Penelope's Elegant Name Bracelet with Birthstone


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Penelope's Classic Personalized Name Bracelet


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Penelope's Retro Custom Name Bracelet


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Penelope's Modern Custom Engrave Name Bracelet


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Penelope's Stainless Steel Custom Engrave Name Bracelet


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Penelope's Personalized Name Bracelet Bangles


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Penelope's Custom Engrave Name Bracelet Bangle


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Penelope's Everlasting Love Personalized Name Bracelet with Birthstone


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Anchor Bracelet


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A Custom Silicone Bracelet Making Your Own Statement

Want to place an attractive symbol, your name or an astounding statement on a piece that will surely wow everyone?  Then get a personalized silicone bracelet.  These bracelets have started out as a trend and now, there appears to be no end to the artistic appeal that the designs have established.  You get to explore your creative abilities by adding your own personal touch.

How to Customize

There are stores in addition to online sites that allow you to select and make the perfect designs for your custom silicone bracelet.  First you want to choose the product in addition to the quantity.  Then pick colors that you want the bracelets to get.  You're free to choose solid colors such as black, blue, yellow, green, red, white and many more and make use of a mix of unique tones for more fun and variety.

Reliable manufacturers are able to make each one unique and have the color or blend of colors according to your specifications.  Finally, you need to select optional imprint, submit optional artwork if you have any through email or upload or type in your personalized message.  You also get to pick which part of the custom silicone bracelet you want to place symbols or patterns and whether you want the text or message embossed, screen printed or debossed.

Fun and Convenience

You can purchase as few as one bracelet but prices will decrease if you purchase in bulk.  All of these are manufactured from 100% pure silicone and are highly flexible and elastic to fit any wrist size.  There are variations in the band lengths as well to easily suit children, adults and extraordinarily large wrists.  Ordering in bulk create great promotional and unity items during club events, awareness programs and other things where you want to spread the fire and idea through the customized logos and message on the bracelets.  You might choose to use the colours of your organization and include a picture or symbol to accurately describe and reflect.

Your Creative Freedom

You can include very long messages too and unique artwork as long as it's accepted and considered to be possibly manufactured by the company you chose.  Most companies provide you the freedom to fully design your customized silicone bracelet by not placing their logo anywhere.  Turnaround time can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month including the time of design approval.  Some producers have a color palette with over 800 colors so that you can be sure to have a excellent creative time mixing and matching tones.  Be sure that the quality is top of the line that will last for many years.


Price for each custom silicone bracelet is around $3 to $5 with additional charges for more text and intricate artwork and patterns.  If you purchase in bulk, prices can go down to as low as $1 per costume.  Using more colors does not necessarily alter the price as you are free to select any from the provided color palette.  The wristbands will be delivered right at your doorstep in 6 to seven days.  Some manufacturers include a complimentary polyester tote or presentable box for each piece.  Once you create the order, your customizations will immediately be submitted for approval.  If accepted, the mold will be made, the bracelets will created then eventually delivered.

Baby Name Bracelet The Perfect Gift For a Newborn Baby

It happens all of the time: someone close to you, a friend, a family member, a close colleague, has a baby and you don't have any clue what to give them.  You feel guilty, you fish around for the usual clichd gifts: the booties, the phones, the picture books.  You yawn and wish there was something you could give that would reveal how truly happy you are for the parents of that bundle of joy, and this is where a baby name bracelet can help you end that tedious search.

As soon as you have found out what the happy parent (or parents) have planned to name their newborn babe (or babies), a personalized, handcrafted bracelet may be thoughtful, generous gift.  A bracelet adorned with the baby s name will live on long past the kid s infancy, and can serve as a memorable keepsake for which to add to a parent s treasure chest of birth certificates, first teeth, and priceless photos.  And the best part about a gift like this is that it can vary widely in cost, depending on how much you really need to spend, or how close you are to the parents in question.  Whether you need to spend a nice sum on a gold plated necklace, one engraved in sterling silver, or one festooned with pearls and other gems, the market will offer up a myriad of prices that will suit the gift giver any way they see fit.

The grip of a is best fashioned with hearts, or boots, or other similar charms which could make complete the gift you wish to give with a logo significant to a young one s life.  As a parent, what could be more valuable than a gift which will live on as a commemoration of the arrival of their loved child, long after that child has grown into maturity.  A further attraction given to a lot of baby bracelets, is the addition of their child s birthstone within the circumference of the bracelet, which, together with the engraved name, personalize the gift that much more.  With the gorgeous gemstones of emerald, sapphire, amethyst, or ruby, added to blocks of engraved mother of pearl spelling out the child s name, you can create not just a personal and memorable gift, but a rather beautiful one at that.

You might even want to create a gorgeous differentiation through the mixing of silver and gold designs, or the interlacing of different gems within the bracelet s routine to create a really unique and aesthetically pleasing gift that will delight the household who receives it for many years to come.  You may allow yourself to be creative, or let one the various dealers of those gifts to be creative for you, and in either case, reach something unique and special at reasonable cost and effort.  Add a charm or two of a Christian cross, or the Chinese symbol for longevity, or another icon symbolic of the newborn in question you wish to express, and you ve already added to the complexity and meaning of what initially seemed a simple and straightforward gift.  As ever, it really is the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving, along with a kid bracelet is one of the easiest and most touching ways to demonstrate a family just how happy you are about their latest addition.

Bracelets With Your Childrens Names

Bracelets with your childrens names come in many different styles.  Now that they have become the latest trend in jewelry, as worn by Celebrities and seen in the trend conscious books like US Weekly, People StyleWatch, and Celebrity Baby Blog, jewelry designers have gone crazy with creative alternatives to the humdrum bracelets.  There are 3 styles of bracelets which have surfaced to be the most popular, all of them personalized:

Charm bracelets

ID bracelets

Bead bracelets

Following are some of the very best that we could find.

