Heart Necklace Buying Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Heart Necklaces

Valentine's Day has become a popular holiday the world over. It means something different in each country, however. In the United States it is celebrated as a romantic holiday where couples gift each other presents, e.g. men give heart necklaces for girlfriends to their girlfriend along with roses of varying color types - and enjoy dinner out.

In other countries, Valentine's Day has no romantic meaning at all. Some celebrate it as a holiday for 'family and friends' with holistic expressions of love and appreciation. In some of these countries, they present their children with candy and gifts (perhaps heart necklaces) on this day of sharing emotions and feelings of the heart.

Why is there a Valentine's Day and how did it begin? Many centuries ago, Emperor Claudius II was a pagan Emperor who felt that his soldiers should be parallelly only faithful and only focused on his empire - as well as remain unmarried. St. Valentine, a Roman priest did not agree with the Emperor's harsh rules and was secretly marrying the soldiers in Christian ceremonies. Once the Emperor found out, he had St. Valentine arrested and sentenced to death. During his imprisonment St. Valentine tended to the other prisoners and became infatuated with the jailer's blind daughter. It is believed that just prior to his execution he was able to send a note of affection to the lovely lady which he signed…from your Valentine.

It wasn’t until approximately two hundred years later that the Valentine’s Day tradition that we have come to recognize today came about. The Romans began to have a festival named ‘Lupercalia’ during the middle of February to bring in their springtime season and opted to use this festival to also memorialize St. Valentine.

It was during the festival that young men would draw names out of a box denoting a particular young lady - and at some point, they may come to get married to each other. The men may have presented the ladies with cards and perhaps other romantic gifts ( perhaps heart necklaces for this 'girlfriend' if they were skilled artisans) - which would signify his intention.

Today, a lot of marriages or proposals happen on Valentine's Day. It is considered to be the most romantic day of the year. There are some folks, though, who choose to boycott Valentine's Day and have ‘I Hate Valentine's Day' parties with all of their single friends. This is actually a cool way to enjoy the day if you don't necessarily have a significant other, but you still want to go out and have a good time. You can give each other gold heart necklaces or better yet birthstone heart necklaces to celebrate each other. Why not go all out on a heart necklace this special day?


Exchanging gifts with your significant other on Valentine's Day is very special, particularly if you receive an intimate card full of handwritten, heartfelt emotions.  It's especially awesome for ladies who are lucky in obtaining engraved heart necklaces with loving messages of affection etched on them from their lovers. It (a heart necklace) could be just a precursor to a more significant step in your relationship to come. What are some other symbols of love, especially on Valentine's Day?  Lets check them out.

** Roses.

These are the epitome of romance and everyone, male or female, loves to have a bouquet sent in their direction. It is actually among the most popular flowers around the world and considered to be one of the most powerful symbols of Valentine's Day (alongside a heart necklace off course).   Poets as well as romantics of the heart have favored the beautiful rose since its beginning - understanding that it stands for love, passion, and beauty.

Folks everywhere turn out to give roses on Valentine's Day. The prices skyrocket for the flower and the local flower shops in most cities sell out of them. It is the number one thing that partners enjoy giving each other to signify the feelings that they have for each other, that's why it pairs well with a heart necklace. But you need to be very careful which ones you send. Each color of rose has its own specific meaning. Check this list out so you don't get yourself in trouble.

- Red roses.  This color signifies love and passion, much like a heart necklace can be.

- Yellow roses.  You will send these as a symbol of friendship (similar to a heart necklace).

- White roses.  These will designate true love as well as purity of mind (so can a heart necklace to be completely honest).

- Pink roses.  This rose sends a mixed message. It can either mean friendship or sweetheart (like a heart necklace).  You have to think about this one.

- Black roses. With these roses you are saying farewell.

The legend has it that in ancient Rome, Cupid, also known as Eros was bringing sweet Nectar for the Gods up on Mount Olympus when he accidentally dropped some of the nectar out on to the ground. The place where the nectar had fallen onto the ground ended up sprouting what is now known as the red rose. The interesting part about the legend is if you interchange the letters in the word rose, you have Eros, God of love.  This red rose happens to be the flower of love and passion - as well as the favorite flower of Venus Goddess of Love.

** Cupid.

Cupid is another sweet but mischievous symbol of Valentine's Day. Greek myth Cupid who is also known by the name of Eros - as well as the son of Aphrodite who was the Greek Goddess of Love, was the God of Love.  In the Roman and Greek mythologies, Cupid is always depicted as a youth, as opposed to being shown as a fat baby with wings. This is contradicted in Latin myth where they do show him as being a chubby boy with wings flying naked - a boy who had a mischievous grin and was responsible  for making people fall in love.

The story is told that Cupid is armed with a bow and a quiver of arrows. Anyone who is shot by one of his arrows is destined to fall in love with the first person they see. It is also further explained that Cupid's arrows are invisible to those he comes upon and they would in no way be aware that they had been shot by one of his arrows until after they have already fallen in love.

