Penelope's Three Tone Love Hope Faith Purity Ring


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Penelope's Flat Top Custom Engrave Purity Ring


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Penelope's Custom Engrave Stainless Steel Purity Ring


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Penelope's Heart Lock Purity Ring


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Penelope's Intertwined Hearts Purity Ring


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Penelope's Radiant Heart Purity Ring


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Penelope's Personalized Engrave Purity Ring


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Penelope's Sparkling Purity Ring


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Penelope's Tree of Life Purity Ring


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Penelope's Tiara of Happiness Purity Ring


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Penelope's Crown of Joy Purity Ring


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Penelope's Pure Heart Custom Engrave Purity Ring with Birthstone


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Penelope's Unique and Lovely Leaf Custom Engrave Purity Ring


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Penelope's Triple Birthstone Purity Ring


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Penelope's Personalized Engrave Tungsten Purity Ring


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Penelope's L.O.V.E Custom Engrave Purity Ring


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Purity Rings

What is a Purity Ring?

While purity rings honor and celebrate traditions that go back centuries – thousands of years, really – these pieces of jewelry specifically are only just about 30 years old or so.

It wasn’t until the early 1990s that people had even heard of a purity ring, and believe it or not the big push for this kind of jewelry – especially purity rings for girls – came from the White House and the President of the United States himself.

George HW Bush, the first President Bush, recognized that there was an epidemic sweeping the nation as far as STDs, STIs, and AIDS/HIV were concerned. Millions of young people in particular were affected by these insidious diseases, and the president (as well as the rest of his administration, and the general population – which is how purity rings got popular in the first place) were looking for something to do about it.

The idea was simple and straightforward – young people were to be encouraged to have sex later in life, to have sex with fewer partners, and to maintain their purity for as long as possible not only to honor cultural norms and traditions, but also to protect them from those sexually-transmitted diseases that were devastating the nation.

It’s uncertain exactly who came up with the idea for purity rings in particular, but that was the execution of this idea; and that really took hold just as soon as popular celebrities started to wear them.

A lot of the young Disney stars of that era (the late 1990s and early 2000’s) – Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brothers, and more – were all photographed and documented wearing purity rings and almost all of them were asked about this piece of jewelry in nearly every single interview they conducted.

They really helped to popularize the idea of saving oneself for marriage with a younger generation and the impact of this influence is still being felt today. According to studies from the American CDC, younger people are having less sex than any generation on record before, are waiting longer to lose their virginity, and are helping to push sexually-transmitted diseases and infections to their lowest levels ever recorded as well.

It’s a sure thing that these pieces of jewelry – these purity rings for girls and for boys – did a fair amount of the heavy lifting encouraging this next generation to wait a little longer than the generations before them.

What does a purity ring stand for?

At its very core, a purity ring is merely a symbol of a very specific promise an individual has made to wait to have sex with a partner until their wedding night, committing to saving themselves in their virginity until their life partner and then commit to one another.

Rings are encouraged to be worn by men as well as women, boys and girls, the unique thing about this piece of jewelry is that it isn’t just some thing to be gifted during a committed relationship but is also some thing that can be purchased for one’s self.

That’s right!

Plenty of people have purchased their own purity ring because of their own ideas of what it stands for and what it symbolizes, including superstar Olympic athlete and celebrity personality Lolo Jones – a woman that maintains her virginity even to this day and continues to wear her purity ring on an almost daily basis!

Who wears purity rings?

While the original purity rings were definitely pushed forward by those in organized religions that wanted to encourage their young people to hold off on having sex until they were married, it didn’t take long for these rings to become a lot more agnostic and nondenominational.

Today anyone from any race (or no specific religious background whatsoever) is encouraged to wear these kinds of rings without any religious overtones whatsoever.

The ring itself, and the promise that it symbolizes, is some thing that anyone can decide all on their own. It isn’t a decision that anyone should make lightly, and it isn’t a decision that anyone should feel pressured into – or out of – but is instead a decision that really encapsulates the kind of lifestyle and the kind of person that you want to be and that you aspire to become every day.

What do purity rings look like?

Obviously there are some differences between what a purity ring for girls and a purity ring for boys looks like, but at the end of the day these pieces of jewelry are usually rather simple, rather straightforward, and rather understated – especially when compared with the magnitude of the promise that they are symbolizing.

A lot of people choose to go with inexpensive materials and stones, particularly if they are purchasing a purity ring for someone close to them while they are both quite young. Others decide to go for some thing a little bit more ornate, some thing like a “pre-engagement ring” – complete with diamonds and precious metals, and others still decide to go for a simple band, perhaps with an inscription that further cements or restates the promise being made with this piece of jewelry in the first place.

Some of the most popular purity rings for girls feature dual bands that are intertwined with one another, with or without gemstones, and sometimes with an inscription like “True Love Waits”. Other folks go for different inscriptions, including Bible verses that they feel a strong personal connection with.