Charm Bracelets with Your Childrens Names

Charm bracelets are popular for centuries.  What makes them distinctive in this century is the inclusion of your childrens names.  The most popular are created in gold and silver and sometimes both are blended for quite unique designs.  Charms can be disks, squares, tags, as well as framed photographs of your baby.  The Classic Vintage Bracelet is by far one of the best sellers.  Created from mixed silver that's been oxidized to provide the multiple woven strands of this series an aged, antiqued look that will blacken with age, and a freshwater pearl accent, it has the classic pirate treasure look, ideal for Captain Jack Sparrow's lady love.  No two are alike.  The name of your child is hand engraved on the face of the charm in the artisan's elegant script and also the date of arrival is added to the trunk.  This particular bracelet comes with just one charm, but you may order as many as you like so that you can have the whole family represented on bracelets with your childrens names. 

ID Bracelets with Your Childrens Names

ID bracelets and cuffs come in gold, silver, and copper.  Silver is the most popular metal that we've seen used for these parent insignia.  Like medals of honor, they are worn with pride.  We picked out an unusually elegant version of this ID cuff, the Sterling Silver Bangle with Swan Clasp.  Created in sterling silver, it is completely hand made.  The grip is an intricate swan configuration that is integral to the design of this bracelet.  A sterling silver bead etched with the design of a dragon fly or leopard increases the unique elegance of this deceptively simple bracelet.  The band is hand stamped with your choice of font with up to 50 characters, adequate for all the names of your kids.

Bead Bracelets with Your Childrens Names

This third category is perhaps the most familiar because these bracelets have taken the old hospital alphabet bead bracelets with that we are intimately familiar and turned them into beautiful jewelry.  Champagne pearls, Swarovski Crystals, ornate 14kt gold Bali beads, and Chinese lamp beads, are combined with silver alphabet block beads in sumptuous, fun, dynamic, and elegant bracelets.  A definite favorite is the triple stranded Mother or Grandmother Gold Bracelet.  This fabulous piece of personalized jewelry is definitely fitting for the Oscars or a night at the ballet.  This magnificent piece shimmers with premium quality champagne colored freshwater pearls, topaz Swarovski crystal, gold vermeil Bali beads, 14kt gold beads, and round sterling silver alphabet beads to spell the names of your kids.

Caring For Your Personalized Bracelets

Personalized bracelets are always a fantastic way to make someone feel special.  It sure looks elegant and can fit perfectly if you are wearing formal or even casual.  A gift like this is always appreciated and in case you ever get one, you should do your best to take good care of it so it will always look as good as new when you first got it.

As you wear your personalized bracelets everyday, the odds are it gets exposed to various elements which could potentially cause some blemishes on it.  Aside from that, the components could also oxidize the silver and you sure wouldn't want that to happen.  Some of the damaging elements are oxygen and sulfur.  However, you should also take particular note of salt since that can tarnish your personalized bracelets also.

While avoiding all of these, you should also put some attention to how you could properly care for the jewelry so it will always take a look at its best.  Read on and find some useful pointers to make your personalized silver bracelets remain looking good.

The secret to keep your personalized bracelets to remain perfect as it should be is that you should keep checking it for possible tarnishes and remove them early on.  Needless to say, you should be careful not to use substances that may also injure the silver.

Toothbrush can scratch the silver even if it has very soft bristles, you still shouldn't use that in cleaning the jewelry.  What you could do instead is to clean it with a soft cloth, if not a cotton.  At the exact same time, you might want to consider wearing plastic gloves when cleaning it since rubber gloves may likewise harm the silver.

As you use the plastic gloves and the soft cloth, you can then begin cleaning your personalized silver bracelets.  First of all, you can try eliminating any dust on it.  After you're done with that, you could then rinse the jewelry using warm water and soap.

When using soap, it needs to be mild soap rather than the scented ones.  What's next after the first cleansing is that you could begin polishing it.  Just drop by at your local stores and ask about it if you would like to buy silver polishes.  Nowadays, they come in many forms such as in liquid, paste or even in memory.  Provided that a particular polish could guarantee you with wax-like polish then you're good to go.  Last, you should wash your bracelets once again with warm water.

Yes, it's not difficult to find personalized bracelets if you will be purchasing it locally at jewelry shops or if you are ordering it through the web.  So you could maintain its attractiveness, it does take some work.  At all cost, constantly cleaning your bracelet could really be worthwhile don't neglect these important strategies for you.  It will all really work for your own advantage.

Choosing a Personalized Bracelet

Personalized bracelets aren't just worn as a decorative post around the wrists.  They are also a kind of memory luggage, which may symbolize a special day or a special person in our lives.  We can say that a bracelet is personalized whenever there is personalized touch injected on it.  This may be in the form of a hand inscription like a name, a label or a specific memorable date.

There are many forms of bracelets and their style has evolved through time with their value and importance.  One of the increasingly in-demand now are the personalized bracelets.

They are acceptable for any occasion and can be appreciated deeply especially that it can be used for some purposes by its recipient.  Further, it is desirable for any sex, age and lifestyle.

Gemstone, leather, white gold, stainless steel, copper, silver, gold, diamond, pearl, and brass bracelet, these are the different materials being used in creating bracelets.  But for personalized bracelets, the material usually used is silver, though it does not diminish the fact that other materials may also be personalized.

