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Men's Promise Ring Guide

Buying the Perfect Promise Ring for Men

Why some people continue to operate under the idea that a promise ring is really only for women is crazy, we know that nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact the earliest promise rings we know of (promise rings exchanged back in ancient Rome during the second century BC) were hardly ever promise rings for women exclusively but instead were promise rings for couples that wanted to tell the rest of their society that they were in a committed relationship during the legally mandated block of time between when someone could get engaged and when someone could get married.

There’s a lot of historical precedent behind promise rings for men and today these kinds of rings are more popular than maybe ever before. This has led to a tremendous amount of these designs flooding the market, which seems like a great bit of news on the surface – until you go looking to purchase the perfect promise ring for him.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, it’s easy to get stressed out, and it’s easy to feel like you are up against a gargantuan task on the hunt for the perfect promise ring for him. But with the help of all the inside information we share below you should have no trouble whatsoever quickly navigating the promise ring market, finding the ideal ring for men, and choosing a ring that has all the meaning and significance the two of you were hoping for.

Let’s get right to it!

Always Work with Jewelers You Know You Can Trust

As we touched on in other guides for promise rings, it’s a good idea to work with a professional jeweler to help you find the perfect promise ring for him, do that before you dive into the ocean of choices you can find locally or on the internet.

The right jeweler is not only going to be able to steer you in the direction of design and pieces that fit your budget perfectly, but they are also going to ask the kinds of questions that only a professional operating in this business every day would know to ask – the kinds of questions that can illuminate the different designs that might have been otherwise overlooked, and the kinds of questions that can help you really narrow down exactly what kind of promise ring type for him and the meaning you are looking to get out of this piece of jewelry.

Sure, you could decide to go it alone and handle all of the heavy lifting of researching your options, finding a reputable seller, dealing with the customization process, and everything else that is involved in purchasing this kind of jewelry – but why do all of that alone when you could lean on professionals that want to make sure you get the best results possible without blowing up your bank account along the way?

Reputable jewelers usually have some sort of membership with trade associations, industry leaders, and other organizations. You’ll want to look for those affiliations but you’ll also want to look at customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies you can dig up from people that have purchased promise rings for him from this shop in the past.

These are the kinds of people that have undoubtedly gone through the experience that you are going through right now and they are the ones that will be able to provide you with the most in-depth inside information that’s impossible to get without going through this process already.

Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews to get a real evenhanded idea of what you’re getting into working with a particular jeweler, and always aspire to work with someone you know you’re going to be able to trust and someone that has your best interests at heart.

You want the promise ring and the meaning of the piece of jewelry you purchase to be memorable and important, but you don’t want it to be a bad memory caused by a less than ethical jeweler.

Lean Towards Simple, Minimalistic Designs

While there are all kinds of options out there when it comes to promise ring designs, the overwhelming majority of promise ring for men designs are understandably simpler, more minimalistic, and a lot more understated compared to the female designs that are a lot more ornate, a lot more glitzy, and a lot more glamorous.

Now, this isn’t to say that you have to get your hands on a ring that is about as plain as can be – little more than just a simple band and maybe a little bit of embellishment here or there. There are opportunities for you to dress up a promise ring to help it stand apart from the rest of the pack, to give it a little bit of extra significance, and to make sure it still looks stylish and exciting.

But at the end of the day you want to be sure that you are leaning towards some thing with a little less flair and a little more understated style.

There aren’t too terribly many men out there that want to have a flowery, ornate, and overly stylized ring on their fingers even if they want nothing more than to celebrate and honor the special relationship that the two of you are building together.

While you might lean towards these kinds of rings (and understandably so) for yourself, it’s important that you think about the kind of ring that the man you’d like to purchase this piece of jewelry for would be proud and honored to wear on a day to day basis – the kind of ring that he wants to show off and the kind of ring he wants to symbolize the type of relationship you two have.

Think About the Wear and Tear This Ring Might See

Wear and tear in jewelry is often pushed aside but it can have serious long term effects. Make sure you consider this when purchasing a promise ring for your man.

Tips For How to Wear a Promise Ring

Another important thing to think of that often goes overlooked when purchasing jewelry for men – promise rings for him or any other piece of jewelry, for that matter – is the value in finding durable pieces that can withstand the daily wear and tear they will be subjected to almost around-the-clock.

