Mens Cross Necklace Buying Guide

Everything You Need To know About Men's Cross Necklaces

It is not an unusual sight to meet men wearing cool cross necklaces on or around their neck, whether plain, semi-crossed or engraved ones. Cross Necklaces have been in the faith and fashion market for a very long time. They hold special places in our hearts, and trust me when I tell you they are among the things some men can't leave the house without. Well, being conversant with what necklace (especially what cross necklace) to wear and when to wear it can be an intimidating task, especially for men. That is why we're here. We aim to enlighten you and set you forth to the path of awesomeness, faith, and fashion with everything you need to know about men's cross necklaces. By the time you finish reading this, your knowledge will have shifted from that of a 7th-grade kid to a college student, in the context of men's cross necklaces.

Types of Cross Necklaces

If you thought the cross necklace aimed is available in only one form and style, then you're in for a rude shock. There are different styles and forms that the cross necklace comes in that most buyers/wearers of men's cross necklaces are not aware of. Here is a classification of the different forms of men's cross necklaces.

1. Gold Men's Cross Necklaces

These men's cross necklaces as the name implies are made of gold. Gold is one of the most luxurious and searched for material on the planet. On top of luxury and wealth, gold is also associated with love, compassion, wisdom, courage, prosperity and glamour. We don't need to stress how elegant gold men's cross necklaces are. The gold men's cross necklaces are one of the best gift that you could surprise your loved one with.

2. Silver Men's Cross Necklaces

Silver comes in two forms for men's cross necklaces. First, there are the silver men's cross necklaces made out of pure silver. These are more expensive than those coated or mixed with other components. The other type is the sterling silver men's cross necklace. It will not be wrong to say that this is the most common type of silver. Sterling silver comprises of 95.2% pure silver. Silver men's cross necklaces are also a good option when choosing a gift for your male loved ones.

3. Diamond Men's Cross Necklace

Third and last on our list are the notorious and ever desired Diamond Men's Cross Necklaces. Just as its name suggests, these men's cross necklaces are made out of diamond. And you know that diamond is the most expensive and precious metal on Earth, right? Well, diamond symbolizes love, innocence, purity and faithfulness. Its quality and significance makes it extremely sought after by men, and it held in high regards in today's market.

Different Styles of Men's Cross Necklaces

Jumping from the different types of men's cross necklaces, now we will look at the different styles that men's cross necklaces come in.

1. Religious Men'sCross Necklaces

Topping our list are the Religious Men's Cross Necklaces in our collection. Cross necklaces for men are associated with religion, and Christianity specifically. There are different classifications for the religious cross necklaces for men, though, most people tend to forget that. These types are used during holy gatherings and celebrations and worship places.

2. Men's Chapel Cross Necklaces

Chapel Cross Necklaces are one of the oldest and 'most traditional' form of cross necklaces for men out there. Most of the times will you see church elders and those held in high regards at the church having this type on. The Chapel Cross Necklace is worn with one sole purpose; to symbolize one's true religion and hold them in high regards. Generally, the necklace is used to symbolize Christ's love for humanity.

3. Baptismal Cross Necklacesv

Almost every Catholic member owns a Baptismal Cross Necklace, and will receive it at an early age upon being baptized. Named after the baptism occasion, one is awarded this cross necklace after successfully passing through the rite. The priests normally bless the necklace before handing it over to the owner. Children's baptismal cross necklaces will be engraved with their names on it.

4. Celtic Cross Necklaces

Another type of necklace is the Celtic Cross Necklace. This design of the cross necklace is very popular. Celts wear it to commemorate their conversion to Christianity. On top of that, it is also worn to celebrate one's own heritage. The Celts descendants are commonly seen with these 'men's cross necklaces'. These are inclusive of the Welsh, Irish and Scottish citizens that sport men's cross necklaces. The traditional look of the Celtic cross necklace for men is quite 'cool' and its design features the Holy Trinity, a Holy Shamrock and a Claddagh design. The modern designs for this type of male celtic cross necklace have been improvised and come in different styles and designs for all types of wearers.

