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Name Necklaces Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Name Necklaces

Online jewelry stores like Penelope’s Promise and jewelers today are able to turn even the most intricate and extravagant design ideas into real-world pieces like never before – and at more affordable prices than ever before – all while helping their clients create jewelry that shows off their personality and can be handed down for generations to come.

Some of the best new jewelry pieces and definitely some of coolest custom pieces on the market today are gold or silver variant name necklaces.

These gold or silver name necklaces are incredibly personal (for obvious reasons), adding a lot of flair and personality to an otherwise standard jewelry piece – and helping folks really set their design apart from the rest of the pack. Working with jewelers to create necklaces for yourself or your loved ones is always a good idea when you want to be sure the jewelry piece you’re having created is 100% different than any other piece.

The other cool thing about silver or gold name necklaces on the market today is that they are universally well-received as gifts.

Unlike other jewelry pieces, you don’t have to worry about whether or not someone is going to be interested in wearing necklaces. Whether you’re looking at gold name necklaces, silver name necklaces, or other kinds of personalized name necklaces, most folks are pretty comfortable wearing a necklace on a day-to-day basis – even if they might not have been comfortable wearing other pieces of jewelry (like earrings, bracelets, etc.).

Trying to find that special something for that special someone in your life becomes a lot easier when you go with one of different styles of silver or gold name necklaces, too.

There’s just something about receiving a custom or semi-custom piece of jewelry you know has been specifically made for you – without a doubt – that sets it apart from any other kind of gift you may have received prior.

Gold name necklaces and silver name necklaces are always going to be seen as a special surprise, the kind of special surprise that will be remembered for years and years to come. Another big bonus about these kinds of jewelry pieces is that they can be given as a sign of affection and endearment, as a symbol of your love and relationship; as well as a shared gift from a friend, significant other, lover, or family member.

There are about as “universal” a design as you are going to find in the world of jewelry today!

Being able to give someone silver name necklaces that include their name, your name, or a shared last name – or the name of someone else very important to them – is always going to provoke an emotional response. There’s so much wrapped up in all of our names (so much more than just our identity) that it’s practically impossible not for that emotion to carry over into these necklaces as well.

You won’t just be giving a piece of jewelry when you give someone silver or gold name necklaces. You will be giving them all the memories they have of the name on that necklace as well.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Name Necklaces

There are a bunch of different things you’re going to need to think about before you pull the trigger on silver name necklaces for yourself or gold name necklaces you’re thinking about giving someone else.

You want to be sure that this jewelry piece is ready to be worn and enjoyed right out of the box. Be sure to pay attention to all of the insider information that we share below and you’ll never have to worry about the gifting of this jewelry feeling incomplete or somehow lacking.

The chain is critical

The chain that the name necklace style/option you are interested in purchasing has will make or break the rest of the necklace, which is why you have to be 100% certain that you are sure that the chain you’ve selected is the right one.

Gold name necklaces should (obviously) include gold chains or at least gold colored chains, and silver name necklaces should obviously include silver chains or silver colored chains.

The opportunity is definitely there to mix and match these kinds of precious metals, changing the chain color from the pendant color (or vice versa) – but as a general rule it’s not a bad idea to keep everything monochromatic and shoot for the same metal material throughout your name necklaces.

The length of the chain that you have selected is also a big piece of the puzzle, regardless of whether or not you’re going with gold name necklaces or silver name necklaces. Both gold name necklaces and silver name necklaces can include chains that are extra long or short, and of the choker variety; but as a general rule you’ll want to shoot for something that falls even with your heart.

This is usually the length that most people shoot for when they are purchasing gold name necklaces and silver name necklaces; and it gives just enough room to show off the chain that the necklaces feature while at the same time making the pendant on these necklaces really shine as the star of the show, too.

You want to be sure that the gold name necklaces are as comfortable as possible but you also want to make sure that they are stylish as well. It’s always a better idea to go towards the side of too long a chain for your necklaces with the name than too short a chain; this is realistically only because longer chains can be trimmed to a shorter length with no real difficulty – and they are quite a bit more comfortable on personalized name necklaces, too.

The style of the chain you select is another big piece of the puzzle, as you will have an opportunity to go with all different kinds of visual styles, designs, and even materials for the chain of your name necklace.

Metal chains – like the ones you find on gold name necklaces and silver name necklaces – can come in a variety of different configurations. Some are simple interlocking chains, other are more complex braids; and others still are even more unique and visually captivating. The potential is definitely there to get your hands on some of these cooler style chains if that’s something you’re interested in, and if your name necklace or name necklaces budget allows for that kind of splurge.

