Friendship Necklace Buying Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Friendship Necklaces And Best Friend Necklaces

Before you give out friendship necklaces or best friend necklaces, it's critical that you be sure that you're giving them to people deserving of such emotionally hefty gifts. Friendship (much like a friendship necklace) is a gift that you only give to people who hold your best intentions at the bottom of their heart, the most honorable traits, and offer solid support.

Being able to call someone a friend is something special. It takes a lot of time, effort, and certain characteristics to get to the emotionally powerful point of deeming a person as a friend, particularly in the world as it is today. Schedules are tight with our hectic work lives. Technology has made it that folks do everything via messaging or email. Even dating is done on the internet. Families see each other by way of video chat nowadays.

Most of us have a small group of people that we call friends, but when we call someone a friend, it holds a special and an intimate meaning for us (much like a friendship necklace does). Generally, we don't see a lot of our families once we're out working and making a life for ourselves. The friends we make become our pseudo families.

When you meet someone that you hit it off with, there's an instant bond between you. Your personalities will click immediately. Then you need to build from there. You won't run out and buy this person a friendship necklace right away. That's something you build up to. You need to see if they're going to hold all of the traits that you respect within a friendship for it to be something you want to pursue. It takes work on both of your parts, it's definitely not a one-sided effort sort of thing. If you see you're putting in all the time and they're doing nothing, walk away. That's definitely not a friend and definitely not one deserving of a friendship necklace.

A good friendship will be healthy for you both, emotionally and mentally. It will provide you with the encouragement, love, support, and confidence to get through almost any challenge that you face on a regular basis. You know that no matter what comes along in your life, you have these people in your life - people who have your back no matter how a situation turns out, good or bad, and everything will be okay either way because they're there to support you.


There are key elements that are crucial in a friendship; both to give and receive. If you don't have them or get them from the other person, it will be a toxic situation. Finding these things in common with a person is a good reason to share either friendship necklaces or even best friend necklaces with them.

- Truth. One of the most important characteristics of a good friend is being honest. If you have someone come into your life who is constantly making things up or telling you things about them that are simply not true, this is not the person you can trust to be in your life. Also, if you see that they are telling other people lies, you can't be sure they won't lie to you as well, another reason for lack of trust. Do not give a liar a friendship necklace.

- Acceptance. It's important that the two of you take everything about each other into consideration and be able to accept all that there is about the other person without feeling a need to change them. If there are things you don't like or they don't like things about you, this is not the right friendship, or one deserving of a set of friendship necklaces. You have to be able to accept this person as they are fully.

- Independent. There needs to be boundaries between you - where you both are able to live your own lives outside of the friendship. No-one wants a high maintenance friendship. If you or they have a busy life, it should be okay if you go a period of time without seeing or even talking to each other without harming the friendship. This is a true friendship deserving of a friendship necklace.

- Judging. There should never be judgment between friends. Always build each other up and give the confidence and encouragement necessary to be able to face any crisis. Friendship necklaces help you remember this.

- Loyalty. You ought to be friends who will always be there for each other, whether the times are good or bad. Don't be the kind of friend who is only there when things are good or when there is something available for you. You don't want to be the one always with your hand out. That's a one-sided friendship and you'll soon find yourself with no friends (and no friendship necklaces to celebrate these friendships).

- Respect. Good friends will always value the friendship they share with each other. They form the opinions that they have about the other person on their own without any outside influences. Anything that they want to keep just between the two of them is honored as such, and they never have a nasty word to say about the other person. These friendships could include a group of people who have been friends for a long period of time, best friends. They would share friendship necklace charms, e.g. best friend necklaces for 2 or maybe best friend necklaces for 3 or there could even be as many as four best friend necklaces for 4 friends.

- Trust. Of course, trust is the most essential element of any friendship. If you can't trust each other with secrets or significant others or business or any kind of personal information, there is no friendship. This is not the kind of person that you want to have involved in your life (or give a friendship necklace to). If you're not trustworthy, you'll not be having any friends hanging around with you for very long either. Trust is a must-have for someone you want to gift a friendship necklace to.

Once you have developed all of these things with another person or a group of people, you have made yourself some good friends. You will come to be so important in each other's lives hopefully for a lifetime. The most special friendships are those that can endure even if you've not seen or spoken for years, but you pick up the phone and it's like you never missed a day. That's when you know you've picked the perfect people to be friends with and the perfect friends to share friendship necklaces with. How do we celebrate friends, though? We can give friendship necklaces, but when is appropriate?