Silver bracelets are classic and timelessly trendy.  They are extremely neutral that it matches as to any outfits.  More so, they're much affordable compared to some other substances.  Silver bracelets can be styled in many unique ways, so you have lots to select from, obviously, you have to go with the style you want.  You can at least take some time in looking into different fashion so as to select the one for you.

In choosing for a personalized bracelet, seek for the quality and experience.  Since it is personalized, you would want it to be one of a kind and well crafted with the right substance, form, fit, design and cost.  The price has to be appropriate enough also.  These standards are also true for silver bracelets.  It needs to be made artistically and guaranteed with the right quality and the right price.  There is also a need to understand kind of silver being used in the bracelet.  There are various forms of silver and each corresponds to a certain degree of quality and cost.

Usually, bracelets are fine keepsake hence it is extremely important to look after them properly.  Making it last longer does not solely rely on the substance and about the quality.  Maintaining it at its very best condition is very necessary and one way to accomplish is through proper cleaning.

Typically, silver bracelets that are seldom worn are more prone to tarnishing.  It's been proven that regular contact to skin prevents the creation of tarnishes on its surfaces.  To detail, tarnishes are dark spot or dull grey colored formation in silver jewelry.  To eliminate them, many solutions can be found such as a chemical cleaning agent or the traditional way.

Always give importance on keeping your bracelets in good condition in the time that you acquire them.  Taking care of them constantly simply means taking care of all of the memories that they carry with them through the years.

Choosing the Right Custom Rubber Bracelet

Undoubtedly, you've noticed rubber bracelets being sported on the wrists of all kinds of people.  The younger crowds love them, but they are not the only people that are enjoying the fashion fad of wearing their own selection of custom rubber bracelets.  The silicone bracelets offered at many fundraisers carry inspirational messages.  Other custom rubber bracelets serve as unique forms of advertising by companies building their business.  Custom rubber bracelets are even a favorite for family gatherings as party favors and for raising enthusiasm at sporting events.

Whether silicone wristbands come from fundraising, advertising, or specific events, people like to use them to express their ideas of support or to make a statements by wearing these new happening custom rubber bracelets.

Figuring out the various silicone wristbands styles.

Debossed silicone wristbands take a custom mould to be created that is manufactured with the desired design.  The message is then molded into the silicone rubber of the wristband.  Debossed bracelets are the most universally worn custom rubber bracelet.  The requirement for a custom mold causes these to be just a tad more expensive if you are ordering a smaller amount of the custom rubber bracelets.

Embossed silicone wristbands aren't quite as common as debossed bracelets, though they do hold their own charm as a custom made rubber bracelet.  Embossed bracelets also feature using a custom made mould.  The difference is that the message is raised up off the silicone bracelet instead of being imprinted down into the rubber.  The price and turnaround time of embossed bracelets is comparable to debossed bracelets.

Printed silicone wristbands are created by first making a custom made template.  The template is placed over the rubber bracelet and the message is silk-screen printed using a special dye that penetrates the silicone wristband.  A custom-made printed rubber bracelet is durable enough to last quite awhile without chipping or flaking.  Since there is no extra expense of using a custom mould, printed rubber bracelets are usually cheaper and have a faster turnaround that debossed and embossed silicone bracelets.

Laser-Engraved silicone wristbands are created by use of a laser-engraving machine.  Laser engraving is a sort of the debossed style of finish.  The exact specifications of the custom message and logo are laser-engraved onto a blank rubber bracelet.  Laser-engraved custom rubber bracelets are becoming more widely popular.  Without the need of a custom mould, laser-engraved bracelets have the advantage of quicker turnaround times at a reasonable price.

Custom debossed silicone wristbands are also color-filled, which provide an eye-catching contrast of colours.  It's somewhat more expensive, but will worth the price if you are looking to stick out in the crowd.

Together with the choices of many custom rubber bracelet styles, there are also a wide variety of colors and color combinations that are possible.  Color has symbolic meaning, and color meaning often aids in the selection of rubber bracelets.

White is favored color by most church groups to share their inspirational message.  Blue is a favorite for sporting events and pink is used to bring about awareness of women's health difficulties.  Green is used to signify the donation of body organs, while red is used as a sign of AIDS awareness or service.  Black is normally worn for formal reasons, for example with funerals.

There are plenty of options of custom rubber bracelets, and no way you can go wrong with such a plethora of selections.  The best choice of a personalized rubber bracelet is in the end, of course, always a matter of personal preference.

Custom Bracelets Benefit of Making Custom Bracelets

Custom homemade bracelets are among the most popular fashion trends and it's one that everybody can enjoy because not only are they highly fashionable, but because they're custom made, you can pick and choose which designs and colors you love making each bracelet one of a kind.  They're a great way to get a one of a kind look to go for all your outfits, but they're also a great way to give a personalized and truly custom gift to the girls in your life.  The sky is the limit when it comes to picking what you love for your customized bracelets.  You can pick lots of distinct colors so that one bracelet will go with everything in your wardrobe and give you a great rainbow look for your custom home made necklace.

You could also opt to make a few custom homemade bracelets that show off different parts of your personality and are you going to allow you to wear various bracelets with different outfits.  With so many diverse options, there's absolutely no limit to the quantity of custom bracelets that you could create to make your outfits stick out among the audience.  Creating a custom bracelet isn't only fun, but it allows you to have a one of a kind item that others will enjoy and jealousy.  Pick custom pieces you know you'll love and show the world your personality with your custom bracelets.  The personal touch that comes with having custom bracelets is something that women everywhere will recognize.