5. Sideway Men's Cross Necklaces

The Sideway Cross Necklace (especially for men) wasn't popular back in the days, but has gained popularity only recently. It also symbolizes the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross. This type of cross necklace (for men) is mainly worn by the new and young generation. Its popularity is mainly attributed to Christian celebrities who began wearing it. It should be noted that this type of cross necklace (for men) is more of a fashion (cross) necklace than a religious one.

6. Decorative Men's Cross Necklaces

To those who want to wear the cross necklace (for men) for fashion purposes rather than the religious purposes, this is your choice. These men's cross necklaces aren't designed for religion directly, but more precisely for fashion and style because men's cross necklaces have become solid fashion statements. A good example of a cross necklace (for men) under this category is the Gothic Cross Necklace (For Men). Goth is associated with the dangerous and dark world, which is pretty much the opposite of the religion/faith purposes of the cross necklace (for men). Another good example under this category is the Lucky Charm necklace which is believed to bring along good luck. The charm necklace comes along with birthstones, gems and other decorations.

Reasons For Wearing The Cross Necklace For Men

For Christians and strong believers, wearing the cross necklace (for men) is more than just fashion. There are other special reasons why they wear the cross necklaces that some of them have stated honestly and specifically. We managed to talk to some of the Christian men who love to wear different cross necklaces, and here are some of the reasons that they gave us.

1. Remembrance

The first reason for wearing the cross necklace (for men) is for remembrance. You'll notice that this special type of necklace is different from the rest. It comes with the cross, the torture instrument where Jesus was murdered. This alone should tell you how the cross necklace (for men) is important to the Christian faith. It is a symbol and a way of remembering how Jesus died on the cross to deliver them from their sins. Some Christians put it as 'a symbol of love from God'.

2. Source of Inspiration

The second reason for wearing the cross necklace (for men) is that it's a source of inspiration. As we have mentioned earlier in this piece, the cross holds a special place in the Christian religion. And for this, whenever Christians wear these necklaces, they are reminded of their savior and are filled with hope and inspiration. The necklaces can also be used for prayer and a way to communicate to God and meditate upon life. One can find hope and strength through the cross necklace (this is true for any man).

3. For accountability

Another reason for wearing the cross is for accountability. Many Christians wear these necklaces to show others that they are Christians and thus hold them accountable for their actions. With the necklace, it binds you in whatever you do or say. You have to remember that you are a Christian and walk in the right way, be polite and kind, help others and be generous; pretty much the good stuff that we forget sometimes.

4. For fashion

Lastly, you don't necessarily have to be a Christian to enjoy the benefits accrued by these men's cross necklaces. If you see a cross necklace (for men) in an online store (like Penelopes) and fall in love with it, you aren't restricted and forbidden from buying it. Men's Cross necklaces come in pretty fashionable styles and will look great on you (or your man). With their gold and silver colors, you will be the climax and center of attraction. If you want to be up to date with fashion and are looking forward to looking good, men's cross necklaces are a good choice to go with.

Top Men's Cross Necklaces

Now to the part most of you would love to read about. Our guide will obviously not be complete without listing to you some of the top and undisputed best Men's cross necklaces our collection has to offer. For this reason, we went a step further and did some research on some of the best products we have to offer you. Nothing could possibly go wrong with our list.

1. Blackout Stainless Steel Men's Cross Necklace

This is an all black, stylish, stainless steel engraved men's cross necklace that will catch everyone's attention whenever worn. Its color tells everything; simple, classy and stylish. Another great thing with the black color is that it can go with any cloth type as long as it isn't office wear; as necklaces aren't really an office thing. If you're a woman seeking a beautiful gift to surprise your man for a special occasion, we would highly recommend this product.