Other style chains – including links, single-strand, pearl strand, etc. – are available on the market today. These give you a lot of flexibility in finding the perfect option for your new gold name necklace and silver name necklace. If you’re going to be going for the standard “chain” style necklace for yourself that’s great, but it’s not a bad idea to try and match the personality of the person you will be giving this chain to with your chain choice if it’s a gift.

The more personalized you can make this purchase the better it’s going to be received, for sure. There are a lot of opportunities out there to really custom tailor the name necklaces to your gift recipients needs, and the chain you pick for each person will go a long way towards helping you do exactly that.

Pendant style matters as well

With so many different name necklaces available on the market today to pick and choose from – including gold name necklaces, silver name necklaces, platinum necklaces, and more – the opportunity really exists to try different styles, to find semi custom or completely custom pendants, and to let your creativity run wild with this kind of jewelry purchase.

Gold name necklaces in particular feature a wealth of pendant styles, if only because gold is so soft and so easy to work with. Not only that, but most people are overjoyed when they receive the gift of a gold name necklace because they recognize just how precious and how valuable this natural material is.

You can’t go wrong with gold name necklaces, that’s for sure. Personalized name necklaces made out of gold – and silver, too – are always going to be a little bit better received than almost anything else.

You are going to have to figure out the style of the pendant you want to go with for your name necklaces.

Some people choose a minimalist style pendant for their necklace or set of necklaces; a pendant that really only features someone’s name and little else. Others instead choose to go for a more ornate design that’s a bit “busier”, featuring the name on these gold name necklaces quite prominently, but also adding some accoutrements all over the pendant as well.

The more custom you want your personalized name necklaces to be, the more you’re really going to want to think about how the pendant looks and how it’s going to frame the name of the persons that you are giving these gold name necklaces to.

This is when you’re really going to want to work closely with your jeweler to come up with a design that fits the aesthetic you are shooting for, the visual interests and style of the recipients your giving name necklaces to, and the way that everything is going to come together as a finished product.

Block font gold name necklaces are quite popular; but so are “name bar” necklaces, name tag necklaces, couples necklaces, even initial necklaces, signature and script name necklaces…

… And that just barely begins to scratch the surface of the options you’ll have to pick and choose from when it comes time to your purchases of gold name necklaces or silver name necklaces. The sky really is the limit when you’re getting a personalized name necklace for someone special in your life.

Obviously, your budget is going to kind of dictate just how flashy you can get with personalized name necklaces. But as a general rule of thumb you’ll be able to really create something special in partnership with your jeweler no matter what your budget is, as long as your expectations are in line with the amount of cash you have to spend on the name necklaces you commission.

Find the right jeweler to work with on your gold name necklaces and silver name necklaces

The last piece of the puzzle you want to master when shopping for personalized name necklaces is finding the right gold name necklaces and silver name necklaces jewelers to help you dial in on every aspect of this project.

Every now and again you will be able to immediately find the perfect personalized name necklaces available for sale with just a little bit of custom engraving (usually just filling in the name part on the necklace), but most of the time searching for the perfect gold name necklaces and silver name necklaces is going to involve a little bit more than that.

This is why you’re obviously going to want to be extremely sure that the personalized name necklaces you’re having created are in the hands of talented and experienced jewelers that know exactly what they are doing.

You want to work with jewelers that know how to get the very most out of gold name necklaces and their designs, how to master the nuances of creating silver name necklaces that really shine and sparkle, and how to create the kind of personalized name necklaces that can be next to impossible to find anywhere else.

Make sure that you are always working with jewelers that are excited to help you bring your jewelry ideas to life, jewelers that you feel comfortable moving forward with, and jewelers that treat this experience like a real partnership; and you’ll have nothing to worry about going forward!

The odds are pretty good that you’ll find the entire experience of creating these kinds of picture-perfect necklaces to be a once in a lifetime kind of experience. This is a special gift that won’t ever be underappreciated, a gift that will last a lifetime, and a gift that can be handed down from one generation to the next – a real heirloom kind of piece of jewelry, especially if you choose a family name to be the center point of the necklace itself.

At the end of the day, as long as you zero in on all the inside information we shared above, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever finding the perfect name necklaces for that special someone in your life. Use this guide to help you find the right piece and the right jeweler, and you’ll be off to the races in no time!

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Necklaces (Name Necklaces)

Custom necklaces can be considered staple pieces in human jewelry, as they go back in history since before history (as we know it today) was even written. These primitive pieces were worn around the neck of men as adornment to show their pride and bravery as hunters - which gave them respect and honor within their village. They were custom-made out of bones, teeth, feathers, and other materials from the hunt. They felt that if they wore these customized necklace pieces it would bring them fortune for the next time they went for the hunt.