When you're wearing something that you love, it shows and other girls would like to know what that item is.  Being able to customize the bracelet how you want means you could have a piece of jewelry you know you'll love today and for years to come.  When you're in a position to choose what goes into your custom bracelets, the possibilities are endless and you know you'll be delighted with the end product.  Obtaining a custom bracelet made is not only a great gift for yourself, but it would also be an excellent gift for family and friends also.  Letting them choose the custom layouts that they need or even choosing something you know they will enjoy is a great way to say you love them and to give them a give that they'll enjoy for many years to come.  Whether they like certain colors or certain hobbies, they permit you to pick and choose the designs and pieces that you look to make a truly one of a kind design.

Come and see the benefit of making custom bracelet today and see what all the options are.  With so many varieties, making custom bracelet is easier and more fun than ever and you're guaranteed to leave with a bracelet that is only one of a kind and you will not only love today, but will love for years to come also.

Custom Silicone Rubber Bracelets Wristbands for FundRaising

Many churches and schools are looking for fundraisers that are a bit different than the standard bake sale, candy bar sale or car wash.  While these are amazing fundraisers, everybody is doing them.  So many churches and schools are choosing to sell silicone rubber bracelets.

What makes these bracelets such good items for design is the fact that they can be customized.  This makes them unique.  There won't be a dozen churches and schools selling the exact same bracelets.  For churches, Bible verses could be inscribed on them, even with verses that are applicable for the purpose that the funds are being raised.

For school fundraisers, the customization is extremely broad.  For whole school fundraisers, the school mascot or motto could be put on them.  Each segment of the school that does its own fundraising, more specific emblems can be used on the silicone rubber bracelets.  They can be made more generic, too, with short, popular sayings or phrases on them.  The options are nearly endless and they are an inexpensive option.

Any color or combination of colors can used, so churches and schools can opt for colour to match their colours or choose a mixture of colours for more customer selection.  Bracelets can even have two or more colors in 1 silicone rubber bracelet.  These can cost a little more but are remarkably popular.

The manner in which the chosen design is put on the silicone rubber bracelets is diverse, too.  School fundraisers and church fundraisers can choose to have laser engraving, debossing, embossing or printed.  The method chosen will affect the purchase price of the silicone rubber bracelets, therefore it is best to ascertain the budget before selecting the system to be used.

With the budge in mind, decide on the color or colors, what will be imprinted as well as the method used for imprinting.  Then check prices on many sites to get the best deal to match the budget.  Once the best prices are found, the sale price for the silicone rubber bracelets can be determined for the church or school fundraiser.

Selling the silicone rubber bracelets will be easy since they are remarkably popular.  An excellent way to market them is in conjunction with other church or school fundraisers, such as bake sales.  They can also be sold at events such as 'Back to School Night' or in school dances or football games.

Selling silicone rubber bracelets doesn't have to be restricted to one sales period, either.  At the start of the year, enough bracelets can be ordered to enable selling them during the year at different school fundraisers or other occasions.  They can be ordered in smaller batches, too, and changes made whenever they are ordered.  This makes them a really versatile item for school fundraisers.

Silicone rubber bracelets are an ideal way to raise funds for any group or organization.  The choices are great and their popularity makes them easy sellers.

Engraved Bracelets Sentiment And Style

Engraved bracelets have been in existence for over a hundred years for several good reasons.  These make highly sentimental pieces and have been used widely as family heirlooms passed from one generation to the next.  The bracelets are also very stylish with engravings that truly make them one of a kind and personalized.  Find out more about these accessories.

What's Engraved?

Engraved bracelets usually use expensive metals like silver, gold or platinum wherein text or symbols are engraved on the surface for a more personal touch.  The most common engravings would be names of persons, used widely in ceremonial weddings, debuts and other milestones.  People love the sensation of having their names or the names of the loved ones placed on their jewelry.  In that sense, the jewelry itself reflects the wearer or having special relations with the name engraved on it.

Other individuals also place different texts like important dates, brief quotes, life mottos and symbols.  These are also highly sentimental to the wearer.  The engraved bracelet subsequently becomes the epitome of a special event or person in the wearer's life.  These kinds of bracelets usually have a solid metallic space in which the text or pattern is supposed to be placed.  Some are simple wraps with no latch or lock.  Others may consist of chain links and other connectors that go around the wrist.  The more solid space you have, the more engravings you can put.

The Designs

14 to 24-karat gold is the most common material used for engraved bracelets because the metal is soft and can easily be worked with.  There are lots of designs featuring solid gold or the inclusion of other metals like silver, platinum, stainless steel or sterling silver.  These other metals are also used as great alternatives since they are very durable, lustrous and appealing.  You'll discover different engraved bracelet designs like cuffs, wrap-arounds and heavily studded ones.  There may also be various adornments like gems, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and colored glass beads.  Charms will also be fine additions to jewellery featuring personalized patterns and shapes relevant to the wearer.

Price of the bracelets will be dependent on the kind of metal used, customizations and dimensions.  A 1/8-inch width usually suffices for plain text although some people prefer wider and thicker models.  Some traders have a standard price for a maximum of 8 to 10 letters.  Adding more will cost more of course such as the inclusion of unique patterns and engraved art.  Silver and sterling silver necklaces cost anywhere from $40 to $150 while more expensive metals like silver and gold can reach around $800.  The cheapest metal to work with will be stainless steel or aluminum.  These are great alternatives due to their light weight and durability.

Tips When Buying

You will need to be very specific about the text or pattern, the font, size of letters and positioning of the engravings because these will be permanent.  There are dealers that may repair or adjust minor details about the engraved bracelets but it might cost you more time and money.  Request warranty or satisfaction warranty when purchasing to make certain that you're getting your money's worth.  It is equally important to fit the perfect size.  Most engraved jewelry will be shipped to you directly in case you purchase online within 7 to 10 days.  The bracelet almost always comes with a beautiful storage box and bag.

