Arabic Name Necklace


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Everything You Need To Know About Arabic Name Necklaces  

What Are Arabic Name Necklaces

If you are an avid jewellery collector and necklace fan, you have probably heard of or seen the beautiful Arabic name necklace. They have become very popular in recent years due to their elegance and stylish appearance. There are many types to choose from ranging from real gold, to gold plated and silver. In this section, we will provide you with all the necessary information pertaining to Arabic name necklaces.

Arabic Name Necklace: What is It?

Arabic name necklaces are as the name suggests; they are custom or ready-made necklaces that feature an Arabic name, written in traditional Arabic. The Arabic font creates an eye-catching and distinctive style, making these necklaces extremely desirable to own. The added detail of the Arabic font gives the Arabic name necklace that unique and luxury touch.

Gold Arabic Name Necklace

If you want a very special Arabic name necklace, choose the gold Arabic name necklace. The gold Arabic name necklace is usually made using high quality 14 to 24 karat gold. You can opt for yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, it all depends on your preference. Obviously, real gold jewellery (much the same way with gold Arabic name necklaces) is more expensive than gold plated. However, if a real gold Arabic name necklace is not in your budget, you can opt for a gold plated Arabic name necklace. The unexciting thing is, the gold plated Arabic name necklace will have a shorter lifespan than the real gold Arabic name necklace equivalent.

Quick tip: to prolong the lifespan of your gold-plated gold Arabic name necklace, paint your necklace with some high-quality clear nail polish. This will seal the Arabic name necklace with a long-lasting protective coating.

When you are choosing your gold Arabic name necklace, make sure you specify the purity level (14-24 karat). Even gold-plated Arabic name necklaces are plated with a 14-24 karat gold coating. It is vital that you understand the difference between solid gold and gold plated Arabic name necklaces. Gold plated jewellery (like Arabic name necklaces) will fade over time, and they might have to be re-dipped. Real gold Arabic name necklaces might need to be cleaned and polished over time, but they will not need re-dipping, with the exception of white gold and sometimes rose gold arabic name necklace variants. Yellow gold has a very long lifespan, solid gold jewellery in general should come with a life-time guarantee.

Silver Arabic Name Necklace

Silver Arabic name necklaces are cheaper than the solid gold option. However, they look stunning and they will not fade over time. Silver is a really good option for the Arabic name necklace and they mostly come with a purity grade of .925.  If you want to reduce the cost of purchasing a high-quality Arabic name necklace, then opt for solid silver instead of gold. They look just as elegant and stylish and they will last a life time.

If solid silver is not within your budget, just like gold, you can opt for a silver plated Arabic name necklace which is often stainless steel coated in sterling silver. Again, to prolong the life of your plated Arabic name necklace, coat your piece in high-quality transparent nail polish.


Ready-made Arabic Name Necklace

If you want to save money, go for the ready-made pendants; they are made with high quality metals, solid gold, gold plated, sterling silver or sterling silver plated. With this option, you can simply walk into a jewellery store that sells gold or silver Arabic name necklaces and purchase your piece off the shelf. This is the easier and less time-consuming option; however, you might not get exactly what you want.

Custom Arabic Name Necklace

Custom Arabic name necklaces are the perfect choice because you can design your pendant to fit your exact specifications and preferences. Your necklace pendant will be unique and custom-designed to fit your Arabic name necklace vision.

Why An Arabic Name Necklace?

Arabic name necklaces are an excellent choice for birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary or graduation gifts. One of the main reasons why they are a great choice for gift giving is that they look so distinctive and beautiful. They are usually made to a very high standard, and they are the perfect choice for someone who likes stylish, yet minimal jewellery.

Styles of Arabic Name Necklaces


If you are more interested in a simple minimalistic design, opt for a minimal Arabic name plate style pendant.

Heart-shaped pendant

Heart-shaped pendants are a great choice for your spouse, close friend or relative. A heart-shaped pendant can feature the Arabic font inside the heart or engraved on a heart-shaped pendant instead.

Different Shapes

You can also consider all types of cool shapes; rectangular, square-shaped, or even diamond-shaped pendants to add a simple yet elegant touch to your Arabic name necklace.


Engraved Arabic name necklaces look classy and stylish. With this option, pick a cool/plain pendant and have your Arabic name engraved on the pendant. Different options include square-shaped pendants, rectangular, circular and heart-shaped.

Arabic Name Necklace Cost

How much do Arabic name necklaces typically cost? It really does depend on the type of metal you opt for, whether you choose a custom design or a ready-made design; ultimately, the style and overall look of your Arabic name necklace will determine the price. You can purchase an Arabic name necklace for $20, you can also spend as much as $1,000 or more depending on the purity of the metal you choose; also price differs if you go for solid gold or gold plated, or solid sterling silver or silver plated. Mid-range to high-quality options are around $75 to $300. If you want diamonds or precious stones to add that extra wow factor, then expect to pay much more.

Arabic name necklaces are beautiful additions to your jewellery collection. The font gives an extra special touch to the overall design of the jewellery piece. If you are purchasing a custom piece, choose your metal, design and the style of the arabic name necklace wisely because you might incur additional costs if you choose the wrong type of metal and style of Arabic font name necklace. There are different types of Arabic nameplate necklaces to choose from, ranging from rope necklaces to simple, thin chain style Arabic name necklaces. It is always best to opt for the highest quality for your budget. Cheap is not the best option, especially if you want your Arabic name necklace to last for years. Also, if you are giving the Arabic name necklace to someone as a gift, you are better off choosing a simple, minimal design to reduce costs, and to give the best gift possible. We know you or your gift recipient will surely love the Arabic name necklace.