Durability was a core priority when designing it, as your recipient will look forward to holding onto it for a long time. It's made of a stainless steel base that is sure to beat the test of time. Be cautious not to expose it to very harsh conditions for maximum wear and lifespan. We are all aware that cross necklaces for men are a symbol of religion and God. To bring this concept, the Blackout Men's Cross Necklace has a traditional design that makes it a great prayer/remembrance tool.

2. Infinity Cross Necklace Pendant

Just as the blackout necklace, the Infinity Cross Necklace Pendant also comes with a traditional design that makes it the perfect prayer tool for men. Its black color is appealing and anyone will fall in love with it right from when they set their eyes on it. It comes along with a unique vibe and can be worn with any and all types of clothes, apart from of course office wear which doesn't blend very well with necklaces. On the market, this is one of the best engraved men's cross necklaces.

The chain of this necklace is made of silver and will be perfect if your man isn't the most 'out-there' person or one who likes to attract much attention. It also comes with a infinity symbol nicely wrapped around the cross. This might seem peculiar to you, but let's you know by physically reminding you that cross necklaces are religious and the infinity symbol might stand for marriage. Wearing this on your neck symbolizes your devotion and loyalty to your marriage; quite convenient if you think about it.

This necklace comes in two options, the gold and silver; it all depends with your tastes and preference. Its style also differs in chain lengths. For all these options, however, the necklace is designed using stainless steel. It's durable, rust and corrosion-free and will also withstand scratches.

3. Penelopes Cross Crucifix Necklace

When it comes to precision on the details, the Penelopes Cross Crucifixion Necklace grabs the boasting rights in our collection. This necklace comprises of the figure of Jesus on a cross made of gold - with the cross itself made of gold this design is beautiful to the core. To us, nothing shouts spiritual conveyance an ounce more than this necklace. It comes in multiple colors to choose from, gold, silver and and even rose gold. We have to say, the last option brings out the blend of colors in some outfits very well. This version of the men's gold cross necklace is outstanding, we have to say.

If you're thinking about its durability, then we have the answer to your question. Made out of stainless steel, this necklace will serve you a long time and withstand the harshest of conditions and scratches. When you gift your man this cross necklace; what he is getting is a durable gift, that will go well with multiple outfits and also carries with it a special meaning.

If your man is the one who loves attention, the gold version is his choice. If this isn't true and he tends to shy away from attention, then he will love the silver version. The rose gold version will pretty much go well with anyone that is into unusual colors and has the confidence for it.

4. Penelopes Stainless Steel Dog Tag Cross Necklace

Another product from our extensive collection qualifies to our list; this is evidence of how much the brand is doing to ensure that you get nothing short of the best. Most cross necklaces for men come in simple form, and don't provide enough spaces to note down words and other adornments. Well, this is different, and brings this unique feature to the table.

Just as its name implies, this necklace is equipped with a dog tag that provides sufficient space to note down a word that encompasses faith. It also comes with a cool cubic zirconia stone. To add to this, dog tags are quite popular and hold their special meanings. They are symbols for heroes and heroines. This should be enough to bring out the meaning and purpose of this necklace; a necklace specially made for heroes. The word of faith or a name is nicely noted down on the dog tag and is easily readable by anyone.

For Christians, this might be one of the best gifts you could give. Wait for a special occasion such as the baptism for your son or partner to hand them this. They will truly appreciate your efforts. The necklace is made using steel and is sure to last long, especially with boys and how clumsy they can get.

5. Men's Stainless Steel Multiple Cross's Pendant

Why have one cross necklace when you can have two or more. Well, this is what the Men's Stainless Steel Multiple Cross's Pendant brings to the table. Upon purchase, you are awarded with many crosses on the necklaces; all in one colour (gold, silver, rose gold). Both are made using stainless steel and are highly durable. Even if your man gets very physical maybe at his job, the necklace will be able to withstand the pressure. Gifting this necklace to your beloved man is a big thumbs up.

