Monogram Necklaces Ring Guide

Everything you need to know about Monogrammed Necklaces

Monogram necklaces are like a secret code that no one can break unless you give them the key. You don’t have to tell anyone what the letters stand for on monogram necklaces. A lot of times folks will just assume that monogram necklaces are the wearer’s initials, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. You can use the monogramming in monogram necklaces to denote anything you want to. There are no hard and steady rules to what you have to do with monogram necklaces.

Monogramming goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. That’s not saying they had monogram necklaces. They did most likely have their fair share of jewelry, though. Monogramming was set aside for coins and went on throughout the centuries to mark important items with the moniker of the owner. Then monogramming blew out of control and folks began to not only monogram gold monogram necklaces or silver monogram necklaces or personalized monogram necklaces for keepsake purposes, but they started to mark their personals with monikers and their everyday items became emblazoned with monograms; everything was personalized with the owners' initials. If it's not an item that can be passed on to your family, e.g. monogram necklaces, a monogrammed piece may not be appreciated. Who would necessarily want something with someone else's brand on it? Exactly.

Even with the monogram necklaces themselves, there is a lot of items to consider when deciding to get one or a set of them. If you pay a lot of money for a gorgeous gold monogram necklace or a stylish silver monogram necklace, and you at some point decide that you need to sell the stylish silver monogram necklace or the gorgeous gold monogram necklace because you, perhaps, get into a financial bind, having another person’s initials on it would seem to make it difficult to sell the gold monogram necklace or the silver monogram necklace. This assumption may not always be true, but, personalized monogram necklaces are something that you buy with the intention that you (or the end wearer) are going to be passing it in on to the next generation of your (or their) family.

If you want to buy someone a personalized monogram necklace or a set of monogram necklaces, make sure that this is something(s) that they will hold dear as precious personalized monogram necklaces; and that they will have family that they will be able to pass the personalized monogram necklace(s) on to. This is a very personal-type of gift and it should be given with the utmost care. Personalized monogram necklaces really aren't something that you give to just anyone. You really need to be super close with the friend that you present with the personalized monogram necklace; know their family situation, and if they will have use for keepsakes of this sort. Some people have an aversion to walking around with their initials on a personalized monogram necklace; whether it be a stunning silver monogram necklace or elegant gold monogram necklace. Figure out your gift receivers tastes.

Vintage Monogram Necklaces

One exception to the rule with owning monogram necklaces is the vintage monogram necklace. Vintage is always in style and folks will grab up anything that is vintage even if the initials have no bearing to their life. They sometimes will make up a relative or two with the initials on the vintage monogrammed necklaces just so they have a purpose for wearing the vintage monogram necklaces. The silver monogram necklaces that are vintage as well as the vintage gold monogram necklaces are especially in demand for their worn look. These monogram necklaces are considered treasured pieces and these monogram necklaces make the ultimate gift. New is not always best when it comes to monogram necklaces.

What Are Monogram Necklaces

There are several ways to make the monogramming for monogram necklaces. The most often used way we see monogram necklaces is in the Victorian format, which shows the first initial followed by a larger version of the last initial, and then the middle initial last. With this version of monogram necklaces, the last name is emphasized as a shout out to the family unit. There is also use on monogram necklaces of the first initial, middle initial, and last initial - with all being the same size. Some very popular monogram necklaces are the married/marriage monogram necklaces where the woman’s first initial comes first with the couple’s last name initial much larger, and then the man’s first initial last. Other variations are:

-Family. You can get monogram necklaces that bear your kids names as the center letters with parent letters on the outside. These monogram necklaces would denote the entire immediate family, and each member of the family can get these monogram necklaces to wear proudly.

- Single. Sometimes there are folks who get a monogram necklace with only a single letter. In this instance, these folks may not have three letters that they can use on their monogram necklace or set of different monogram necklaces, or they simply prefer not to use all of their initials on the monogram necklace. With these monogram necklaces, you can use either your first, last, or middle initial. It’s all about your taste and preferences. It’s also about how you ultimately want to personalize your monogram necklace or necklaces to suit your fashion needs.

- Safety. Monogram necklaces are a lot safer than how folks used to (and still) personalize their necklaces with full on name necklaces, especially for young children. These name pieces could absolutely serve as a safety hazard for small kids, particularly if they walk alone. Monogram necklaces eliminate any risk of harm by taking the full name out of the equation; but yet monogram necklaces still show ownership in case of danger.

- Fonts. Most places offer a wide variety of fonts for your monogram necklaces, ensuring that your monogram necklaces are unique in every aspect; from the initials, to the style, and finally to the letters themselves.

Why wear Monogram Necklaces

There are a variety of reasons why people wear monogram necklaces and why some choose gold monogram necklaces versus silver monogram necklaces - and why they enjoy their personalized monogram necklaces.