Regardless of whether or not the man in your life works in a rough and tumble industry or relies on his hands to make a living makes no difference, it’s just that men usually find themselves in situations where their hands are getting beat up and they have to be a little more physical than most.

That means that the ring and any other jewelry they are wearing on a regular basis is going to be subjected to a lot more punishment, and that punishment can really do a number on metals and materials that aren’t up to the task.

If you need any evidence of the kind of abuse that rings can take on a man’s hand, just ask to see the wedding ring that your father or male friends have compared to the wedding ring that your mother or your female friends have.

The odds are pretty good that the male wedding ring is going to be significantly more beat up, tarnished, dented, and dinged than the female ring. And it’s not because some people treasure their jewelry more than others, or because some think of the ring as a more important symbol than others.

It’s just the nature of the beast!

This is why a lot of men’s rings these days are being manufactured out of materials like titanium and palladium as opposed to softer materials like gold and silver. A ring manufactured out of titanium – especially a promise ring for men – is going to have an extra level of strength and endurance, not to mention durability, that’s going to help it to maintain its look and its feel for decades longer than those softer metals could.

It’s not a bad idea to look into these kinds of materials and choose designs that are simpler and more understated that won’t be rubbed away with daily friction, force, or accidental damage.

Consider a Matching Set for the Two of You

If you aren’t exactly sure of how a promise ring for him might go over, but really want to make sure that you both have some thing to symbolize the committed relationship that you are moving forward with, it’s not a bad idea to invest in promise rings for couples – especially those that have similar or complementary designs that really play well with one another.

This has become incredibly popular in just the last few years, with younger couples in specific - looking at promise rings for men that have similar design features, motifs, and elements that match well together.

This creates a partnership with the pieces of jewelry for the two of you, pieces of jewelry that fit together with one another the same way that the two of you do – creating an extra layer of promise ring meaning that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

These rings can act as a foundation to be built on top of as you move forward as well, with both of you adding to your ring collection as you become engaged and as you get married. It’s fun to watch these rings grow alongside a relationship that does the same!

Custom Inscriptions Are a Great Way to Personalize a Promise Ring

If you are hunting for a way to customize the promise ring for him that you are interested in purchasing, but don’t want to add all kinds of frilly designs or ornate elements, then it might not be a bad idea to go with a custom inscription – on the inside or the outside – of this ring to set it apart from every other.

These kinds of sentimental messages, favorite quotes or passages, or even just your name or the date that the two of you first got together can dramatically increase the amount of promise ring meaning of this piece of jewelry - and it is going to have all the same effects without having to spend a mountain of money or add extra design frills that might have taken away from how special this ring can be for a man.

The opportunities to really make this some thing special, to really make it stand out, and to really separated from the rest of the pack while at the same time keeping it as a symbol of the commitment you two have for one another and the promise that you’ve made together are endless.

Everything you need to know about Mens Promise Rings

A mans’ promise ring can offer significance in a relationship in a variety of different areas; areas which the couple would need to seriously sit down and discuss prior to the purchase of the mans’ promise ring. A mans’ promise ring is usually purchased as part of a pair with the lady’s promise ring. A mans’ promise ring shows that they are equally involved in the commitment of building/advancing the relationship, and represents the promises that the couple have made with each other when deciding on the mans’ promise ring.

Mens promise rings themselves go back as far as your imagination can take you and are known by different names for different folks; holding different meaning for each couple, e.g. pre engagement rings, commitment rings, bonding rings, and so many more. Whatever name that the couple opts for with their set will indicate the nature of their promises, and the hopes that they have for their relationship. The mans’ promise ring will show the nature and depth of his love and dedication to the woman in his life.

More and more young people are opting to remain single, so a mans’ promise ring is not necessarily a precursor to a marriage proposal. A mans’ promise ring in this modern day and age does not have to precede an engagement or marriage. Today, a mans’ promise ring can simply let the world know that this couple intends to spend their lives enjoying a happy and healthy cohabitation with a long-lasting, loving and full relationship; without the presence of marriage by using amans’ promise ring and a womans' promise ring as their show of commitment to each other and the relationship. A lot of the modern couples today will treat their relationships in the same manner using the same kind of love and respect, and responsibility that they would were they in an official marriage or loving contract of similar capacity - with the mans' promise ring as their bonding piece. The mans' promise ring will offer the characteristic showpiece that this is not a dating-type scenario. The mans’ promise ring shows that the two of you are at a level that means so much more.