Fun With Personalized Bracelets

Sometimes, having something with your name on it can be quite exciting for children.  If your child has a common name, these items can be seen in most truck stops and other gift shops where you can easily pick out something that is adorned with their title.  But if your child has an unusual name, or if their name is not spelled in a more conventional way, you may need to dig a little more to find something which you could get with their name on it.  Think about looking for ways to get or even make personalized bracelets so that they too can have their name on them, but not in a bad place.

Some personalized bracelets have the names already printed on them.  The names have evolved over time, meaning that the producers have kept track of what the most common names are now and what are most popular so that they can reach the most costumers.  No matter what they come up with though, they simply can't get everyone on pre-printed personalized bracelets.  There are thousands of names out there and a lot of them aren't common.  Even if they tried, they couldn't get them all out and into shops.  They would need to have a huge shop to display just those anyway.

Rather than searching in vain for personalized bracelets which will not have your kid 's name on them, you need to find ways to create them on your own, or go with a business that makes them on request.  Don't worry, neither of them are too hard to discover.  If you are crafty, you can find ways to create these by yourself.  You can make them with any supplies you can find on the Internet, or even see if your local craft shop has what you require.  You may want to stock up, as you can create these for favors for birthday parties and other special events which include children.

There are some great places online which you could get personalized bracelets for your child regardless of what their name may be.  You can get a full name, or you could request a nickname.  Some even have sayings instead of names if that is what you need to get.  You could get both for an enjoyable combination for your children.  You don't need to limit personalized bracelets to only children either, as some adults would like them as long as they are a bit more stylish than what you would get for a young child.  Shop around, there are plenty of great places to get these.

You don't need to go with only personalized bracelets if you don't need to.  You can find web sites that will personalize just about anything that you could imagine, including t shirts and whistles.  Just remember the putting your kid 's name in bold lettering which can be read by everyone can leave them open to being picked up by a stranger.  Some kids assume that anyone that knows there name is not a stranger, therefore they are okay.  If this is a concern of yours, stick to the personalized bracelets and you won't need to worry so much.

Handcrafted Bracelets Whats In A Name

Handmade bracelets always have their own uniqueness and individuality.  Unlike bracelets made on a large scale where there are a lot of identical designs, with handcrafted bracelets every piece made is different and distinct from the other.  A handcrafted bracelet gives that personal touch and the person wearing it's aware that the piece is one of a kind.  Handcrafted bracelets can be given on any occasion, be it on a birthday or as a Christmas gift.  Made to order or hand crafted bracelets make superb presents to give away at Christmas.  Gifting a loved one a tailor made handcrafted bracelet is an exceptional idea.  There are a great deal of things that you need to bear in mind before you set out to purchase handcrafted bracelets.

The first and foremost issue is that you must think about all the parts that are utilised to create the bracelet.  If you're looking out for an excellent quality bracelet, you must make it a point that genuine silver or gold-filled beads are used in the bracelet.  If the cost seems to be somewhat too tough to resist, you can almost surely take for granted that genuine silver and gold-filled beads aren't used.

The next thing which you will need to do is observe the size of the beads used.  There are some bracelets which are called 'name' bracelets.  These bracelets include beads or blocks which have alphabets piled on them.  A bracelet that has the letters spelling out grandma or mother must have the bigger 5.6 mm letter blocks.  This size is best suited for the wrist of an adult.  You could opt for just the reverse also.  Smaller 4.5 mm letter blocks fit an extremely tiny wrist, for instance that of a child.

Thereafter, make your mind up concerning the sort of clasp you'd prefer.  Generally you could either decide on a lobster claw clasp or a toggle clasp.  A lot of people have the opinion that even though the toggle clasp in a number of ways seems prettier, the lobster claw clasp would be sure the bracelet stays on your wrist, not fall off.

While you indulge in expensive, made to order jewelry, you certainly do not want to take any risk.  Make inquiries concerning the cost that you would be charged for shipping.  The shipping charges would just be somewhere between .60 to .80 pennies to send a bracelet from one place of the nation to the other, by way of first class mail.  There are a lot of companies that charge a flat rate of $5 as their shipping charges.  Businesses making money by charging exorbitant shipping fees should be avoided.  Moreover, first class mail just takes 4 to 5 times as the maximum time to reach a destination in a particular part of the country, which is not all that long a period taking into consideration that people wait for a longer period for orders that they put on seeing the advertisements on the television channels or in magazines.

Personalized Bracelets Call it Your Own Wrist Jewel

Since the ancient times, jewelry have been used as a body ornaments that are before mostly made from animal bones, stones and forests.  Nowadays, most materials are becoming more extensive and complex be it a necklace, earrings, necklace or ring jewelry.

Among the many forms of jewelry, bracelet jewelry piece is one of the most classic and timeless.  They can be used fashionably with unique occasions and can be paired with many sorts of outfit.  Bracelet jewelry can be very simple, stylish and extremely stylish.  They vary from thickness dimensions and can be complemented with unique pendants, mixed with unique colors and combined with unique materials.

Most materials that are in use today are metallic elements like gold, silver and copper.  These materials are very classy and combine elegantly with varying style styles.  Adding also to these substances are diamonds, pearls, stainless steel, jade, and a few others.  These kinds of materials on the other hand are very chic and trendy.  They are for the most part textured and the many shapes of it suit best in adding flavor to outfit simplicity.

Styles vary since you can find a great deal of different materials used, different shape, and various sizes.  This wide group of bracelet jewelry made it in demand to many individuals of different genders and lifestyles.  Of course, you will need to pick the one that is appropriate with your gender and lifestyle to be able to feel chic and stylish as wears it.