A lot of these rings – purity rings for girls and for boys – also feature a lock and key. While there is nothing really subtle about this kind of symbolism, it does hammer home the entire point of this piece of jewelry, the tradition that it encapsulates, and the promise made (and the promise one expects to keep) when people slide on one of these purity rings on their finger.

Purity rings can do double duty as a promise ring but that isn’t always the case. Not some thing that you want to talk about with your partner should you both decide to go down this road together.

Is a Purity Ring a Good Gift for Myself or a Loved One?

Purity rings come in all shapes and sizes, and all styles and configurations, and can be as minimalist or as ornate as you like – and also make a fantastic gift.

Male and female teenagers, as well as a decent amount of young adults make up the overwhelming majority of the people out there wearing these kinds of rings. Representing a promise they’ve made to themselves, to their family, to their partner, and to their future, slipping a purity ring on your finger is never some thing to take lightly.

That’s part of what makes these rings such a special gift, regardless of whether or not you’re buying them for someone you are making a commitment with or buying one for yourself to remind you of your choice, particularly when you find yourself in sticky situations that could otherwise compromise your beliefs.

If you’ve been thinking about getting purity rings for girls or boys as a gift – or even our thinking about getting one for yourself – take a look at the rest of this quick guide!

Purity Rings Represent a Serious Promise and Commitment to Your Ideals

Purity rings, sometimes called chastity rings, are very specific pieces of jewelry designed to symbolize a commitment made on an individual’s behalf to remain pure until they are married – a commitment that isn’t some thing to be taken lightly, and a commitment that isn’t to be entered into without a lot of thought and soul-searching.

These kinds of rings became incredibly popular during the 1990s and continue to be popular today, with a number of celebrities (including A List celebrities) wearing these pieces of jewelry and helping to destigmatize the idea of waiting, of remaining chaste, and of holding onto one’s virtue until they were ready to commit to a life with their significant other.

The beautiful thing about these kinds of rings in particular is that they have a real permanence and weight to them that a promise simply cannot hold. It’s easy to make a promise and a commitment in heat of the moment and then forget about that promise and commitment in another heat of the moment situation, but when you have a tangible reminder of your commitment, your beliefs, and your ideals on your finger, it’s a lot easier to keep true to the person you want to be.

This is the kind of gift that has a lot of significance and a lot of permanence about it. A purity ring is anything but just another piece of jewelry or just another shiny bauble.

A Purity Ring Can Be a Special Way to Honor a Relationship

Traditionally, these kinds of rings were given to a young man or woman by their parent of the opposite sex – but it doesn’t always have to be that kind of gift.

More and more we’re seeing young people buy purity rings for themselves and for their partners, exchange them with an understanding that they are both getting into this kind of commitment to one another and recognizing that together they can help to keep each other on the same path.

Churches have also been known to hand out these rings to their young people as well, and some youth groups have been giving these as gifts, too. It’s really all about honor a special relationship you have with other people – as well as the relationship you have with yourself and your beliefs and ideals.

As we highlighted above, purity ring gifts can also come from yourself if you want to make sure that you are taking your commitment seriously. These can be some of the most fun gifts to purchase as you’ll be in complete control of the buying decision and will guarantee you’re getting a ring that you’ll be happy to wear for the rest of your life!

A Purity Ring Can Be a Symbol of Your Younger Self, a Tangible Memory to Reflect On

One of the coolest things about purchasing a purity ring (either for yourself or for someone special) is that it is naturally going to become a symbol and an heirloom memory of who you were as a younger person – a tangible, concrete memory that you can hold in your hand that talks about the commitment you’ve made, your choices made along the way, and how fulfilled you feel after you honor your commitment.

There are a lot of tangible symbols we can all reflect on when we are feeling nostalgic, but not all of them are going to have the same kind of emotional weight or significance that some thing like a purity ring for girls or boys will have.

When you choose to go down this route and give or receive a purity ring as a gift, you’re making an investment in your future, and it can even be a lot of fun to hand this kind of ring to children of your own and let them write their own story with a piece of jewelry that has a story of its own!

Purity Rings are Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry

At the end of the day, purity rings are always beautiful pieces of jewelry with real emotional significance and anything but a ho-hum piece of jewelry that you might pick out for any random occasion.

There aren’t too terrible an amount of people on the planet that don’t love getting a new piece of jewelry from someone that they care about, so you can trust that no matter what, your gift of a purity ring is always going to be well received – especially since it has so much meaning, sentiment, and importance attached.

These are the kinds of rings that get passed down throughout the generations, the kinds of rings that people treasure most, and the kinds of worldly possessions that we all take a little bit of time to reflect on every now and again.

If you’re looking to get a significant gift that symbolizes some thing special, some thing true, and some thing pure, it’s hard to imagine anything topping a purity ring!