There were also personalized necklaces given to protect the wearer from illness or bad luck - as well as those that brought fertility or wealth or even love. These were made with beautiful shells and pebbles which were considered to be gems. These were admired for their beauty and durability. The diamonds now found on many custom necklace pieces were not appreciated until approximately 1300 when folks figured out to break them open in order to allow the luster to appear. Necklaces were worn for the magical power that they were felt to have.

In the Roman era, gemstones were treated with high regard for their mythical powers and magical properties - but the women who wore the jewelry also would wear certain pieces such as long hairpins as defense when doing battle. Necklaces, bracelets, not just for the wrist but upper arm, and cameos all became exceedingly popular pieces of adornment, particularly those comprised of gold pieces.

The Greeks wrote of their love of jewelry and how it affected their daily lives. Jewelry prospered among the general Greek society as far back as 1700 B.C. and stayed in fashion denoting their faith in their own symbols - as well as their gods. Their jewelry was rich and varied, including bracelets, crowns, rings, earrings, hairpins, brooches, and necklaces. Each Greek woman no doubt had a custom necklace, and some of them depicted dangling miniature vases. It seems personalized necklaces have a place in each culture throughout history for all types of purposes, including functionality, ornamental, magical, and some.


Jewelry that is worn around someone's neck is oftentimes the least discreet and has the most size of any other piece worn.  Any type of gem that someone wants to carry that is too significant to place in a ring or perhaps earrings can be made custom in a personalized necklace.  The shells and stones of the earliest 'personalized' necklaces were replaced by fashionable beads of glazed pottery or glass, which is what the ancient Egyptians used.  These were found throughout prehistoric grave areas.  They were very valuable and served not just for ornamentation purposes but they were crucial in times of trade - serving as a type of currency for the people.

Throughout history custom necklaces soon were a sign that denoted power and authority, quickly becoming an essential part of the wardrobe - as such those with wealth and social status were the only ones to be adorned with them.  Eventually, the commoners would come to wear the less valuable pieces and soon everyone was wearing these popular pieces of jewelry.  In the 1500's the pendant became popular which was an ornament on a chain.  Later the charms would come in the shape of letters generally denoting the initials the person wearing the piece or else it would denote the name of a local monarch which made this piece - similar to a personalized necklace. This lost its popularity by the time the sixteenth century rolled around and by the seventeenth century necklaces of all types were not the thing to wear anymore with any type of clothing.

In the 19th century folks were just wearing the chain by itself; from the thin, small chain up to the thick heavy chain with no charm or gemstone or beading of any kind.  The chains that make up a necklace can be quite lovely in and of themselves.  There are a large variety and they come in many tones including gold, platinum, silver, as well as materials such as ribbon, leather - as well as rubber.

What constitutes being ‘in fashion' as far as what you wear hanging from a custom necklace is pretty much a matter of what you like.  Some folks like personalized name necklaces or custom name necklaces or just monogrammed necklaces.  Pretty much anything can and has been hung off of a string or a chain (for a name chain) or a piece of material over the years and worn around the neck - and they're not only for women.


Men have prominently worn necklaces throughout history as a sign of courage for the hunters, wealth and power for the rich aristocrats; and did so up through the eighteenth century when they became more preferred by the ladies.  They made a comeback for the men in the 60's and 70's when we saw the hippie era and the disco age, as these times made it more fashionable for the American and European men to wear custom necklaces as part of the pop culture fashion.

The love beads were passed around in the 60's and there were chains ( similar to those found on a name chain) of gold being worn in the 70's; some bearing crosses or other charms for the dance craze of the disco days.  This fashion statement carried on into the late 20th century for the hip-hop era when bold chains (name chains included) would hang proudly being made out of either gold or platinum, and stay flashy having pendants displayed of diamond encrusted jewels - showing off wealth.

Certain men have always displayed special personalized necklaces within the positions that they hold in the communities they reside in, positions such as the highest ranks of clergy, including those of the Roman Catholics.  This maintaining their fashion/tradition of wearing expensive and elaborate chains around their necks with massive hanging crucifixes as well as crosses - overall being a big part of their religious presentation.


A pendant is a beautiful ornamentation that you use to hang off of another piece of jewelry including either a custom necklace, or a brooch, or bracelet - and even an earring.  Pendants can be seen in many different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, fashions to include larger gemstones, cameos, pearls, lockets, crosses, charms, even watches.  In prehistoric times, amulets served as pendants and were among the first forms of jewelry in those days.  These were used within the 21st century in order to provide good luck or, as some would envision it to be, as protection from disaster or evil.