Most often than not, personalized bracelets are more worth cherishing.  Besides the fact that you can design it based on their likes and embed their taste on it, significant dates and names may also be hand inscribed or engraved on it.  The beauty of owning personalized bracelet is that memories become extraordinarily special.  It carries with it the memory of the giver for the receiver.

It is of great importance nonetheless to take good care of jewelry.  Different materials need different methods of keeping them in good shape.  Like for pearls in example, a water and soap solution is perfectly fine just make sure that you dry it with soft fabric.  Stains and dirt are inevitable especially with regular usage.  For it to continue long is to look after it accordingly.

In buying personalized bracelet jewelry, take under account the design, quality, and affordability.  Assure that the style satisfy your eyes at best.  It needs to be made from top quality material for it is one way of assuring the durability of it.  For affordability, the money spent for this should equally reciprocate what has been purchased.  As a customer, one would of course want to spend bucks for what it is worth; so much better to look for the right bracelet jewelry with the right cost.

Mostly, the kind of material used largely affected the cost.  The material most of the time also dictates the quality and appearance-gold is definitely more expensive than gold and silver is more class and has greater resistance to tarnishing that is one of the major problems in silver jewelry.  Careful selection of the material used for your bracelet jewelry, be it personalized or not, is very important rather than merely taking a look at the design.  Practicality things after all.

Personalized Bracelets For Moms Fantastic Gifts This Mothers Day

Mothers have different tastes when it comes to bracelets.  Mothers' bracelets vary in style and material to suit the needs of different mothers.  And so if you are to choose a gift for Mom this Mother's Day, so as to be sure that she will love it, have her personalized bracelet.  Personalized bracelets for moms can be found in retail shops but they only have a limited designs and options.  You can also find personalized bracelets for mothers on the internet that have a wider range of designs and costs.  Here are some great finds of personalized bracelets for mothers this Mother's Day.

Oval Engravable Tag Bangle

This is a simple sterling silver bangle that could be customized for mother.  Its smooth oval surface can be engraved with Mom's name or significant date in her life.

Triple Charms Name Bracelet in Silver

This rolo chain bracelet is made of sterling silver.  It can be personalized with the 3 circle charms hand-stamped with Mom's name or other members of their household 's names.  You can also put exceptional dates on the charms.

Sentimental Charm Bracelet

This is a really versatile charm bracelet for mother.  This is a link bracelet that is made of sterling silver, faux pearls, and filigree heart charm.  This can be personalized by choosing the names to include in the bracelet.  You can put grandmother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, and friend aside from others.

Heart with Cross Toggle Bracelet

This is a curb link chain made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia.  It's closed by a toggle clasp.  Its heart charm may be engraved with Mom's name or any important date.

Photo Charm Bracelet

This is a double linked rolo chain bracelet that is made of sterling silver.  It's closed using a lobster clasp.  It has a charm that can hold two small photos inside.  You may place your photo in 1 side together with your mom's photo on the opposite side.

Drama Mommy Bracelet Wrap

This is a 5 stringed bracelet put together as one.  It's made of Swarovski crystal, pearl, Bali Sterling Silver, and Seed Beads.  You can personalize it by engraving Mom's name using the alphabet beads.

The Birth Bracelet for Mom

This cable chain is made of sterling silver.  It's closed by a lobster claw.  It's a circle charm that may be engraved with baby's name along with his foot and hand prints in front.  While at the back, the kid 's birth details could be engraved as well.

Double Heart Tag Sterling Silver Bracelet

Here is a rolo chain made of medium thick sterling silver for Mom.  It's closed using a toggle clasp.  There are two silver sterling heart charms of different sizes inserted from the bracelet.  From the center towards the edges of the heart is curved.  Both heart charms are smooth enough to have names and dates engraved on both sides of each heart charm.


This is a beaded string necklace made of sterling silver and 22k gold.  It's two sterling silver tags.  One tag has a golden heart in the middle with words saying 'Bebe Love'.  This tag is known as the Bebe Love Heart Tag.  Another tag is where the kid 's name and birth date are engraved.  You can request for additional tags or charms based on how many children Mom has.

Personalized Bracelets in Silver

At a time where everything is already digitalized, mechanized, and machinated, things are really coming fast.  And with the fast pace of items, we barely took notice of those who came and have gone.  Yes, there are times that we benefit from the terrific development of items from simple to complicated, and complicated to the unknown.  But with big things going on within our heads, we forget to treasure little things that can make us happy.  It doesn't really matter if those little things were hand-me-downs or new; handmade or machine manufactured; cheap or expensive; silver or gold.

But there's this heart fluttering effect as soon as your man presents you a gift made from his own ideas and given from his own heart.  Personalized silver bracelets can really make a difference from one situation to another.  Someone may be committing it to you to reconcile some unsettled differences, or to celebrate with you a very special event, or just to simply let you know you are special.

Well, sometimes you might say that you can afford one of these bracelets.  But the truth is, even if there are millions of bracelets of the exact same style, you would still love to wear this one given to you since there's much love included in it.

That's precisely what girls want.  The time of thinking if a chain or a cuff bracelet would suit you're really touching.  It is even more made special by personalizing the bracelet with added charms, birthstones, and engravings.

Here are some of the breath taking yet little things that girls would truly appreciate to get in any time of the year.

Pendant with Pearl Bracelet

This bracelet is made of a sterling silver square pendant connected to a chain of freshwater pearls.  Pearls signify purity, innocence, and true love.  It is even more complemented with the silver charm that may be engraved with your name, a special date, or a sweet message.