There are still those that use these culturally significant mens promise rings as a precursor to marriage; and some women in this bold new world are taking the first step and presenting the specially made promise ring for him (their lover), or mens promise rings designed and made for boyfriends (found in our collection) to initiate a step towards the engagement process. In this instance, the man’s promise ring is a type of eternal love ring or pre engagement ring. By presenting the man with a specially made promise ring, they are letting their significant others know along with the rest of the world that they are in love with this person; that they feel they are compatible in every way, that they are financially responsible, and will take this period of time from the time they present the man with a promise ring made specially for him until the actual engagement and forthcoming wedding to plan and save to have the wedding they both dream of. After the man accepts his specially made promise ring, it is up to him whether he will get one for his lady.

The mans’ promise ring is actually worn on the left-hand ring finger to denote the seriousness of the commitment between the couple. If the couple chooses to marry, the mans’ promise ring will be moved to the right-hand ring finger; so the promises they have made using the mans’ promise ring to each other will not be forgotten or broken. If a couple breaks the promises that were made when the mans’ promise ring was given, the mans’ promise ring needs to be removed and returned (if the jeweler has a return policy for their mens promise ring within the sale/contract rules they have). The dishonorable wearer of a man's promise ring can no longer adorn the promise ring that they have desecrated. Even if the couple were to mend things, that mans’ promise ring needs to go back and a new (man styled off course) promise ring would need to be obtained sometime in the future when and if the relationship reaches a stable point.

Ancient Times

It’s not clear if there was a promise ring for a man in ancient history, though, rings have carried back a very rich history throughout human culture. Back in Ancient Greece and related times, their finger was used for adornment as one of the most popular parts of the body for such; as it was the most accessible. The reason for doing this was to keep the promise of commitment in the front of your mind with the finger ring. Of course, women were obviously expected to wear this jewelry but a man's promise ring would be difficult being they tended to have more than one woman; a practice which was common in those times - So a promise ring for a man would be unlikely as a promise ring made specifically for him would have to come from various women. Of course, he could just alternate the days that he would wear each promise ring each partner made for him; depending on the woman with whom he was spending his time. I am sure the commitment that the men held for each woman was sincere, so the promise ring for him (if a man wore it for commitment) would have held meaning back then like now.

In Ancient Rome, a mans’ promise ring originated centuries ago as they were made for the betrothed couple; so the man would also wear a uniquely designed promise ring for himself. The mans’ promise ring and the ladys' were elaborate with engravings bearing their names. It's difficult to say if the mens promise rings in those times actually served as their actual version of what would become the wedding ring today. They held elaborate ceremonies and marked the mens promise rings as special pieces of jewelry which declared the intentions of the commitment of the couples of this time. It seems that this handcrafted 'promise ring' made for him was held in a much higher regard.

A mans’ promise ring was at one point in time called a ‘poesy' or ‘posey' ring. The man styled promise ring was very popular in the 16th century in England; where this small man styled promise ring could be adorned with an entire poem of romantic gestures, and given to declare love. This grand gesture of presenting a promise ring for him and for her, along with the extravagant declaration, would have meant a great deal to the recipient. How do you top a man’s promise ring when it comes time for the engagement and the wedding? What would you ever gift him as a step up from a promise ring for him when the man’s promise ring was so elaborate? That's a hard answer we don't even know the answer to, to be honest!

Gemstone settings were the way to go in the Georgian and Victorian eras for promise rings for him. The “mens” promise rings of the time were known as ‘Acrostic’ rings, and they were also a very popular type of promise ring. Again, this hasn’t been specified as particularly a man’s promise ring, but there is evidence that there was exchanging of promise rings in this manner. The lovers at the time used these stones in order to show the terms of their endearment by spelling out messages on the man’s promise ring as well as the woman’s promise ring. This had to be a very lovely promise ring for a man and quite a sweet way to show your intentions and your feelings for a woman. A promise ring for a man can be, of course, masculine and strong with the right metal, but the promise ring for a man can also be very beautiful.

