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Christian Purity Rings for Girls and Guys

Especially in the culture of today, it can be difficult for young adults and teens from having sex to keep themselves. Something that has become more popular and more are rings called chastity rings. They don't get rid of temptation, but they help men and girls remember their commitment to wait until marriage before having sex.

Parents can play a powerful role in helping their children decide not or if they want to make this commitment. When a teenager decides that as it's most effective, they need to keep themselves 15, it's. Parents can get them a purity ring as symbol and a present of their choice, if they do decide to make this choice. A purity ring generally symbolizes a person's commitment to God; they will stay pure until marriage and abstain from sex. It really helps them to be more mindful of their decisions by wearing this reminder on their finger.

Christians have caught onto this growing movement of purity rings. Lots of churches have put programs into place where they teach the youth about the life decisions they are making when having sex out of wedlock. Often, youth groups will dedicate a month, usually February, to teaching the youth about how sex before marriage can affect you emotionally, physically and emotionally and that there are long-term effects which could one day pay a toll on your marriage. They are then invited to take on this challenge and will hopefully see it's possible. At the end of the month, the church might hold a "chastity service" where they publicly honor the teenagers making this choice. Speeches are made and this is where parents can gift their kid with a gift like a purity ring. Even though this is popular with Christians, you don't need to be Christian or religious at all so as to make this commitment or to talk to your kids.

Rings are usually worn on the ring finger on the left hand, symbolizing your guarantee to purity until it's exchanged with your wedding ring. You can even wear it on a necklace chain or on your right hand. There are many styles for men and girls . When choosing them, take your time. You can buy purity rings on the internet or even visit a jewelry store to find one that you like. Below are a purity ring categories that are usually a good start:

Bob Siemon - This is a popular Christian jewellery designer who has promise and purity rings available. His rings are usually made from pewter or sterling silver and range in cost from approximately $7 to $40. They generally have words engraved on the outside that state things such as, "True Love Waits," or "Saved by Grace."Spinner rings - These rings can be kind of fun and are unique. The ring has an overlay that spins and remains on your finger. Spinner rings are popular with men; in fact an increasing number of wedding rings are following this design style .Hearts - Purity is a matter of the heart. So what better way to show that than by having hearts on your ring. Hearts usually look good and are a symbol that is timeless.Ichtus Motif / Fish Symbol - The motif, or Christian fish, has become a widely known Christian symbol. You'll see it on bumper stickers, tee-shirts, bible covers, etc.. So it's not surprising that there are lots of purity rings with the symbol on them.True Love Waits - These rings came about from Southern Baptists in 1933. Recently, Josh McDowel has released publication and a message about how if you're looking for love, you'll be willing to wait till marriage. These rings have the words written on them "True Love Waits".Hebrew Rings - There is something about the Hebrew language that really stands out in people's minds. Having it written on a ring can be very classy looking. Some illustrations of what the ring might say are "I Will Wait for my Beloved".

Diamond Commitment Rings A Message of Purity and Eternal Love

As they are also known symbolise a commitment between two individuals a promise of love, commitment rings or ring. Younger generations are now taking vows of commitment and exchanging commitment rings, rather than the usual path of engagement and marriage. Because of the relative expense of union and a change in beliefs, the numbers of unions have in the past couple of years decreased; which has in turn increased the prevalence of commitment rings.

Rings are iconic of eternity as the never ending circle promotes the notion of no beginning or end, making them an apt symbol of love and fidelity. Rings are exchanged in a wedding ceremony; however, with the amount of the recognition of relationships and marriages, there has been a rise in the sale of commitment rings.

Rings are not a new way of exhibiting your commitment to one another - in fact they have an intriguing and incredibly long history. Originally known as 'promise rings', they were exchanged prior to engagement to reveal the commitment of one to marriage. They also have been used to demonstrate commitment to a friendship or a faith, creating the 'promise ring' as a signifier of love, whether platonic or not, as well as a symbol of one's adoration.

From the 16th century, fans use to swap a version of the commitment ring known as a 'ring'. This ring has been encrusted with diamonds, which were used to scribble notes on mirrors or glass for their lovers - romantic!

