Infinity Custom Necklaces Buying Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Infinity Necklaces

Wearing an infinity necklace will help translate into existence whatever reason/motivation the wearer chooses to display with the symbol. Whether you are a man, woman, or even a child and whether it is a gold infinity necklace or a silver infinity necklace, the significance that it holds will be unique and the interpretation is undoubtedly different for each person.


The cold, hard facts associated with the infinity symbol are that it was originally denoted to represent the math and physics world documented as far back as ancient Greece where their mathematicians and philosophers defined it as having limitlessness and representing eternity.  It was known as the ‘lemniscate' or ribbon. 

It wasn't until 1655 that the ‘lazy 8' became known as the ‘infinity' symbol, which would mean in Latin 'unboundedness'.  The term would come to be defined as something that does not have a limit. It was English Clergy and Mathematician, John Wallis, who gave the symbol Its designation as a quantity that is bigger than any natural number.

There are other ancient versions that can be traced back to Egypt depicting a serpent (or a dragon) eating it's own tail. This kind of symbology on an infinity necklace is quite striking.  With this depiction, it can represent the cycle between life and death, a rebirth, renewal, immortality. It is known as ‘ouroboros'.  One beautiful meaning for this (either gold infinity necklace or silver infinity necklace); is that you are stripping yourself of any damaged, tattered, sorrowful likeness of you and waking up to a renewed, fresh, grateful, spirited take on yourself. You've let go of the demons that rule you and your life; And, with the silver or gold infinity necklace you are ready to move on and be happy.  It would be very special if close confidants (be it family or friends) made this symbol into a personalized infinity necklace for anyone who is coming out of any kind of a personal struggle.

In ancient India and Tibet, this profound symbol represented perfection as well as dualism or equilibrium between the male and female sex. It meant the uniting of man and woman. That is kind of similar to some of the meanings that we've carried on today with modern-day couples who may exchange a personalized infinity necklace with gifting each other presents.  Presenting someone with an infinity name necklace adds a level of intimacy that goes along with romance like no other gift item does to be honest.


In the times we're in now, the infinity symbol can be translated into so many different variations to encompass many definitions. Folks don't think along the same lines as they have always thought anymore. There are much broader scopes, different agendas, different roles, different accomplishments, different reasons to see, and the need for a symbol of this type changes accordingly.


There are some who believe wearing their infinity name necklace will show people that they found the answer they’ve been looking for in this simplistic symbol.

Its really pretty basic. Life is completely what you make of it. You hold the keys right in your hand, and they're called 'choices'. No-one makes you do anything you don't want to do…or shouldn't. Each day you wake up and from that moment you decide each step you'll take. One decision will bring one outcome, a different decision would have brought a whole other outcome. We have the opportunity to create whatever version of a day, week, month, or year…or life…that we choose. We decide. The variations that we can pick from are limitless…infinite (an infinity necklace represents this). We can wear our infinity name necklace proudly to show that we are thrilled to be able to choose the kind of life that we want to have, and we are happy that each day can be a new adventure if we want it to be.  The possibilities are endless, just like they are with an infinity necklace.


Initially, it was said that the infinity symbol would represent women's empowerment and that's all fine and good, but in this world we live in, everyone should be empowered (with an infinity name necklace perhaps). There is an infinity necklace available for any person who wants to show that they have worked hard, met goals, and achieved great successes.  This can apply to a child who graduates from college or graduate school or, for that matter, a little one who graduates from elementary school. Successes and feeling empowered comes in all shapes, sizes, and genders. It shouldn't be in any way limited based on anything. Celebrate success with a gold infinity necklace.


In the occult Tarot, the infinity is a symbol that there has come a balance between opposite forces. This makes us see this symbol in a whole new light and from a mental illness point of view. A majority of the time with mental illness, folks are having to do ‘battle' with the good and bad chemicals in their brain. Once they receive the proper care, treatment, and medications, this symbol can be their reminder to themselves that they have these ‘forces' balanced out, and they are doing okay. This is the perfect time for someone to get a personalized infinity necklace to symbolize the accomplishment.


Most times when we finish college and find the perfect job, it's not in our hometown with our families. We end up needing to leave our parents behind to go start our new adventure on our own. It's a really tough time for the whole family; but its especially tough for the parents losing their child. A nice going away gift would be either a gold infinity necklace for each of them (mother and daughter perhaps) or a silver infinity necklace - whichever their (parent and/or child) taste and preferences aligns with. If you want, in this scenario, you can even get a gold infinity name necklace and a silver infinity name necklace. There's infinite options. This will tell them (parent or child) that no matter how far away from home you go, the family unit will never be broken. It's helping them (parent and child) to understand that you will all be forever linked together.