Pendants have the ability to be detached from whatever piece of jewelry that you affix it to so that you may wear it on different pieces as you see fit - with various different styles.  They are gorgeous pieces that many use as mementos to pass to other members of the family - through the many generations of the family.

A locket is generally a smaller type of pendant that comes in a flat or round, and sometimes oval case with a cover that is hinged, and is worn generally suspended by a chain on a custom necklace in a variety of different fashions.  These hold sentimental value for the wearer and will hold a memento for the person wearing it - from another person - including a photograph or a lock of someone's hair.  They can be engraved and set with various gemstones or birthstones of loved ones.  In the early ages, lockets were considered to be religious symbols that would hold a saint's relic.  They were especially incredible and well liked in the 18th and 19th centuries, and when photography was developed in the 20th century, their popularity soared as folks could incorporate pictures into the locket.

In the 19th century, this type of gift was especially sentimental for one to give to another as a sign of eternal devotion.  Lockets could also at the time be used as cases for men's watches or ‘pocket watches'; and would be worn suspended from a watch chain.


Women within the 18th century would use the custom necklace as a central piece to their fashion-wear.  It would be the main part of a matching set of jewelry to include earrings, brooches, bracelets, tiara, and pendants.  The custom necklace would be shown off in the evening with a gown having a low decolletage.  It would be the highlight of the outfit.  During the daytime, custom necklaces were not worn as much with the higher necklines of the day - instead they were replaced by the brooch or the pendant.

The idea of the formal wear of the matching set lasted throughout the beginning of the 20th century - at which point fashion became less formal.  During this time, the more affordable costum jewelry, which was still found to be just as nice with dressing patterns of the time, came onto the scene.  There were new, less costly materials, including plastic; as well as new technologies such as mass production, as well as mass media - all of which ultimately increased social acceptance. In the late 20th century personalized necklaces were designed to meet those needs based on the type of occasion or the person's taste, as well as preference; the levels of affordability and the statement these custom necklaces made in the fashion world were astonishing.


There are a number of materials that have held the 'highest' standard within fashion throughout Western cultural history - materials which undoubtedly include precious gems and metals such as gold and diamond and, of course, pearl.  Diamond would be among the most expensive of the materials; depicting glamour, wealth, and prestige throughout the course of history since the beginning of modern jewelry.  Roman women had the understandable tendency to favour pearls.  Early 18th century neoclassical dress would see women in formal wear including strings of pearls.  Young American and British women within the 20th century would get/wear gifts of short strands of pearls to denote the special sixteenth birthday; and it is still the first choice for alot of women for wedding attire as well as business women in the professional corporate world today.


It is difficult to trace a certain period of history to pinpoint the beginning of personalized name necklaces. The research directs and leads us straight to a reference of the ‘Carrie' gold name necklace from ‘Sex and the City', even though the history of the name necklace is most likely much more significant and goes much further and much deeper than that.

Wearing a custom necklace affords the wearer the opportunity of self identification.  These personalized necklaces give teenagers who first receive them the opportunity to get comfortable in their own skin. They see their name on a significant piece of jewelry, and this allows them to tell the world that they are here, and this is who they are.  They're ready to take on whatever comes along with their own form of brio.

There are other reasons to wear custom name necklaces, however. They don't necessarily have to have a name on them.  They can say whatever you like, and be personalized necklaces that exist in any form that you would like them to be.


There are a variety of ways to make a custom necklace just for you.  It can be a gold name necklace, a custom name necklace memorializing a loved one, or a personalized necklace in some other format.  Let’s look at various ways to customize.

- Year of wedding.  You don’t need to have a necklace with a name or monogram on it.  The custom necklace that you have can denote the year that you got married.  No-one will know what the date means but it will have a particular sentimental value for you and your husband.

- Baby’s name.  When your baby is born, you can get a gold name necklace with the baby’s name showcased to always wear and have their birthstone attached to the nameplate.

- Loved one.  You can get a monogram rather than a name of your loved one who you want to remember as a custom piece and wear it in a cluster with a custom necklace that has your name on it.  It's in fashion to wear multiple personalized necklaces together.

- Words.  Have personalized necklaces that depict words with special meanings for you.  There are folks who have gotten words such as cancer because they are a survivor and want the personalized necklace to not only be their reminder - but to showcase their courage and strength to the world.

- Friendship.  There are custom necklaces that you can have made for your friend that are just charms engraved with personalized messages that you share (with your friend) - to symbolize the friendship that you share with each other.