Diamonds also have become associated with commitment rings, not just of their 'ring', but due to their durability and clarity, which can be iconic of love and innocence. The fact that natural diamonds are rarely altered in any way, apart from cut indicates the pureness and naturalness of love. It is certainly significant that diamonds are used to compose love messages, from one lover to another - you could say that diamonds are the messengers of love.

In the age of Shakespeare, commitment rings were termed 'rings'. These inscribed with a poem, a message, and were exchanged amongst fans. These dates or words were on the outside or inscribed within the ring. It was believed that words of commitment near the skin had a effect upon oneself and their relationship.

Rings are used for centuries as a symbol of love and monogamy - and are today still an important symbol of this, whether the couple decides to marry not or later on. Akin to engagement and marriage rings, this ring signifies an unmoving and infinite love through the traditional shape that is circular. Its message is further enhance by using diamonds - the clearest and most resilient natural stone.

Gold Engagement Rings A Purity Fact Sheet

One is the type of metal which will be used for the ring. They involve several considerations, while engagement gold rings are among the most popular choices. Once of the most import factors that impacts this choice is the purity of the gold used for the ring. Comparing yellow versus white gold or platinum is not enough of a contrast. The purity of each precious metal must be considered for an accurate comparison.

Engagement rings look good irrespective of the design. The ring can be a straight forward basic wedding ring or a client engraved ring. However, deciding to buy an engagement ring is only first of many things to take into account. The purity of the gold can be overlooked and many shoppers don't understand purity impacts other aspects of the ring such as pricing. The following is a set of facts about the purity of gold which will help you understand it better and help you with your ring choice:

Yellow Gold

" Karat's are a measure that represents how much gold is in a specific ring or piece of jewellery.

" The purity of gold ranges from 10k to 24k gold. The purist form of gold is 24 karats (99.99 percent pure). Gold is found in 14, 12, 10, 18, 22, and 24 karat.

" Pure gold is the standard which all others are measured against and is usually known for being the most mouldable, malleable, and pure metal available.

" Gold is softer than other precious metals. Pure gold is known for being easy and particularly soft to scratch. This is the reason base metals are often added to harden it.

" Since gold it's so soft, it's easily manipulated and easy to shape.

" Gold is extremely durable. It does not rust and is known for its longevity.

" Gold is one of the more heavy precious metals.

" The price of gold increases in relation to its purity. Therefore, a 10kt engagement gold ring's purchase price would be less than a 24kt ring with the very same features.

White Gold and Platinum

" While there's a wide assortment of purity levels for shoppers to take into account, white gold engagement rings commonly include is 9kt, 14kt, and 18kt.

" White gold is known for being more stylish and lighter in colour than conventional yellow gold. White gold is made by mixing gold. This is white gold is often found in less pure forms.

" When yellow gold is alloyed with nickel, the resulting white gold acquires the properties of nickel which is strong and hard. The features of white gold depend on the proportions of the metals and their properties.

" Platinum, a common metal that is considered for engagement rings, is approximately 95% pure in its natural state, which makes it incredibly dense and heavy in comparison to gold. As a result of its purity, platinum is a very expensive precious metal.

When consider the type of metal for an engagement ring, many shoppers are torn between white gold and gold, and the degree of purity to select for their gold ring. The advice above will help shoppers make a more informed decision and make sure they buy a ring that will win their loved one's heart!

Purity Ring Ceremonies

A Purity ceremony is often referred to as the time when a ring is given and a vow of purity is taken. Often when the vow of purity is made, God is, at least, acknowledged, if not included in the vow. Ceremonies can also be known as and referred to as: a true love waits an abstinence ceremony or ceremony.

Personal Decision:

The most important aspect or portion of a ceremony is the commitment and dedication of an individual. The vow of purity needs to be a choice that is individual and personal. Dedicated and those who take part in a ceremony that is purity need to be committed . Teenagers should not take part in these ceremonies simply to please their parents. There is no purpose or reason for a teenager if they are not planning on remaining pure and keeping their vow to take part in a ceremony that is purity.