Matching Sterling Cuff Bracelet

This very simple sterling silver cuff bracelet is made for couples.  The smooth sterling silver cuff may be engraved with loving phrases or words, including your name.  You may also have a special date like your anniversary hand stamped on this bracelet.

Monogram Heart Tag Silver Bracelet

Here's a bracelet to profess true love once more.  This silver bracelet consists of a link chain that uses a toggle clasp for closure.  The main piece of this bracelet is a durable smooth surfaced heart charm that may be personalized through engraving your name or a special date.

Heart with Cross Toggle Bracelet

This bracelet signifies a very intimate relationship between two persons.  This bracelet is made of intertwined chain that's very durable and exquisite.  The heart charms and crucifix are also made from sterling silver.  The heart charm may be personalized by engraving your name on the side of it.

Silver ID Tag Bracelet with Pearl

This silver chain bracelet may be engraved with your name, or to make it more romantic, have it engraved with your name along with your partner's.  Also, this bracelet signifies true love which makes it more romantic if shared by lovers.

Personalized Name Bracelets Make Your Own Mothers Day Gift

Handcrafted, personalized name bracelets become cherished gifts for mothers, grandmothers

And more, especially when you make it yourself.  With sterling silver alphabet

Beads and a few other key ingredients, you can create your own mother's bracelet,

deployment bracelet, awareness bracelet, or just about any other theme you can

imagine.  Visit your local bead store or hobby shop or look online for the supplies

you will need.  With these simple instructions, your creation will be a great gift

For Mother's Day or any other event.

Everything you need before you begin:

  1. Flat Beading Pliers (needle nose pliers will also work with care)
  1. Wire Cutters
  1. Stringing Wire (I prefer Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire, Nylon Coated Stainless

Steel, .46mm, Black)

  1. 2 (2) Wire Guardians (not required, but good for longevity of the bracelet)
  1. 2 (2) Crimp Beads
  1. Lobster Clasp or Toggle Clasp
  1. 4mm Jump Rings
  1. Alphabet Beads to spell out the title
  1. Other beads to match your theme, birthstone colour, etc.. Swarovski crystal beads

And small round silver beads are amazing additions.


  1. Quantify a bracelet you (or your gift recipient) already have to get the right

Size, or use a piece of string around the wrist to indicate and measure.  Make sure

That it is a little loose.  Cut a length of stringing wire that's the desired

Bracelet length and at least two " extra.  (If you want a finished bracelet that

Is 8", you'll need to begin with a 10" piece of cable )

  1. The next task is to create a loop. String a crimp bead on the bit of cut wire.

Slide the cable through the cable guardian.  Take the end of the cable as it comes

Out of the guardian and slip it though the crimp bead as well.  Pull to tighten

So that the crimp bead is tight against the cable guardian, and you don't have

Excess wire hanging from the crimp bead.  Use the beading pliers to squeeze the

crimp bead closed.

  1. Begin stringing your beads. Try alternating colors or using round spacer beads

In between the alphabet beads.  It's also a good idea to plan out and put out exactly what

Beads you want to use before you begin.  That way you'll know exactly how many

Beads you need to wind up with a symmetrical bracelet.

  1. Once you're happy with the design, place the second crimp bead after your last

Decorative bead (you need to have approximately 2" of cable left) and then slide

The second wire guardian on just like before.  Carefully take up the slack, being

Sure not to pull on the cable too tight, so the bracelet can bend and move, but also

Not so loose that you see the cable between the beads.  Now squeeze the crimp bead

Closed and then trim any excess cable away.

  1. Now you can attach the lobster clasp or toggle clasp to the right side of the

bracelet using jump rings.  You can also attach a 1" extender chain on the left

side to allow the wearer to adjust the bracelet for comfort.  (This is especially

A fantastic idea if you believe the bracelet may end up being too little.)  Attach a

Charm or two to the extender chain with jump rings to include even more of a private


You're done!  You've just made a name bracelet for your own mother, a mommy to be,

or even just for fun.  All it takes are some alphabet beads, silver wire, colored

Beads, some patience and a few more supplies to produce a great Mother's Day gift.

The Value of Engraved Bracelets

A lot of people like to personalize their gifts and engraving on such gifts is one of the recent tendencies.  Engraved bracelets are one of the most popular gifts which are doing rounds.  Before, bracelets engraved with family motifs or names of loved ones were widely used as family heirlooms and were transferred from one generation to the next generation.  These used to be traditional before, but now one can call them trendy!  And sometimes, they carry a good deal of sentiments.  Hence, these are thought of as an ideal personalized gifts.  If not as gifts, you can also have one of these for yourself!

Generally, the engraved bracelets are made from precious and expensive metals, like silver, gold or even platinum.  These bracelets can be worn with nearly every outfit and add a classy look.  Therefore, when we gift someone or wear them ourselves, bearing the text or symbol that we desired, it gives us a special feeling and if it is obtained as a gift, that person is dearly remembered.  These bracelets are most frequently gifted on special occasions like a wedding or another milestone.  Sometimes, they have particular dates engraved on them and we re-live the minutes through memories when ever we look at them.

Lots of people engrave religious quotes, some famous sayings or some religious symbols on these bracelets.  Such engravings supposedly offer inspiration to the wearer.  So, people can have an engraved bracelet for a lot of reasons and it differs from person to person.  These bracelets have a vast plate where the desired text or symbols are engraved.  The most frequent reason for making these with such expensive metals would be to make them durable and make them precious so that it is worth the sentiment it is carrying.

