Maybe we could start to make some changes, even if it is just one person at a time, by going out and getting a gold name bracelet for someone who is really special in our life. Once we give it to them, they'll end up doing something special for someone as well. It's not a whole lot, but it could start a movement (a name bracelet phenomenon) in our own neck of the woods.  Maybe we could just take a moment to say hello to our neighbor. That little word could mean the world to someone, the same way a name bracelet would. It has to start somewhere and with someone (when it comes to interacting with others and buying name bracelets). Why not you?