Importance of Parents:

Parents play a very important role in purity ceremonies. Children will need to have their parents present. They need their parents support. The presentation of this purity ring (or item) by a parent, shows the parents support of the child's decision. Parents should also ensure their child understands and is prepared to make the vow of purity. Children will need to know and understand weight and the significance of the vow they'll be making.


Vows of purity are taken during a ceremony at a public or private location. These vows taken or are made in teenage yearsnonetheless, there are lots of people that make or take their vow of innocence when they are older. Additionally, there are lots of people (often in college or in their twenties) that will retake or remake their vow of purity. It permits them recall to re-commit and renew their desire that they had to remain pure when they were a teenager.


There are lots of different forms of purity ceremonies. Some elaborate, while others are extremely simple and are extremely formal. There are no requirements other than a decision and/or vow to remain pure until marriage.

Purity Balls

Purity Balls are a very elegant and intricate marvel service. It's elaborate in that it's emblematic of a wedding. There is A purity ball thrown for girls and their fathers. The daughters come dressed in beautiful gowns and the fathers come dressed in tuxedos. It's an evening filled with prayer, cake, dancing and most important, the presenting of rings or purity items, such as a necklace or bracelet. Fathers promise to protect their daughters and guard their virginity and make a vow. As the fathers are making these vows and promises, they present a purity ring (or other item) for their daughters. These daughters are under protection and their guard until they are married and replace their innocence ring with a wedding ring. The daughters promise their fathers that they'll stay pure.

Purity Ceremonies

There are many purity programs at churches in which teenagers can enroll. These programs include several Bible study and relationship classes, followed by a purity ceremony (kind of like a graduation). The students make their vows of virginity and innocence openly. They're presented with a item a ring as they do this. The product is presented to them by their parents or an adult guardian.

Other Purity Ceremonies

Ceremonies do not need to be formal. They could take place between a parent and a child in a restaurant, at home, in a park or wherever. Sometimes purity ceremonies take place between a boyfriend and a girlfriend; promising one another that they'll be pure until marriage. Other times ceremonies will take place with a certificate and a few witnesses present is signed and presented after or during the ceremony. Ceremonies are simply.

Purity Rings Teens Choosing Abstinence

In case you haven't heard yet from your neighborhood (or resident) junior high and high school kids, the latest trendy item is the purity ring. A lot of the girls have them and some of the boys are wearing them . Even the newest preteen musical group feeling, The Jonas Brothers, wears them. So, you ask, what is a ring?

The concept of the ring was originated from the United States in the 1990's by Christian and related abstinence groups. The ring is a symbol of the wearer's vow to abstain from sex until marriage. The ring is worn on the left ring finger to function as a reminder to remain abstinent until it's replaced with a wedding band.

There are numerous styles of rings. Those worn by Christians might include a cross in the layout as a reference to Jesus Christ. Yet others are designed with a butterfly, a flower, or engraved with "True Love Waits", "Vow of Purity", or another similar expression. Some of the more expensive rings might include a diamond or other gemstone.

You could find jewelry that is purity with the symbols and sayings. There are bracelets, dog tags, and wrist bands out there. Purity jewelry usually comes with a Vow of Purity Certificate that the wearer may sign and frame.

Some people believe that we should just give in and that teenagers will be teenagers and tell them as long as they're practicing safe sex that's the best we can hope for. What exactly are we teaching our children about self restraint and self esteem, although that is the way out? I applaud and the ring is every day reminder and an symbolic.

If you're a parent and looking for a way to broach the topic of abstinence with your teenager, consider asking them about purity rings. What your child knows about purity rings can tell you much about what they feel and know about the topic of teen sex. It can be a conversation starter for a topic that can be uncomfortable for the child and the parent to talk. You might want to stress that the ring is a superb way for your son or daughter to share their beliefs .

