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Initial Bracelets Buying Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Initial Bracelets

Initial bracelets are custom or ready-made bracelets that are either engraved or cut with the initials from your name or the name of a loved one. They are most often made using solid gold, gold plating, silver or silver plating. Some initial bracelets are made using stainless steel or other low-cost metals. In this section, we are going to outline everything you need to know about initial bracelets, including types of metal, styles, and general prices.

Initial Bracelet: What is It?

Initial bracelets are the perfect gift idea, they come in different colours, different types of metal and there are various designs to choose from. For example, if you prefer to choose an engraved initial bracelet, there are plenty of pendant shapes to choose from such as; square, rectangle and circular shaped pendants. You can also decide to go for a custom-made initial bracelet or a ready-made design.

Gold Initial Bracelet

Gold initial bracelets are high-quality and long-lasting. They are made using hard-to-wear-down 14 to 24 karat gold. You can either go for yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, it depends on what you prefer. Real gold jewellery is more costly than gold plated options; But, if real gold jewellery is not within your price range, you can choose a gold-plated initial bracelet instead. Gold plated initial bracelet pieces are often sterling silver or stainless steel coated in 14-24 karat gold. The only true problem with a gold plated initial bracelet jewellery piece is that it does not last as long as real gold jewellery (the initial bracelet).

Gold plated jewellery maintenance tip:

To maintain the appearance of your gold-plated jewellery, use a long-lasting transparent nail polish to coat the necklace, initial bracelet or ring. Replace the nail polish every three months or when you feel the need to replace it. This will maintain the colour and shine of your gold-plated jewellery piece (i.e. the initial bracelet you buy).

Whether you are purchasing your gold initial bracelet from an online store or in-store at a local shop, make sure that you are specific about the gold purity level (14-24 karat) Also, learn to distinguish between a gold plated initial bracelet and authentic gold initial bracelet jewellery piece. Authentic, solid gold jewellery (the initial bracelet you buy) might need to be cleaned and polished after a few months, gold-plated jewellery ( as is the case with the initial bracelet you buy) will need to be cleaned and re-dipped at some point to maintain the shine and colour of the piece. Solid gold jewellery (like the initial bracelet you buy) such as white gold or rose gold might also need to be re-dipped at some point too.

Silver Initial Bracelets

Silver initial bracelets are a great alternative to gold initial bracelets. They are generally cheaper; however, some silver initial bracelets will definitely be more expensive than some lower purity level jewellery. High quality sterling silver jewellery (the initial bracelet you buy here) should not fade over time, but you might have to take it to an expert jeweller to have it cleaned and polished. Silver jewellery comes with a purity level of .925. If you want exceptional quality for a fraction of the cost of solid gold, choose sterling silver. Sterling silver can often be mistaken for white gold or platinum, so it is a good choice if you do not want to overspend, but you want the quality and longevity of real gold.

If you still want to reduce the cost of purchasing a long-lasting initial bracelet then you can choose a sterling silver plated initial bracelet instead of a solid silver initial bracelet. Silver plated initial bracelets are usually made using stainless steel, they are then coated in high quality liquid sterling silver.


Ready-made Initial Bracelets

Ready-made initial bracelets are generally cheaper than custom initial bracelets. The main reason for this is that they are already made and ready to go. The jeweller will not have to spend too much time designing the initial bracelet to meet your specific needs.

Custom-made Initial Bracelets

Custom-made initial bracelets are custom-designed to fit your specific needs. The benefits of a custom designed initial bracelet are that you will have a uniquely designed piece that will be hard to find anywhere else and they have a big 'wow' factor. If you want to give a loved one an extra special gift, opt for the custom-made initial bracelet instead of the ready-made initial bracelets you might find in some stores.


Simple Design

If you prefer minimal, simplistic design, opt for a simple initial bracelet. A minimal, thin chain style bracelet with simple font initials. For this style, you can choose solid gold, gold plated, sterling silver or silver plated. You can also choose different colours such as yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.

Heart-Shaped Pendant

With the heart-shaped pendant, opt for a simple chain style bracelet, and choose a heart-shaped pendant that you can engrave or personalize to you or your gift recipients needs.

Various Shapes

There are various shapes you can choose from when purchasing an initial bracelet.


opt for a circular pendant with a distinctive font, or you can go for a circular pendant that you can engrave with your desired initials.


Rectangular pendants are minimal, stylish, and elegant. Just like the circular pendants, you can engrave a rectangular pendant, or you can purchase a rectangular font initial bracelet to give your collection a creative and elegant piece that's a real hit.


The best type of square initial bracelet pendant is a plain solid pendant engraved with your desired initials.

Chain Style

Chain style is another creative aspect of the initial bracelet style that is common today, each chain is made using one initial or a specific pattern. The initial bracelet chain style looks best with solid gold or solid silver.

Engraved Bracelets

An engraved bracelet can be made using a solid bangle style bracelet. You can also opt for one solid shape engraved with your initials or your loved one's initials. You can either choose from the custom-made engraved initial bracelets or the ready-made designs.

Initial Bracelet Cost

You can purchase initial bracelets from $20 to $1,000. Some bracelets can even cost more than $1,000 depending on the purity of the metal. The price of the bracelet also depends on the style of the initial bracelet, if you choose a custom design, you will most likely pay more than if you were to purchase a ready-made design. Also, if you want an initial bracelet with precious stones you will more than likely pay more than $1,000. The cost of initial bracelets will differ depending on all the factors mentioned above.