Having friends is a crucial part of living an enduring, fruitful, and lasting life that is full of beautiful and happy memories.  Without friends, it is said that your life will not be especially long-lasting, most likely a very short-lived, and sad life.  You need to have a group of people surrounding you that are diverse and well rounded - who will stand by and support you throughout any situation.  With these people in line, you need to mark their place with custom jewelry (like a custom necklace). Most often in these particular situations, custom necklaces are the way to go to show that they are special in your life.  So, who should you share these personalized necklaces with?  Let's look at what types of friends you should look for when thinking about purchasing various name necklaces.

- Best friend.  A loyal best friend is the one who ultimately keeps your wits for you.  This is the person who does not judge and offers their support to you through any crisis or any type of situation that you go through - no matter what is happening.  They know all of your secrets, all the good and bad, and they are still your biggest fan. This type of friend would receive a custom necklace generally half of a best friend necklace.

- Travel partner.  There are so many different places to go and see - and who doesn't need a companion to see these places with.  This person will be just as excited to go on adventures around the world as you are and may be the one to initiate the trips.  This is the partner that you need to give a personalized necklace that holds a compass to.

- Honest Friend.  We aren't always our best self and one of the folks that we call "friend" needs to be the tough love kind of companion who tells us like it is - whether we want to hear it or not.  This person doesn't hold back and is able to say the things we need to hear whether we get mad or not. We can argue and fight but still remain friends. You need the brutally honest friend who will tell you that a situation is not the perfect, ideal place that you think it is - and takes you out of a bad spot when you have rose-colored glasses on.  This confidant is your savior and may not be your favorite person at times, but will be your hero in the end.  This person needs an anchor pendant custom necklace.

- Wise.  Everybody needs a smart friend who advises us without making us feel less than we are.  ‘Never look down on someone unless you're helping them up.' this is per Jesse Jackson, a very wise statement.  It's important to inspire and challenge each other to do better for ourselves each and every day.  This is someone who might be just a few steps ahead in the game and can guide you in the right path, not their path, but the right way to go on your own path.  This person would appreciate a nice custom pocket watch necklace (or a simple custom name necklace).

- Culture.  It is nice for all of us to meet and enjoy members of different cultures and become friends. This world would be so much better if this would happen everywhere.  This allows the chance to try various customs, different values, and a range of traditions outside of your own.  You may even find that you want to take on a different way of doing things than you are used to.  This would be a person that would appreciate a personalized necklace depicting your culture - as they are trying to learn your customs, and values, and traditions as well.  A locket on a custom necklace would be ideal.

- Opposites attract.  It's important to develop friendships with people who may not necessarily have the same ideals as you do; so that you can see the world in a different capacity than you do, challenge your own ideas and values - and ultimately see things in a different light.  They may bring you to understand things in a different way and you may come to have a new vision after having a few healthy debates on various topics. A perfect personalized necklace would be a small time capsule pendant necklace.

- Work.  It's really nice to have a confidant at work.  This is a place where you spend a whole lot of your life, and you don't want to spend it just sitting in your cubby chopping away at the pile of work on your desk.  That would bring about depression.  It's important to have someone that you can break up the day with and vent your frustrations or express your uncontrollable elation with. This is a person who can relate to what you have to say.  It isn't necessary that the two of you get together outside of the office.  That is where the other friends come into play. If you hit it off really well, then this person would suit well as a person to do things with on the weekends or after work in the evening, though...But, that's not necessary.  This may not be someone that you necessarily want to BLATANTLY exchange a personalized piece of jewelry with.  It may not go over too well at the office, so be careful about when and where you exchange the personalized necklace.

There is a personalized necklace or a custom necklace out there for any type of friendship that you have or a variety of different custom name necklaces that you can choose from and different personalized name necklaces that you can decide on (for all friends and family). It doesn't have to be your name, a friend's name, a loved one's name.  It can simply be a word to denote something important to you.  Whatever the reason for your choice of custom necklace, it will certainly hold sentimental value for you of some kind when you see/wear it.  That has been the job of personalized necklaces throughout history for centuries; to depict some kind of meaning and hold some type of value for the wearer.  Whether they hold a name, or a charm, or a pendant, or a stone, or a bead, or a bone, or a tooth; custom necklaces will always tell a story.

What Are Nameplate Necklaces?

Nameplate necklaces are necklaces that include someone's name on them. This (the pendant area) is where the nameplate portion is included. Often, the wearer's name is on their nameplate necklace. Others choose to have their child's name or significant other's name added to the name necklace.