Our young people go off and serve the country in one capacity or another. We don't know how they will come back to us or if they'll come home. The world is so dangerous for them and we have no way to possibly protect them when they go on their missions, but we can let them know we are forever with them by giving them an infinity necklace to take as a reminder. When they look at this symbol they'll know there are infinite thoughts going out for them, endless love, limitless prayers.  It's the only piece of home that they can probably take that will denote the kind of feelings that they are on everybody's minds and in everyone's hearts. An infinity necklace is beautiful for this reason.


The most difficult thing to do in the world is to lose someone that means a lot to you. It's very difficult to find comfort in those situations. You have things that you can remember them by and, of course, the memories you share - but all of that can kind of become overwhelming and painful in itself. If you were to get a personalized infinity necklace with their name on it, it would be a special memorialization of them just for you, and it would symbolize that they're always there with you - and the love you shared will never die. This would be a special piece (the gold infinity name necklace) that you wouldn't want to take off.


Whether it be a mentor, a favorite boss, a favorite teacher or coach, or anyone who has had a significant impact on your life, it's important to let them know that their efforts changed things for you. It will also affect their life positively knowing that they were able to help someone so profoundly. A nice gesture would be an infinity name necklace to remind them that your life will forever be different because of the part they played in it. That's a definite win. Like we said earlier, a gold infinity name necklace has endless gifting situations it is amazing for.


Tattoos are cool to look at, and the infinity symbol is one of the most popular on the market. One connection of these tattoos and infinity necklaces is that you can give infinity necklaces as gifts to the ones that you care so much about, and send out all of the endless number of messages that have been discussed EARLIER in this piece. When you get an infinity tattoo, you are a little bit more limited as far as the meaning that you can attach to it. A lot of time with tattoos, you have to explain why you got it and what it means to you. A personalized infinity necklace is kind of just between you and the person you're sharing it with.

It seems the infinity symbol is coming back into popularity (especially with the resurgence of infinity name necklaces).  There was a time that so many people were getting the picture tattooed that it lost its appeal and the sentiment kind of waned.  Now the new generation of earthlings is discovering all the different variations that can be attributed to its message and they are grabbing the charms up in droves.  There are infinity symbols with hearts, with anchors, all different kinds of shapes and sizes available on the market for infinity necklaces.


The most traditional role for the infinity symbol is between a couple. Sometimes they can exchange an infinity necklace in place of what would normally be a promise ring - before an engagement would take place. There are occasions where a secret admirer might place an infinity name necklace some place as a mystery gift to try to get a date with someone. If a first date goes really well, someone may give a silver infinity necklace or a gold infinity necklace as a means to try to get another date. The real winner in sentimental supremacy though is when the groom-to-be gives his bride an infinity necklace as a wedding gift to let her know that they'll spend their lives together forever. It would actually be suitable for her to give him a men's infinity necklace as well.

Giving the gift of the infinity in an infinity necklace is supposed to denote everlasting, eternity, undying commitment and love in the more modern take - which pulls it away from its stark roots in the math and physics realm. There's no indication how or why it became translated in this way, not taking away from the intellectual translation that it does still carry today among scholars. Most regular folks, though, who see the symbol relate it to forever or unending, especially when they see it on an infinity name necklace.


It really doesn't matter your gender or your age, anyone will have a version of their definition that they will give you as to what infinity means to them.  Most people are going to stick with the more traditional approach where the symbol is representative of a bond between a man and a woman for all of eternity. That doesn't really coincide with the way of our more modern times and the ideologies we hold. But, an infinity name necklace is still an awesome gift regardless.

It would appear that the symbol (especially when on an infinity necklace) is being used a lot in the representation of empowerment. That is a big one. It has been used to denote hurdles women have overcome and the accomplishments they have made to get to where they are in the world today. That is pretty awesome, especially when displayed on an infinity necklace. All of the young ladies that are coming out of college or graduate school and moving on to have the life choices that they set for themselves. They've all worked very hard to get there and the infinity necklace will serve as a representation of all of their efforts.

Another good version is the key to life and the limitless number of opportunities that wait for you when you open your eyes in the morning. We don't realize that everything we do has a unique consequence and changes our lives dramatically. One tiny move in another direction, and we have a completely different version of our world. We have this power in our own hands. It can be the slightest decision that will make the biggest impact on which way the globe will sway for us. This infinity symbol on an infinity necklace shows us that life offers us endless possibilities, only we are limiting ourselves. Each day can be what we decide to make it. That's amazing, and an infinity necklace reminds us of this amazing fact.

This symbol has so much power for such a simplistic piece. You can learn so much by thinking about the possibilities that it offers, and the security that just wearing an infinity necklace would give you is beautiful.  At first glance, you think it just means forever and then the symbol's world opens up for you and you're welcomed in to just what that small little charm can actually mean if you truly understand it. It's amazing. Shop our infinity necklaces today. Get a gold or silver infinity name necklace and explore the infinite possibilities of the world.