It is not possible for everyone to pay for a silver or gold bracelet.  Sometimes the bracelets comprise of cheaper metals or alloys like stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc..  The engraver engraves your name, initial or any thing you want, on the plate of the bracelet.  Thus, bracelets made up of cheaper metals can be a good alternative to the more expensive ones.  However, the most widely used alloy for making such bracelets is golden as a result of its lustre, durability and value.

In the modern days, because of the ease of online shopping, you can order one for you or for that someone special over the net.  The maker company takes in all the information that is required to make your personalized bracelet and delivers it to you within couple of days.  The price of such bracelets ranges between $50-$100 if they comprise of silver or some other lower quality alloy, the price can go up to more than $1000, if they're made of platinum or gold.  Occasionally these bracelets have precious gems studded on them to make them look more exquisite and attractive.  If damaged somehow, they can be repaired quite easily.  So, investing money for an engraved bracelet is never a waste.

Why Are People All Over the World Using Custom Silicone Bracelets and Wristbands

Custom silicone bracelets and wristbands are increasingly becoming popular.  These bracelets and wristbands are being used for many purposes all over the world.  They can be found in different colors giving you the opportunity to print unique words or themes on them.  Any organization which has a message to share with the public can consider customized silicone bracelets and bands.  They provide a fresh and creative method of communicating the right message.  You get the opportunity to alert, encourage, notify and raise awareness.  As a result, many sports clubs, charitable trusts and businesses globally are using these customized products.

Making orders to the desired products

As you do your shopping, you are borne to find the right manufacturers who offer comprehensive collections of personalized silicone bracelets and rings.  They provide an affordable and quick way of earning products according to the exact specifications of their organization.  Some of the manufacturers have an innovative and cutting-edge ordering system.  You can consider using the manufacturer's on site necklace or bands creator to place an order.  This will make sure the request is reasoned to your exact specifications.

By using the custom silicone wristbands, you get a chance to choose the sort of wristbands you want.  Furthermore, you will need to select the desired style such as swirled, segmented or strong design.  When the decision has been made on the kind of this wristband, you need to ascertain the appropriate color.  Hence, you get the opportunity to choose stock color layouts.  Alternatively, you may pick the color selector to select one or more colors.  The next thing is, consider adding text and font on the wristbands.  You may choose to input text to the front, back and inside back and front of the wristband.

Uses of this silicone wristbands

Whether you are a commercial marketing agency or a larger business or a small-scale company looking for a chance to raise funds to aid their work, silicone bracelets and bands can prove useful.  Organizations get the opportunity to share special messages with the world.  Provided that you've got something to complete, you can choose to have people wear your message.  Personalized bracelets and wristbands are subtle.  However, they are extremely effectual method that can be relied upon to communicate important messages, alliances, hymns, mottos, beliefs or catchwords.

The silicone wristbands can be used to protect you and loved ones.  They can be used as a devise for alerting medical problems such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's and other health problems.  The band can also be used for alerting certain allergies an individual or his/her loved ones may be needing.  The wristbands can also be used for protection.  They can be used as personal identifiers.  This is particularly useful for elderly individuals or children who stand the risk of missing.

Silicone wristbands can also be used by local committees or business owners to notify people about private access opportunities.  These bands can be used to notify people who have the right of entry into areas with limited access including neighborhoods, hotels, gyms or swimming pools.  Therefore, a hotel can use custom silicone wristbands or bracelets engraved with the business 's logo to access the center.

Why Personalized Bracelets Can Make Perfect Gift Ideas

A personalized necklace is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone - if it's for your mom, your fiancee, your spouse, or your daughter.  Personalized bracelets are not just very fashionable accessories, they also tell the person that you 're giving it to that you know a great deal about them, and that you took the time to customize the gift to fit their preferences.  Below is a guide about how best to choose the best one for your gifting needs.

Buying it for Kids

If you're trying to purchase a gift for your daughter, a niece or a godchild, chained bracelets should do just fine.  You can spell out their names using letter pendant charms, and include dangling charms of the things they love the most.  If you're trying to provide a gift to a baby, choosing the charms to suit the child's taste can be near impossible.  Instead of doing this, it is possible to tell a story (with the charms) about how her parents met.  This is an excellent idea especially if your god child or daughter is a child.  For example, if the parents met in Paris, it is possible to ask the jeweler to include a pendant of the Eiffel Tower.  If the parents are particularly fond of stars or butterflies, you can even include this in the charm bracelet.

It's not advisable for you to add precious gems in a child's bracelet.  First and foremost, if you're giving a gift to a toddler, this can get loose and she might end up consuming the piece which is very dangerous.  Second, children can quickly outgrow their bracelets.  In three year's time, she might be unable to wear it anymore, and the bracelet is only going to be a memento of her childhood.  To get the value out of your money, it's safer to provide a child an adjustable sterling silver charm bracelet.

Purchasing it for a Teenager or an Adult

When you're giving a gift to a teenager or an adult aged 18 to 30, it's also safe to offer chained bracelets, although your design choices are broader now.  You can purchase a bracelet made from gold, silver, white gold, or platinum, depending on the preference of the one you're giving the gift to, and naturally, your budget.  The exact things follow: you can spell your fiancee's or spouse 's name on using pendants, and add charms to the bracelet to make it more sentimental.

Another option is to engrave the name of your loved one on a bangle.  Some bangles can also have gemstones embedded on them, so this is the perfect gift option if the person you're giving the gift to has a soft spot for gemstones.  This is also the better option if you're giving the personalized bracelets to women over 30 years old.  The allure chain bracelets are pretty, but they also appear childish.  Just make sure that once you're having a bracelet engraved, the alloy you're using is powerful enough to deal with the impact.  Silver bracelets are, again, very good alternatives for this.