These name necklaces are becoming more popular and many people are starting to wear them. They are a trendy fashion statement and go with so many different outfits and styles. The options are endless.

Who Are Nameplate Necklaces For?

Nameplate necklaces can be worn by anyone. Often, they are worn by mothers and other women. For example, a grandmother may get a nameplate necklace (name necklace) with her grandchild's name on it. This is a special piece of jewelry and can be very meaningful.

As mentioned before, nameplate necklaces can also include the wearer's significant other's name on them. This means that girlfriends or wives may be seen wearing a name plate necklace on certain occasions as well.

If someone loses a loved one, they may choose to get a nameplate necklace (name necklace) with their loved one's name on it. This is a memorable way to honor that loved one and keep them with them at all times.

Nameplate necklaces have a very simple design, which makes them an awesome option for all types of women. Even if a woman does not wear a lot of jewelry, she may like a nameplate necklace (name necklace). They are easy to wear and are not typically heavy or hard to wear. They are great for women of all styles.

Overall, a nameplate necklace (name necklace) is a versatile piece of jewelry that works for anyone. Women and/or men can choose if they would like to include their own name or the name of a loved one in their life. No matter what a woman's style may be, many women love nameplate necklaces.

How to Choose a Nameplate Necklace (Name Necklace)

When you begin shopping for a nameplate necklace (name necklace), you will find a variety of options available. If you are buying a nameplate necklace (name necklace) for yourself, you should keep your own personal preferences in mind. If you would like a gold name plate necklace (name necklace), buy a gold one. If you would like a large name plate necklace (name necklace), shop for a bigger one.

If you are buying a name plate necklace (name necklace) as a gift, you should consider the taste of the person you are buying the name necklace for. If you know that they have a simple style, you should not buy a large or over-the-top name necklace for them.

Because there are so many different types of name plate necklaces on the market, you can find the one that you like the best. If you are shopping for one for a friend or family member, you should be able to find one that works for them.

Types of Nameplate Necklaces

When you begin looking for nameplate necklaces online or in-store, you will find that there are several different options available. The main choice you will need to make is the type of metal you want the necklace to be made from.

Commonly, this includes:

- Sterling silver

- Rose gold

- 24K gold

- 14K gold

- 14K white gold

You may find other types of metals available to choose from as well. It depends on where you are shopping. Stores will often charge different amounts of money for different types of metals, so keep this in mind. A gold name plate necklace (name necklace) does not cost the same amount as a rose gold name plate necklace (name necklace).

Some retailers will allow you to select the font of your choice. Most fonts for nameplate necklaces are script fonts. There may be several different types of script fonts to choose from. Some retailers will have one font that they use for all orders. In this case, there is no right or wrong answer. Simply select the one that is the most appealing to you (and use it for your name necklace).

You may also have a size choice. Some nameplate necklaces are larger than others. Some websites will provide measurements so you can select the size that works best for you. Again, this depends on your personal preferences (its your name necklace).

When you search for nameplate necklaces, you will find a variety of options in all shapes, colors, sizes, and more. Because this piece of jewelry (name necklace) is just for you, make sure you find the perfect one to match your style and meet your needs.

Why Nameplate Necklaces Make Great Gifts

You may have heard that personalized gifts (such as the name necklace) are a great idea. For this reason, nameplate necklaces make the perfect gift for any woman in your life.

Because nameplate necklaces are personalized, your friend or family member is able to know that you care about them without a shred of a doubt. It takes extra time, effort, and thought to give personalized items (such as the name necklace) as gifts. You have to place the order far in advance to make sure it arrives on time.

Custom gifts such as nameplate necklaces are a unique gift. Though they are a popular type of jewelry, not everyone thinks of giving them as gifts. Unless you and several other gift-givers have the same exact idea, your recipient will not be likely to receive the same name necklace.

Personalized jewelry also offers some sentimental value to its recipients. You could give your mother a personalized necklace with your name on it. You might give your girlfriend one with your name on it. This is an important way to remember people who are alive and those who have passed away as well.

Many women would be happy to receive a personalized piece of jewelry (like a name necklace) as a gift. Personalized nameplate necklaces are a great gift for nearly any holiday, including:

- Birthdays

- Valentine's Day

- Anniversaries

- Christmas

- Just because

Tips for Giving Nameplate Necklaces as Gifts

When you are buying any type of gift, it can be hard to know what your recipient wants. You may not know what type of metal they prefer or if they even want a gold name plate necklace (name necklace).

To help you shop for the perfectly customized gift (like the name necklace), use these tips.