- Loss. If you have lost a very close friend, it is a great way to memorialize them by getting a cool gold monogram necklace or a simple silver monogram necklace or any combination of personalized monogram necklaces for that matter - with even just a single letter or their whole monogram for you to wear close to your heart.

- Illness. There is a story of brave women who bought personalized monogram necklaces denoting the letter ‘C’ for cancer and wore them as a sign that not only were they fighting this deadly disease, but they were going to beat it. The monogram necklaces don’t have to stand for a person. The personalized monogram necklaces can be anything you want them to be as long as they hold personal meaning for you.

- Birth. When a child is born, this is the perfect opportunity for you and your child to get personalized monogram necklaces to share. You can get the child’s initials or just the first initial and the child can get their own initials or mom’s first initial on the monogram necklace. It would be nice to get them both in silver monogram necklaces or gold monogram necklaces to match - or one of each of the silver monogram necklaces or gold monogram necklaces.

- Dating. It is a sweet gesture when you reach a certain anniversary of having been dating to get a personalized monogram necklace for the special woman in your life. This isn’t too much of a commitment, but it acknowledges how important the romantically present woman in your life has become to you and is personal enough to make her feel special. Getting a cute silver monogram necklace or beautiful gold monogram necklace will strictly depend on their coloring preferences and comparing which would look better with their features as a whole.

How to wear Monogram Necklaces

There are no limits to the way you can wear monogram necklaces, nor to the styles of monogram necklaces that are available to you. Monogram necklaces don’t have to be exclusive to only the initials that the wearer and his/her loved one’s bear. The monogram necklaces can be personalized in any fashion that you see fit.

- Personalize. Add your personality to the monogram necklaces. There are birthstone gems that accord to your birth month, a close friend, a family member, a romantic partner; any type of stone that you would like to add to the monogram necklace(s) to add meaning behind the letters will add a soft spice to the necklaces. You can also add a charm of some type to your monogram necklaces, e.g. a heart or some other designation that symbolizes the significance of some sort of the piece.

- Pride. Some folks are wearing the names of other people for/on the monogram necklaces as a show of love, support, honor, commitment. They are also using significant words for their monogram necklaces as opposed to names or an initial that stands for something very personal on their monogram necklaces. The monogram necklaces are for somea couple of pieces of jewelry that they can hold onto in times of sadness or despair - as well as during difficulties or stresses.

- Layer. There are some folks who are using the monogram necklaces they buy from us in layers with other monogram necklaces bearing names of family members to display the entire family. Still, others are layering the monogram necklaces with (simply and in a balanced way) other necklaces of different styles and materials to have a unique look.

- Men. There are also monogram necklaces for men. It seems that there are men who do enjoy wearing the monogram necklaces that family buys them, particularly the younger generation who favor personalized monogram necklaces. For monogram necklaces for men, they prefer to use the initials in the first, middle, and last order. It can also be a correct and well calculated guess to put the man’s surname in the middle of the monogram necklace.

Monogramming is not just putting ownership to something that belongs to you, it is adding your own flair, individuality, style, and creativity to your monogram necklaces. This is your chance to design your own piece of jewelry in any way that you see fit - and to signify any important event or life circumstance, or person, place or thing that you can imagine in your life on some PRETTY cool monogram necklaces. The great thing is you can have as many monogram necklaces as you would like to have to represent as many different things as you would like the monogram necklaces to show and wear them separately depending on the way that you are feeling - or wear the monogram necklaces as a grouping, e.g. for family names.

Another great thing with monogram necklaces is you don’t have to get letters as your choice of characters. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to get numbers in place of initials for your monogram necklaces. Monogramming can be whatever you want it to be in this day and time. The significance of what the monogram necklaces mean to you is all that is important. It doesn’t matter what you choose to use as your monogram. You can pick numbers that represent the year you were born, your age (adults most likely won’t do that), how many kids you have etc. The possibilities and the types of characters that you can get with your monogram necklaces are endless. There are also cool symbols that you can use on your monogram necklaces if they hold any kind of specific meaning for you.


The thing that is important about personalized monogram necklaces is that they hold meaning for you; there is symbolism of some kind in that monogram that they bear. Monogram necklaces are not going to disappear from our jewelry boxes when we clear out our things each year to bring in new pieces. These monogram necklaces will stay with us, holding sentimentality until we pass them on to the next person who will find them just as special as we do. That's why it is so important when you are designing your monogram necklaces to make sure that all of these pieces hold a special significance for you and that there will be someone else who may share that feeling (family members) that you could maybe leave your precious monogram necklaces to when the time comes.

It would be nice to know that the monogram necklaces that we hold so dear will go on to family or friends who may sit around and share stories about the adventures they may have shared with us based strictly around monogram necklaces that we wore/bought. These monogram necklaces hold a cherished place in our heart for many reasons, some we haven't even realized yet.