Monogram Bracelets Buying Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Monogram Bracelets

Monogramming jewelry has been around for centuries. Custom made necklaces, bracelets, and bands can be personalized with letters, symbols, or numbers that have a special meaning to the owner. Monogrammed accessories (like a monogram bracelet) make the perfect gift idea.

Many historians believe that the Roman and Greek rulers were the first to use the modern-day monogram. They used monograms on coins to differentiate between the rulers from a particular area and another. Throughout history, monograms were used in artwork, royal family emblems, and wedding invitations.

Nowadays, monogrammed bracelets are a fashion statement. Most of the major fashion houses and jewelers carry a line of statement pieces that customers can have an engraved message or a few designs of their choice on. From celebrities to the everyday-mom, you can find a piece of a monogrammed item on them - from bracelets, clothes, all the way to shoes.

Monograms add an air of mystery and intrigue to your items - you can carry or wear something that has a special meaning to you without necessarily saying it. A monogrammed bracelet is a sophisticated accessory that is distinct. It's a final artists' signature on your creation/possession - and that makes it extra special.

A monogram bracelet is a perfect gift for your loved ones to commemorate that special occasion. Be it a birthday, wedding, or the birthdate of a child, having a gorgeous piece of accessory (a gold monogram bracelet perhaps) to remind you is always a great idea.

How to create a monogram for a monogram bracelet

Traditionally, a monogram contained three letters to create a single symbol. There are many ways to create a unique design for your monogram (for the gold monogram bracelet). You don't have to stick to the traditional techniques, explore new ways to make your design (for the gold monogram bracelet) stand out.

You can draw it on a paper

If you can draw what you envision on a piece of paper, that's fantastic. Get your creative juices flowing and create by hand a monogram (on a bracelet) that you want. You will then take it to your jeweler (Penelope's Promise) to transfer it to your bracelet accessory. Get inspiration from existing monograms online and make it your own (for the gold monogram bracelet) by making changes to suit your monogram bracelet needs.

There are many resources online, think Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word, and many other types of image creation softwares that can help you come up with a monogram bracelet design. With this kind if illustration software, you will be able to experiment with the styles, features, and effects available when creating a cute monogram bracelet.

You can pay a designer to create for you a design that matches what you were looking for. They will come up with different monogram bracelet monogram styles for you to choose. If you go with this route, you are likely to pay good change (moolah) as artists don't come cheap, but the outcome on your monogram bracelet is beautiful.

Alternatively, ask the jeweler to create one for you. They may offer this service free or as an added charge. Regardless, you will get a few designs to choose from, all of which can be fine-tuned to your liking.

A good monogram has symmetry. There is a balance in the way letters are used and how they are placed next to each other (especially on a monogram bracelet). The monogram on the monogram bracelet should not overwhelm the viewer. Spacing, colors, and angles should be noted in the balancing of the design for the monogram on the bracelet. Create a monogram design (for the bracelet) that is simple yet versatile. The simpler the design is, the better it is to create a monogram out of it.

The font used should create an overall balance between all elements and shouldn't disturb other parameters of the logo. Whether you decide to use thin or bold font styles, it should be well paired with the monogram you are working with. For instance, personal monograms can use italics, while business monograms tend to be more straight with bold typeface.

What material will I use?

After fine-tuning your monogram design, it can be printed, carved, or written on the material of your choice. Here are some materials you can use.


Your monogram can be carved or printed on wood. The wood is cut into a circular, rectangle shape or according to how you want it - and then it's attached to metallic straps or leather strings for fastening around the wrist. Wood is relatively cheap, and the monogram can be printed or carved and painted to the colors you want.


Leather is another excellent material used in bracelet making. It' durable and comes in many colors. It's easy to work with, and the monogram can be carved into the leather or printed on top.


This material comes in different qualities depending on your budget. A silver monogram bracelet can cost anything from a few dollars to thousands depending on the quality of the silver used. Sterling silver is the purest silver and therefore more expensive. Silver-coated and nickel silvers are readily available in the market and are more affordable. A silver monogram bracelet is sleek and durable and can be worked into many designs.


Gold comes with many options: gold colors, gold karats, and gold plating options. So, you can get a gold monogram bracelet in yellow, white, and rose colors. Yellow gold is the purest form. Pure gold is marked 24k and carries a hefty price tag.  There are many types of gold plating options that you may come across when buying gold jewelry like the monogram bracelet. Gold layered, or gold plated monogram bracelets are more affordable. Gold monogram bracelets are durable and always in fashion.

Where to get your monogram bracelet

Now that you have your design and have chosen the material you want your monogram bracelet made from, where can you get your design actualized? Your first stop should be a reputable local jeweler near. Give them your design and they will give you a quote, so you know how much you will be spending.

There are many online artisans running custom jewelry shops online. You can send them your design or ask them to make one for you. Check out customer reviews before spending your money. This will tell you how good they are and if they can deliver.

Finally, don't forget to put that beautiful monogram bracelet in a gift box before presenting it to your loved one. A well-wrapped gift shows you put in the effort in selecting it, and the effort will be well appreciated. A monogrammed bracelet is the perfect way to celebrate that important day in your life.