The necklace for sure comes with a cool pendant that many men love. Its chain on the other hand comes with a basic style and in different lengths. It is unique and stands out from many products in the market. Its uniqueness makes it the ideal gift to your man at a special occasion. It symbolizes religion as well as uncapped love in a different way. You love him so much that you took your time to come up with such an appealing and great gift.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Cross Necklace

Most men's cross necklaces are made of stainless steel which makes them durable. This then isn't to mean that you shouldn't take the precautionary measures to take care of the necklace or go the extra mile to clean your necklace. Moreover, not all of them are made of steel. There are gold, silver and rose gold ones. We are going to take you step by step through the process we recommend you follow on how to clean your cross necklaces.

How to clean a gold cross necklace (for men)

You'll notice that gold cross necklaces for men don't come with gems or stones on them, and thus cleaning is easier. You can even clean them by the simple use/way of your hands. Place the necklace in some warm water then add some dish-washing liquid. Gently rub the chain using your fingers. If the chain contains heavy braids, you could opt to use a soft brush. The bristles of the brush should be soft to avoid scratching the necklace. Do not use toothpaste or baking soda as they are highly abrasive. Finally, rinse the necklace well to remove any traces of soap that might be left behind.

Finally place it on a dry piece of cloth to dry. Towels with lints should be avoided as the lints can get stuck in between the necklace. Apart from this cleaning procedure, you could opt to polish your gold necklace. Purchase a polish from any jewelry store and follow the instructions that it comes with.

How to clean a silver necklace

When exposed to air, silver necklaces for men tend to tarnish. For this reason, these necklaces require a higher maintenance level than the rest. A lot of products are in the jewelry cleaning market, most of which can be used to provide that extra shine to your silver necklace. A good example of this is the silver polishing cloth. This cloth, as its name suggests, is used on silver materials and polishes them.

For silver cross necklaces for men that have heavy braids around the chain, more effort will be required. You can opt to use a toothbrush and a toothpaste to scrub it and get debris off. Afterwards, rinse it in warm water and let it to dry on a clean piece of cloth. Ensure that the cloth doesn't have lint on it to prevent them from getting stuck on your cross necklace. Also, another thing to remember is that some toothpastes are more abrasive than others and dependent on the type of silver, they can leave some scratches behind.

There is an alternative method to go for apart from the procedure as mentioned above. Mix warm water with salt and baking soda. Dip the necklace into the water and leave it for a couple of minutes. This is until its tarnish disappears. Afterward, leave it to dry on a clean piece of cloth.

How to clean a Rose gold cross necklace

These are some of the lightest necklaces when it comes to their quality. They can easily get scratched. Follow this procedure when you want to clean your rose gold necklace.

Dip a soft piece of cloth in warm water. Strictly don't use any soap as even the mildest soap can do a lot of damages to a rose gold necklace. Use this cloth to clean the entire necklace, not leaving a single place/point untouched. Do not exert a lot of pressure on it. Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the necklace.

Added Tips

When your cross necklace comes with gemstones, additional care is required. Wipe these types of mens cross necklaces using a damp piece of cloth. Be very careful if there are some hair strands caught in between the stones. You could use a lighter to burn them up or alternatively use hair removal cream. When using the cream, apply it to the necklace and leave it for some few minutes. Afterwards, immerse it in water, and it will get cleaned up, with the hair strands remaining it in water.

When not wearing your men's cross necklaces, make sure that they are flat or hanging straight. This will prevent any dirt from settling on your men's cross necklaces.


Finally we are at the end of our guide. By now, you have every information that you require concerning the men's cross necklaces in our collection, literally. Our guide has ensured that we have given you first hand info, in the simplest manner and language possible. If you are a lady and are looking forward to buying your man or son a beautiful cross necklace, our collection has got you covered. They are the best that the market has to offer.

Make sure that you follow our cleaning tips to ensure that your necklace lasts you a very long time. Bye for now! Enjoy shopping our collection of men's cross necklaces.