Purity Rings For Girls

The question of religious conviction, or the symbols that represent these convictions, made the news in the UK recently. A sixteen year old girl took her fight for her right to wear a 'purity ring' into the High Court. Her school has ascertained that her ring was jewelry and so under the school rules, not permitted. Her wow was represented by her ring to abstain from sex. An individual would imagine she would abstain before marriage. Once the deadline of her abstinence would perish it doesn't really state from the paper report.

To some extent that this woman has some justification in making her petition. There are different forms of apparel which are permitted, which show off allegiance. Of these a one is the head gear worn by Muslim girls and women. These scarves are allowed in colleges in the UK. What would say is that the difference between a narrow ring, and a head covering. Would this be allowed then, if she were to wear a head scarf as a picture of her wow?

Among her arguments has been that there have been several girls at her school who have fallen pregnant and have had babies. She feels that this ring represents a movement which could protect girls from pregnancy that is unwanted. Women would be, she feels, assisted by the symbol in reminding them of their promise they've made, and possibly act that the girl would not wish to take part in sex. As you can imagine, the parents of the girl are supportive.

Many years ago I taught at a Girls' High School. At the end of the last year saw everybody needing to write national assessments. Each year we had to establish a special room to accommodate the girls that are pregnant. The reason we separated them was because the girls' rest would be more worried about the well-being of these expectant mothers, than with writing their examinations. The woman who was to be awarded the top academic trophy was pregnant. Of falling pregnant, the dilemma was not in any way related to the lack thereof or intelligence.

What was more amazing was the fact that during the time I was teaching, the faculty received visits by nurses who would spend hours with the senior girls explaining the fundamental principles of 'live ''s facts. Quite simply, it was clarified in detail regarding what sex was and what consequences unprotected sex might have. Birth control was a part of these sessions. There was no explanation for these girls to fall pregnant. And yet they did, on average four of these, annually.

If knowledge and the intelligence do not make any difference, ones eyes would roll and say, what would work. Of course most people would not agree with me, when I say that a solution is to place all girls onto birth control. They'd be asking what sort of promiscuous behaviour would be encouraged afterward. That is a valid point if a person attaches morals.

What would work if one were not to go the birth control course. Instilling in young people some fervent belief that not having sex is a behaviour and would result in entrance and a virtuous existence to heaven in the life. The Catholic church certainly supports that, and other faiths like Islam have similar beliefs. However, modern society does not support religious beliefs like these. Society in the world, does not frown on sexual activity and it is fairly common practice to have many sexual partners throughout ones life.

There is therefore a conflict between what the standard is and what the religion might dictate. Only a few of people will buy into the religious mores and not being tempted to have sex. The gap, and that is where the problem lies, isn't being fulfilled by society though. If there is absolutely no support of a moral code towards sex, then society must introduce support for birth control measures. What is actually happening, is that people are left to determine these issues. They watch TV, movies, DVDs, adult behavior and they see adults involved in sex.

At the same time we're currently trying to bring young people up to have their own opinions, make their own decisions, be independent with different words. We tell them, do not do as I do, do as I tell you to. Young people are prepared to listen to that. They want some kind of ethical standards and honesty that they can follow. They are not interested in following guidelines set down. I think better than adults, young people, are able to recognise standards that are double, and they're certainly not going to get into them.

Diamond Engagement Ring Symbolizes Purity and Eternal Commitment

Love is a great thing. It's pristine and pure. It has significance in the lives of so many couples who think that love can make not life beautiful but also can make this world a better place to live in. People love to express their feelings with something special to their loved ones. A gift is the thing that is favorite. However, if the someone is would-be-wife or your girlfriend, then she'll prefer diamond ring because it is known that a diamond is woman's best friend.

A few would love to swap diamond ring on their wedding day on a diamond wedding ring and their day. In most societies, an engagement ring has great importance in the lives of couples who will get engaged. It's viewed as a first indication of their wedding. It is also a way through which would-be-groom demonstrates that take her and he loves his bride, but is able to marry her. Rings, with their clarity and indestructible nature, have come to symbolize the eternal and purity commitment between a man and his would-be-bride.