It would be interesting and gratifying to know if this spell wears off after they're with the person for any length of time or after they've married. That would be a bad scenario, particularly if these men professed their love with engraved heart necklaces or even perhaps birthstone heart necklaces HAHA.

** Lovebirds, Doves and Swans. 

Lovebirds, Doves and Swans are sweet symbols of love (much like heart necklaces are).  With swans when they face each other and their beaks touch, their necks form a heart (what a cute way to imagine hearts on heart necklaces). If you go to the park on Valentine's Day to exchange valentines gifts (heart necklaces included) in the company of swans in this configuration it is amazing. It's the perfect setting to give gold heart necklaces.

It is an old tale that birds will go and find their mates every February 14th.  Most people still today hold true to that belief.

Lovebirds are very private birds. They tend to keep to themselves and it is noted that they could not think of life without their mates. They are always pictured sitting very close together with their partner. This is why they’re so endearing to couples around the world.

Doves are intensely loyal to their mates. Once they choose a partner, they remain together for a lifetime. The cooing that a dove makes is also called the ‘love sounds' and is featured in some romantic music - which is attributed to couples who are in love. That is the reason when you hear two people whispering or speaking in sweet, loving tones toward each other, it's said to be ‘cooing'.  Men sweetly cooing and professing their feelings generally present their significant other with gold heart necklaces as a way to confirm the commitment of their relationship.

** Laces and Ribbons.

The lace and the ribbon is definitely synonymous with romance. In the time period of the Knights and Kings, when it would be time for them to leave and go to do battle, the women that they loved would present them with their laces to take with them as a symbol of their love and support.

Back in the day, probably a few decades ago, ladies used to take lace handkerchiefs around with them. If there were ever a time when a lady was to drop her handkerchief by accident, the laws of courtesy expected that any gentleman standing near her pick the handkerchief up for the lady. There were times where women dropped their hankies on purpose in order to get the men that they were interested in and wanted to try to meet to pick it up for them. This way, laces ended up becoming a tool used by females of the time to encourage romance, and gradually over time the lace was simply synonymous with romance in general.  It began to pop up for decorations at Valentine's day, for romantic dances, at weddings, anywhere you wanted to denote love and romance.

** Love knots. 

This is a symbol that represents a love (like a heart necklace does) or romance that is destined to last forever. They are simply a series of intertwining turns and twists that has no actual beginning or ending.  It is said to trace back to the early tradition from Arabic culture and times when the young Muslim women who were living in very strict orthodox upbringing would express the love they had for their young men (lovers) by weaving secret messages throughout the knots in carpeting. Their lovers (the young men) would interpret the messages by turning the knot over and over. This tradition of sending ‘love notes'  via the knots gave the concept for ‘love knots' that exists forward into present day 'Earth'.

** ‘Wearing your heart on your sleeve' or 'heart necklace on your neck ;)'.

This expression took on an almost literal meaning for some young men in America and Britain back during the 1800s. It seems around this time period, it was customary for men to write their girlfriends name onto a piece of paper and pin it onto their sleeves for everyone to view joyfully. Why couldn't they just give their girlfriends heart necklaces? This way their girlfriends could wear the heart necklaces for the world to see. Folks could know which girls were taken by somebody by which girls had heart necklaces. I mean now you can do that ;), so count yourself lucky.

** The heart. 

The heart shape (especially when on a heart necklace) is the ultimate sign of love, romance, caring for someone, having any kind of strong feelings for the people in your life. There are a lot of differing takes on how the heart symbol came into being. Initially it was depicted in a sort of ‘pinecone' configuration with the narrow part being on top and the fuller part on the bottom. It didn't get switched upright or have its ‘dent' until later in the 15th century.

It is rumored that folks felt that because the heart raced when emotion was felt, the heart was responsible for the emotions we often feel daily (perhaps when we get a heart necklace), more so than the brain. When people view this symbol (on a heart necklace), they automatically presume more along the lines of romantic love - but it can denote any type of affection or caring that you feel for a relative or a child or a close friend as well.

The heart (especially on necklaces with a heart pendant) used to be seen mostly around the Valentine's season - but it has exploded onto the scene as a heart ‘emoji' on social media and has developed itself into an integral form of people's communication today. People are responsible for sending tons of digital little hearts each day on the web as a way to show their fondness to a person or for a thing. In a sense, it's kind of taking away the actual feeling from the heart. People use it so much for anything or everything, it loses its value. But a heart necklace will never lose its sentimental value like this.


There doesn't have to be an occasion to celebrate the love you have for someone with a heart necklace. If you're not good with writing a long, intimate note, put sweet phrases on an engraved heart necklace. That will say everything. We should celebrate the people in our lives every day, every minute in fact. It's okay to be romantic or affectionate or caring just because. Giving heart necklaces of any kind is a way to just simply tell someone (or a lot of people) how you feel about them without having to say anything at all. Intimate gestures mean a lot. Enjoy shopping our collection of heart necklaces today.