- Begin shopping early. This will ensure that you have plenty of time to place an order and receive the custom name necklace prior to the recipient's birthday or another occasion. Waiting too long can mean that the custom name necklace is not delivered on time and you may have to buy a second gift.

- Find out about the turnaround time. Before you place an order, make sure you know when you can expect the custom name necklace. If you cannot find this information on the website, be sure to contact the company.

- Consider gift-wrapping options. Some retailers will wrap a gift for you ahead of time. This takes some stress off you and ensures that the custom name necklace is wrapped beautifully. It usually does not cost a lot of extra money and is worth it.

- Make sure it fits the recipient's style. It can be nice to surprise a friend or family member with a beautiful, custom name necklace, but you want to make sure they will like it. If you do not know if the recipient will like it, try to think about it before placing an order. You do not want to get your recipient something they will not actually like.

- Keep your recipient's style in mind. Your friend or family member may like rose gold or silver. They may like smaller jewelry or larger jewelry. If you know this about them, this makes the shopping process easier. If not, use your best judgment by thinking about what they typically wear.

- Consider getting a gift certificate. If you cannot decide which nameplate necklace (name necklace) is best for a gift, you can purchase a gift certificate for your friend or family member. This allows them to pick out the perfect custom name necklace, but they will still receive it like a gift. Keep in mind that some smaller businesses may not offer gift certificates, depending on their shop's system.

Can You Buy a Nameplate Necklace (Custom Name Necklace) for Yourself?

You can buy a nameplate necklace (custom name necklace) for yourself if you would like to. This is not a piece of jewelry (the custom name necklace) that should only be given as a gift. When you buy a gold name necklace for yourself or any other type of personalized jewelry, you get to choose exactly what you would like.

For example, you get to choose the font that you would like for the personalized name necklace. You can select the type of metal of your choice. You can pick the right size for your taste. Most importantly, you can choose the name on the necklace.

You may want to get your own name or the name of a loved one. This can be your significant other, a lost family member, a child, or anyone else who is important to you.

What is great about buying a custom necklace (like the name necklace) for yourself is that you get to choose exactly what you want. You do not have to worry about someone else making those decisions for you. This will help you to be happy with the personalized necklace.

What to Look for When Buying Nameplate Necklaces

When you buy a nameplate necklace (name necklace), keep in mind that a personalized name necklace takes time to make. Because it is a personalized item (the name necklace), the seller will need to create it with somebody's name on it. It is not ready to be shipped yet simply because the seller does not know who will place an order ahead of time.

When you begin looking for a nameplate necklace (name necklace) to buy, be sure to check and see how long it will take for you to receive the personalized necklace. Different companies can get a personalized necklace shipped to you sooner than you can say NAME. If it is for a gift (the personalized necklace) for another occasion, you should make sure it will get to you in time before placing an order. Most companies will clearly tell you when you can expect the custom name necklace. If not, you can send them an email to get more information on turnaround time.

Compare prices as you shop. If you are looking at a name plate necklace (custom name necklace) that is significantly less expensive than other options, this can be a bad sign. The personalized name necklace may be low quality or may break easily.

If you find one of these custom necklaces that is more expensive than most of the others, you should make sure there is a good reason for this. The metal may be of higher quality. Maybe the turnaround time is shorter than other options. If it seems comparable to your other options, you likely do not need to spend the extra money on it.

You should also look for product reviews. Product reviews can tell you a lot about the product. If a product or website does not offer many reviews or has a lot of negative reviews, it can be wise not to purchase from that website. You want to ensure that you are purchasing a piece of jewelry (especially something like a personalized name necklace) that meets your standards and is good quality too.

When you are looking at a nameplate necklace (personalized name necklace) website collection, you might want to look at the different options they offer. If they offer a wide variety of options, you will get to find the nameplate necklace (custom name necklace) that you like the best. You will have more to choose from and can make comparisons to find the right one for your taste. You may have more options when it comes to metal, font, and size.

How Much Do Nameplate Necklaces Cost?

The cost of a name plate necklace (personalized name necklace) varies based on a number of different factors. The best way to know how much to expect to pay is by shopping around. Look at different websites like ours that offer nameplate necklaces and see how much they charge.

When you begin searching for nameplate necklaces, you may find some for $10 and you will also find some for $300. You will get what you pay for either way. Mid-range personalized necklace options are priced at $65 and to $150.

Some of the factors that influence the cost include:

- Quality

- Type of metal

- Turnaround time

- Reputability of company

If you want a high-quality nameplate necklace (personalized necklace), you can expect to pay more money than you would for a custom necklace of lower quality. This all depends on what you want from a nameplate necklace (personalized name necklace).