Ring is seen as a sign of fidelity, faith, love, party, and the condition of the groom. Engagement rings have become an inseparable part of each ring ceremony. In most parts of the world, an engagement ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand because it was believed that the "vena amoris" or vein of love was included therein! But there are some women in different areas. There is nothing wrong if you wear it on your right hand. An engagement ring means love. This is people across the planet are preferring diamond engagement rings.

In today's ever-evolving world, diamond ring dominate the bridal jewelry market. Today's woman prefers a solitaire diamond engagement ring set in a band of sterling silver white or yellow gold, or platinum. There are limitless rings for you or you can also have custom-designed. Your attention may tempt; Princess cut, Tiffany cut, Cartier cut, Square cut, Pear cut, Teardrop cut, Bezel cut, or Round cut - all are mesmerizing and irresistible. The enticing Trilogy ring with its three equal-sized diamonds is said to represent the present, the past, and the long run. Your favorite diamond engagement ring can be bought by you depending on budget and your taste. When you buy diamonds, you should purchase certified diamonds because certification assures you quality. You may log on to any certified online jewelry store that is popular to buy your diamond ring. A online jewelry shop has collection of several types of engagement rings and you can buy your favorite one at affordable prices.

To end with it can be stated that diamond ring is actually a thing that is precious and it can make your special someone feel special day, on that much awaited.

Purity Rings

For the adolescent of today, casual sex and promiscuity is every where you look. You cannot open up a magazine, surf the Internet, watch TV or listen to the radio with out sex and loose morals. However, there is a movement to this in Churches and Christian youth groups across the country.

Teenagers and young adults are choosing to keep their virginity. A movement is in born adults who were active, deciding to abstain from sex until they are married.

This trend is due to these campaigns as True Love Waits, established by the Southern Baptists in 1993 which contested college students and adolescents to remain true until marriage.

A symbol that is worn by many teenagers and college students to help them remain abstinent and to express their Faith is currently sporting rings. These rings have sense and first became popular.

Typically the ring is worn on the ring finger of the hand. Additionally it is popular to wear the ring.

These rings both signify the persons wish to remain abstinent, they also signify a Faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. The rings are an symbol of Christian lifestyle and the decisions that could come with it.

The rings are popular with both boys and girls. The men often wear rings with Crosses on them and the young women's rings are going to have smaller crosses or phrases like purity or true love waits.

Purity or promise rings are given out among youth groups in tiny ceremonies. They're also given as a symbol of commitment between two people that both have agreed to wait to have sex until they marry each other. This is one of the most common sorts of promise rings, they're a promise between two people that are engaged.

The chastity promise ring is for two people that are not yet engaged, but wish to perpetrate celibacy and monogamy to each other and wish to remain pure until marriage.

The spiritual promise ring is a promise ring where a pledge is made by the wearer to a power greater than themselves. These rings display a Christian symbol like a cross, dove, angel or praying hands.

Another sort of promise rings is worn. These rings are worn for those who wish to remain sober and are worn from alcohol and drug abuse, food addiction, gambling or sexual addictions.

Purity rings are becoming more popular with young adults and adolescents. For what ever reason they opt to wear their rings, it seems to be a good thing as long as they have real intentions and the decision to wear the ring is an external statement in their belief in themselves and a greater power which may help get them through any adversary.

The Meaning of Purity Rings

Young girls and boys wear rings for various reasons and at different ages. The reason for wearing a purity ring is to symbolize that they will abstain from sex until marriage. There's been a debate over the success of rings in the quest for young people to abstain from sex, with one section feeling it does not dissuade young people from abstaining and another section feeling that it serves as a reminder of a commitment made to oneself to keep away from sex.

In Christian circles the ring has become remarkably popular with teens from all over age thirteen they have made to God and themselves to stay pure until marriage. The rings are usually accompanied by a pledge card that is to be read out by the young man and signed to be kept as a reminder of their commitment they have made.

People who might not subscribe to the Christian faith use these rings to symbolize that they are in a relationship and they are committed to their partners.