There was a day that was set aside specifically for friends to celebrate each other. It was created all the way back in 1935. People were experiencing the devastating effects of World War I. They needed something to help them try to come through it.

The United States Congress felt that there was a need, not just for the nation, but for individuals to come together in a sense of friendship and camaraderie as there were such tensions, hatred, and hostilities that still remained hinting at an imminent second battle.

Congress decided that they would take the first Sunday of the month of August and designate it as Friendship Day. They made a formal proclamation in the year 1935 declaring the occasion a holiday dedicated in the honor of all friends as well as friendship in general.

People were happy about the holiday, and it slowly began to catch on as a tradition throughout the country, particularly with the young. Each year there are celebrations on the first Sunday of August in the way of festivals with rock bands and folks having a good time going out enjoying all of their friends. There are exchanges of roses, either pink or yellow, a friendship necklace or other jewelry, cards; going to have lunch or dinner, all kinds of different traditions. It is treated along the same lines as mother's or father's day.

Some folks feel the meaning of the day has gotten lost in the commercialization brought on by the jewelry stores, card and flower shops, and restaurants. They feel it should have stayed simple with just the festival’s and food as it used to be.

The popularity, however, has spread to other nations. More and more countries liked the idea of Friendship Day and started having their own celebrations as well. Now it’s celebrated in virtually every country worldwide and is known as International Friendship Day.

In 1997 the United Nations decided that they would name Winnie the Pooh as Ambassador of Friendship for the world. He seems to be the perfect animated character for the job, very innocent and having all the elements of a perfect friend.

There are a variety of different associations popping up with their own names and customs for celebrating their versions of friendship holidays. There is Women's Friendship, which is the third Sunday in August. There is also a group known as Old Friends and New Friends who celebrate for a week during the third week of May. International Friend month is the whole month of February.

These opportunities give folks many chances to go out and have a good time celebrating their friends. Showering each other with love and letting the other person know how important they are in each other's lives.


Having a friend is one thing, but being able to call someone a best friend is rare. A lot of times this is someone you've known for most of your life, or it could be someone you just met that you basically had everything in common with - and simply hit it off really well. Either way, this person is more like family than any other person in your life, sometimes even more so than actual family.

It is possible that you could have a group of best friends, especially if you went through school together. You may even wear charms that you share. There are necklaces, e.g. best friend necklaces for 2 or best friend necklaces for 3 and even as many as four best friend necklaces for 4. This is the best support system anyone could have in their life. There is even a day for best friends to celebrate each other separate from regular Friendship Day.

It is said that in 2002, there were a group of musicians and artists who gathered in a water park in Richmond, Virginia, to celebrate with each other. As they congregated, they didn't want it to be just about friends. They wanted their very closest friends to be there. They decided to designate their day at the park as Best Friends Day, and they wanted to do it each year on June 8th. To this day, on that same day every year, folks gather at a park or water park with music and a festival-type setting along with their closest friends in order to celebrate Best Friends Day.

It isn't clear if they give best friend necklaces, or if this has been declared as an official holiday as yet, or is just something that this group of people unofficially designated as something that they celebrate and others have just caught on to it.

Some folks are kind of just branching off into their own ‘niche' versions of Friendship Day and celebrating at times when they would rather take to enjoy it, and how long they want to party instead of sticking with what the day was meant to be originally, honoring that initial sentiment and celebrating as such. It seems they are complaining about the original meaning being lost to commercialism, but they're kind of taking it away themselves by changing the scheme of the celebration.


You don't really need a specific day to celebrate your friendship actually. You should truly be celebrating this person or this group of people in your life every single day in some way. That doesn't mean in a commercialized way. That just means uplifting them, expressing the gratitude that you have for the role that they play in your life, the impact that they make. This doesn't take buying roses or cards (it takes one friendship necklace). A simple thank you says the most to someone special.

It's also a really good gesture for friends to share friendship necklaces or best friend necklaces. This is a symbol for just the two of you indicating that you have a very important bond between you - and all that implies what it means to you. You've chosen to go through the ups and downs of life together, having each other's back unconditionally. Friendship is a treasured gift, much like a friendship necklace.