If you are wanting a custom necklace that you can wear every day for the next several years, do not be afraid to spend a little bit more money to get a high-quality option. Though this can cost a lot of money upfront, you will not have to get a new personalized necklace for several years.

Cheaper custom necklaces will need to be replaced more often if they break or rust. Plus, they may not look as beautiful as the more expensive options.

What Do People Get On Nameplate Necklaces?

Typically, most people will get their own name on their name plate necklace (it is a name necklace after all). This depends on the person's personal preference though. Some people will get the name of their loved one on their custom necklace.

You may also choose to get your last name or a nickname on your nameplate necklace (name necklace). Because it is personalized, you get to choose what is written on the personalized necklace.

Can You Get a Nameplate Necklace (Name Necklace) with an Initial?

Some people choose to buy nameplate necklaces with one or two initials instead of a name. This is a great alternative to the traditional nameplate necklace (personalized name necklace).

Sometimes, people will get a nameplate necklace (custom necklace) with several initials on it. This is great for mothers with multiple children or grandmothers with several grandchildren. It is nearly impossible to fit multiple names on a nameplate necklace, but initials are more doable. They can easily be lined up.

Most companies offer this option. If you are interested in getting initials on a nameplate necklace (personalized necklace), you should look into your options from a specific company. Each company offers something different.

You should also take a look at any character limits the company may have. Only a certain number of letters or numbers fits on a personalized necklace so you should do your research before starting the ordering process.

Do Nameplate Necklaces Have Gemstones?

Some companies do offer nameplate necklaces with gemstones or rhinestones on them. If you are looking for a custom necklace with a gem on it, be sure to include that in your search results on the Internet so you can find the perfect personalized necklace for your taste.

If you find a name plate necklace with gemstones on it, you could customize this with birthstone gems. You can add a gem in your favorite color. Companies like to give their customers a few options, so see what the websites have to offer when you search.

Where to Buy Nameplate Necklaces

With the rising popularity of the personalized name necklace, it is becoming easier to find them. Most commonly, people choose to shop for these custom necklaces online. This is often the simplest way to place a custom order like this.

A quick Internet search will give you plenty of name plate necklace options. You should do your research and compare the products to ensure that you are choosing a high-quality piece of jewelry before making a purchase.

Online stores that sell handmade items are a great place to look for nameplate necklaces. Some websites like ours specialize in nameplate necklaces as well.

You may also find them at stores near you. You can find these by shopping around or by looking on the Internet for retailers near you. If you choose to place an order through a jewelry store or another similar store, you will likely have to pick it up another day. Once again, you should ask about the turnaround time if you need the personalized necklace by a certain date.

What to Wear Nameplate Necklaces With

Nameplate necklaces often have a simple design that is easy to match with a variety of outfits. Some wearers choose to wear them every day - no matter what their outfit looks like.

You will want to be careful not to mix metals if you are wearing multiple pieces of jewelry. For example, if you have a gold name plate necklace, you will not want to wear a silver necklace at the same time. You should only wear one type of metal at a time if possible.

Nameplate necklaces can be worn with simple everyday outfits, such as a tee-shirt and jeans. They can be worn with nicer outfits, like dresses or blouses too. Since they are so simple, it is easy to pair them with different styles of clothing.

If you own a nameplate necklace (custom name necklace), you do not need to worry about pairing it with the right clothing. Nameplate necklaces are not like other types of jewelry that may only match with one style of clothing or work for one type of event.

When to Wear a Nameplate Necklace (Custom Name Necklace)

Some people choose to wear a nameplate necklace (custom name necklace) every day. This can be a simple way to accessorize. As mentioned, these necklaces are fairly simple, which means that they are easy to match with a variety of outfits. There are not many rules when it comes to wearing a nameplate necklace (personalized name necklace). They are easy to wear and can be a nice addition to nearly any outfit.


Overall, nameplate necklaces are a great custom gift to give to a friend or to buy for yourself. Because these necklaces are personalized, they can be a good way to honor or remember your loved ones. There are many different retailers that sell nameplate necklaces, making them fairly easy to find. They are increasing in popularity, which means that more retailers may begin selling them.

Before purchasing a nameplate necklace (custom name necklace), do your research about the company and the product. You should also look into the turnaround time to ensure you will receive the product before an event, such as a birthday or holiday.

Because of the simplicity of nameplate necklaces, they are able to be worn with nearly any outfit. They can be mixed and matched with dressier outfits or simpler outfits. Just be careful not to mix metals. Enjoy Shopping our custom name necklaces.