Types of rings

Purity rings come in various sizes and shapes and sometimes made from materials that are various. They may also have a message engraved in them, a Christian symbol or have no message at all. These rings are usually made from steel, silver, gold, sterling silver, white gold that can have gems and diamonds .

Christian rings have different messages that have bible verses that promote purity, some with inspirational messages such as "True Love Waits" to remind the person wearing it about the commitment they have made. These messages on the rings also can be read by other people that are young and they will immediately know what a young person that is fellow believes in or stands for.

Rings can also be made being in the design and finish of the ring. The rings for guys are usually wider with no precious gems on them while those for the women can be wider or thinner in size and have prized gems fused onto them.

In the long run, purity rings' objective is to keep people when they are not ready. In an ideal scenario the ring is to be replaced with the wedding band on the day of their wedding and put away safely to be passed on to your children that they can abstain until they are joined for their partners.

Tips on How to Choose Purity Rings

Rings are highly popular among young women and men in the Christian community. This is since they're put on as a reminder of the commitment until they're in a union context to abstain from any sexual relations. It is also a common way to spread the message of celibacy that has all been used by different abstinence organizations and groups all over the world.

Different people for reasons can purchase the rings to reach a purpose in Christian circles. Rings can be purchased by parents for their kids when they reach a certain age and must be kept till they're married. It has evolved into events known as purity balls where fathers present purity rings as a indication to them that they would like them to abstain from sex before marriage and accompany their daughters.

Rings can also be purchased by a couple which has made the promise that they will be celibate in their relationship before their wedding day. They consent to wear them as a reminder of the commitment although it is typically presented to the woman by her boyfriend but.

How do you opt for a ring for a person your kids or for either that you're in a relationship with. Here are a few suggestions that will have the ability to help out you.

Know the finger size of the individual that you're buying the ring for as this will eliminate the possibility of buying one that is a size. You can find out this by measuring the finger or carrying another ring which they wear on a regular basis to the jewelry shop that it can be measured for you.

Be careful while choosing the metal the purity ring is made of so you will be sure of its durability. Cheap metals are known to stain the skin and must be avoided as far as possible. The most popular metals are silver and gold that are long lasting since the rings must be worn for a long time before they're replaced by wedding rings.

Select a design and style that will be comfortable with the person who is currently going to wear it. Most people are a bit choosy if you can go with a friend to help you choose or better yet who you're buying the purity ring for so it is better when it comes to jewelry.

What Are Purity Rings for Teenage Girls All About

Rings for teenage girls is becoming more common and many people are wondering what they are about. There is A purity ring group a form of emblem worn by some adults and teens as a signification of their intention to abstain and be chaste. These rings are promoted by Christian groups as a means for girls to celebrate their choosing. Now some persons feel that purity rings for girls were created during the 1990s, they were actually created to coincide with women becoming nuns in order to use it as a symbol of their marriage to God.

These are worn by women. However, there are some men who wear them. Until the person gets married and replace it with their wedding 23, the purity ring band is worn on the ring finger.

Sometimes there are even some ceremonies that are associated with procuring a purity ring. The young adult may choose to make a pledge to God and do so in front of family and friends as they want in a wedding ceremony. The only difference will be that they're pledging not to have sex before they're married. There are also balls that are like a daughter-father events. Additionally, there are bracelets necklaces as well as that are utilized for the purpose of showing and celebrating the world they're currently abstaining until marriage from copulation.

There are different rates for rings ranging from ones that are rather inexpensive, to the more diamond purity ring. The ones that are silver may be found at an affordable cost, and those that are golden and have elaborate designs can be very costly. The durability of the ring is an important consideration for parents who are currently currently buying a purity ring group. The ones that are cheaper might not last for too long and they might have to buy another one.

There are some people who think that it is not appropriate to be advertising to the world that you are sexually inactive. The etiquette specialist would surely agree with this, and say that your sexuality isn't something to be announced to the world. On the other hand, it's seen as a method of warning potential suitors that there'll be no sex involved, as well as a way in which to encourage other young people to not have sex before marriage and to let them see that they are not alone in their choice to be chaste. Whatever an individual's decision is, there's a choice of ring designs.