Promises behind the Promise Ring for a Man

A promise ring for a man and a woman can bear many types of meanings depending on what your particular commitment to each other holds for the two of you, and is not just based on getting married. A promise ring for a man will hold several definitions and they will vary based on your values, ethics, the love you hold for each other - and even why you choose to be together and give a man a promise ring or receive a woman’s promise ring to begin with.

Boyfriend Promise Rings

Young love. Generally, around the age of 16, teenagers begin to experience their first love. Girls want to ‘commit’ to the boys they are going out with by presenting them with promise rings made for ‘boyfriends’. In most instances, promise rings are a sign that you are more than dating, but in the case of promise rings for boyfriends with young lovers, promise rings for boyfriends are simply saying to other teenagers that this is my boyfriend. Sometimes, it's tough to get a guy to wear a promise ring made for a boyfriend at that age. Boys aren’t really into jewelry, and don’t want to sincerely make any kind of commitment like that. They don’t yet understand the meaning behind promise rings for boyfriends.

It's up to the girlfriend to gently explain promise rings for boyfriends and make sure that the relationship is actually one that is strong enough, and at a point where a promise ring made for a boyfriend is even a concept that should be considered. No matter what age you are, a promise ring made for a boyfriend is a serious step that you should both sit down and talk about as a couple before you go and spend the money (on a promise ring for your boyfriend). You want to make sure this is the right time and right person for this commitment before you bring in a promise ring specially made for your boyfriend into the relationship.

Purity. In some instances, a promise ring for a man is a commitment that he makes to himself and his significant other that he will abstain from sex. There are purity rings, but a lot of times men use a promise ring for a man to serve this purpose. This promise ring for a man is essentially promising he will abstain until the time that they are officially married; and he wears this promise ring (that was made for a man) to declare his oath. In a lot of situations, this promise ring for a man is purchased by himself, or the promise ring for a man/boy is bought by a parent when the male is younger in certain religious-type communities.

Friendship. A promise ring does not have to signify romance. Friendship rings are also called promise rings. Two men can share a promise ring for a man in order to denote the tightness that they share as friends. Giving another man a promise ring is not at all uncommon, particularly if you have a friend who has been with you through any type of hardships or tribulations, or throughout the entirety of your life as a whole. This man is probably like a brother to you and to symbolize that, you can each share aset of matching promise rings for men. There needs to be no explanation or declaration as to why you wear the men’s promise rings. A promise ring for a man in this case is a quiet commitment that the two of you share with each other. A promise ring for a man can also be given to this person if they are to serve as the best man at your wedding. What better gift is there to give the person that stands up for you on the most important day of your life than a promise ring for a man? This is off course if you haven’t already given them the promise ring at an earlier point in life.

According to society, a mans’ promise ring does not hold the same water/weight as an engagement ring or a wedding ring. You're not as committed if you just have a promise ring for a man. This concept as it pertains to a man’s promise ring is phony. The vowels that you make with your partner when you receive your man styled promise ring will hold as much meaning as you instill into the man styled promise ring. You should not buy this promise ring for a man if you (or him) have any doubts or take the relationship at its elemental form for granted - or not at all seriously. The mans’ promise ring will hold no value if you go into it with such little feeling. A promise ring for a man and a woman should be exchanged between two partners who share a dedication to their relationship and life goals that are shared - and are ready to take a step of exclusivity, and responsibility towards each other. There should be joy, happiness, and faith in the relationship when a man’s’ promise ring is obtained.

When you buy a man a promise ring, it’s about sentiment. The amount of money that you spend and how elaborate your mans’ promise ring is should not be how you express yourself. You can engrave your mans’ promise ring. You can add stones, e.g. birthstones, or (yours/his) favorite gems to the mans’ promise ring - but overall, the mans’ promise ring should be a very simplistic piece of jewelry. This is a promise, a declaration, and a commitment between the two of you. The mans’ promise ring (and the ladys’ promise ring) are some thing intimate you share together, not some thing to be shown off or blazoned recklessly about town. Your mans’ promise ring is almost like a secret that only the two of you share.